No Upgrade Required Rebate! Norton AntiVirus 2007 For $6.93 After $30 Rebate!


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Get a Mac and you’ll not have to spend even $6. NO viruses on the Mac. Macs are immune!


i have a better idea, buy a sewing machine. never had a virus, never will. :p


what is a virus?
a virus is a program that you would rather not have, sits on your computer, uses up your resources, and does its best to resist removal.

what is anti-virus?
same thing.

i fact, anyone who is even somewhat versed in computers, can handle a computer WITHOUT anti-anything programs running in the background without any problems. the occasional scan to reassure yourself that all is well, is more than enough.

i am behind a NAT, download files often, run a fully patched (whatever than means) win2k, and NO anti-virus. never had a problem BAy”H.

on the other hand, your average user, that uses a computer the same way they use a microwave, certainly needs one of these.


“fully patched” and no anti-viruses needed.

tell it to the thousands of corporations that have their servers crash on a bi-monthly basis due to viruses.

no anti-virus? ONLY ON A MAC!


YRMV, but i have six (count ’em) computers behind my NAT. five run various versions of win2k, and the sixth splits its time between xp and ubuntu.

never had a problem, expect i never will.

“no anti-virus? ONLY ON A MAC!”
linux is rather secure too. historicaly only a hundred-something viruses or so. mac is based on unix, and was likely vulnreable to those viruses in their time as well.

clearly you are dead set on a mac, but if you really want to have your socks blown off, install ubuntu and beryl. (find it in the synaptec package manager) (for best results, have an nVidia card).

or just youtube ‘beryl’.