T-Mobile Rejecting Rebates?

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Update: After filing a dispute over the phone, AMEX reversed the $30 charge for the Tmobile phone that I bought because they wouldn’t honor the $30 rebate! Good Luck!

Originally posted: 08/21

Some commenters have reported that T-Mobile has rejected their $30 rebates for the pre-paid Nokia 6030.

The rebate never said that t-mobile.com wasn’t a valid site.

Here is a post that I wrote last year about getting rebates even once they’re rejected. In short-I’ve had great success by contacting my state’s attorney general via an easy online claim form.

Good luck!

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the excuse is that it says “valid retail channel”
(reason being that once you get all those discounts online, they cancel the rebate, which is only for the retail STORES were there is no discount).

for the record: a)the audio version of the conditions now says “retail STORE” which was not specified on the rebate.
b)the rebate lists a bunch of places that are not included (walmart, best buy, etc.) and tmobile.com is NOT listed there.


is there any sense in calling them to say that you will call the attorney general? or just go direct?


i got a letter today from t-mobile saying that my rebate was regected. i think im just going to rufute the charge with amex. would that work?


I also got rejected for this rebate, but when I called I was told that they had already realized that they had improperly rejected a bunch of rebates and that they had already put them back into their system to be reprocessed. I have since received my $30 check.


by the way: the phones CAN be unlocked. even before 90 days. i got my phone about 2 months ago. called up 2 days ago that i’m going overseas and would like it unlocked. got the unlock code by email yesterday.


I just called back and they just kept on explaining why it’s rejected.
who did you speak to? (id #?) how long ago did you get the check? did the change show up online also?


I have called several times and they still deny the rebate. All they were willing to do was to giv me $30 worth of minutes credited to my phone – which was better than nothing!!
I would still like to write to the state attorney general!
Anyone know details (address etc)?


Will disputing the charge work for all rebate problems?


Here is my email, received after complaining to AG of Ny

My name is Brian Watson and I am with the Executive Customer Relations department of T-Mobile. I am contacting you in regards to the complaint that you filed with the New York State Attorney General regarding the $30.00 rebate.

T-Mobile devices and services are sold through a variety of distribution channels (T-Mobile stores, dealer locations, online, etc.), and while the price of monthly service is consistent, device prices may vary by distribution channel. Promotional sale prices, instant discounts, and mail-in rebates are utilized differently in each sales channel and affect the price of a particular device.

As stated in your correspondence, you purchased the Nokia 6030 phone via http://www.t-mobile.com. You purchased the handset with an instant discount of $50.00, thereby making the cost of the phone to you $29.99, plus applicable taxes. T-Mobile provides clear gross and net costs of the Nokia 6030 device on our web page. A mail in rebate was not offered or advertised at the time of your purchase.

As indicated in the rebate form, T-Mobile offered a $30.00 mail-in rebate to customers who purchased the Nokia 6030 from an authorized T-Mobile national retail sales channel or authorized dealer, not from T-Mobile.com. Furthermore, please be advised that the mail-in rebate form specifically states that “Rebates may not be combined or used with any other rebate, free or other promotional offers.” This would include the instant discount you received at the time of purchase. As such, it is T-Mobile’s position that you are not eligible for the $30.00 mail-in rebate for the Nokia 6030.

Nevertheless, as a gesture of good faith to you and in an effort to amicably resolve the issue, T-Mobile has approved the above mentioned rebate. A $30.00 rebate check will be mailed to you in 7-10 business days. T-Mobile regrets any inconvenience to you.

We will be responding in writing to the New York State Attorney General advising them of the same, and will forward a copy of the letter to you for your records. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Prepaid Customer Care at 877-778-2106.

Thank you,

Brian Watson

Executive Customer Relations

Office of the President


Zalmen, What is the code to unlock???


what exactly do you tell AMEX when disputing? i want to call but how can i dispute it (legally) if i did order it?


I’m glad to hear that the attorney general route worked out for you!

Just explain that there was a $30 rebate that wasn’t honored-or complain to your AG!


i called up t-mobile customer service, told them that i needed it unlocked, that i was going overseas, and they sent me an email with the unlock code. i think the code is diferent for each phone, so my number wouldn’t work for you, but if you like….


i also got rejected can any body forward me a copy of their letter they sent since i dont have a copy of the rebate so i cant really argue with them over the phone when they tell me the rebate form excluded tmobile .com? (or send me a copy of the rebate form itself) thanx


Thanks Dan
do you know if the phone would work in israel with a Cellcom SIM Card?


it’s dual band, it probably doesn’t work in israel. all israeli gsm phones (celcom, orange) use the same frequency.
(i believe it’s the same 2 bands as most of Europe, the opposite 2 of the us)


dan posted a link for the rebate form in the same post as the original deal.
the original post is in the knowledgebase.