Hurry! No Rebates! 1 GB Micro-SD Card With Full Size SD Adapter For Just $14.99 From Amazon!


Update: DEAD!
Free shipping if you have amazon prime, but you’ll need to buy 2 of these to get free shipping otherwise.
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You can get it for $16.02 (shipped) on after google check out. Plus there is an additional rebate for 8$ to lower the price to $8.02. Last week I got two of them on for $27 shipped.


I posted that last week.
Many people however prefer not to deal with rebates and GCO so this is a good deal for them…


ecost has a quite better deal. shipped for $23, plus they accept GC!!! equals 13!!! Plus they have a $14 MIB (for those who are “risk” takers) So you end up making a buck!!!! Dont forget to write smoking (o, and drop everything ;-)!!!!


I never post anything from Ecost.
I have had too many bad experiences with them to fall for their rebates and gimmicks-no matter how good they look.


I don’t know why it’s classified as “DEAD” – 18 is still a great price for a 1 GB MicroSD


Because its not sold from amazon-so theres no free shipping.

You can always tell who its sold from by checking the-
Availability: In Stock. Ships from and sold by eek Technology.


dan, im not sure but it seems that kingston is actually offering the rebate. (It gives kingstons contact info and kingstons rebate status checker site and kingstons rebate info in the fine print).