T-Mobile: Get 50% Off Your Bill For 3 Months With 3GB Data Limit

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If you call T-Mobile you can request 50% off your bill for the next 3 months if you are affected by COVID-19.

There is a caveat though, you’ll be limited to 3GB of data for the month. You can buy up to 3 additional GBs at a cost of $5/GB.

With most people staying at home, it shouldn’t be hard to stay under those data limits by switching over to WiFi.

Will you switch to the 50% plan for the next 3 months?

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42 Comments On "T-Mobile: Get 50% Off Your Bill For 3 Months With 3GB Data Limit"

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No that’s stupid


Uhm ok. It is not stupid for plenty of people. (Think buy one line get one line free promo, or the new buy two lines get one free; having an extra line free, put the promo on the line you’re charged for, and use the free line).


what happens if you don’t buy the extra GB up front but end up going over 3GB?


You can’t the data is turned off once reaching 3gb


Is this discount for T-Mobile prepaid too?


Is it the whole plan or can we do individual lines?


Per line


Incorrect. The entire plan. some lines you could leave at the 3gb cap and some you can purchase up to 3 more gb, but the whole plan must be switches to the capped data to get the promo


The entire plan. some lines you could leave at the 3gb cap and some you can purchase up to 3 more gb, but the whole plan must be switches to the capped data to get the promo


will this work for sprint?


I would think as sprint=tmobile


100% doing this. Haven’t gone near a gig this month


What does affected mean? And my kids are home and driving me crazy?


I have 3 lines already. Do I need to buy another line?


Almost took advantage of this until I called and spoke to a rep who confirmed that I will lose my kickback and auto pay discount for all three of my lines. I will end up with less data and no saving. It is good If you have just one line


I spoke to two reps and they didn’t say that…can you double check?


my two cents….i have seven lines on one account and between the seven of us, all sheltering/working from home, we have used 1.8 GB and my bill cycles on the 26th. all usage is on wifi.


i wish sprint had this, also with regards to what you were saying about the insurance bill getting 15- 25% off i think it is only for renewalls cmiww


it might work for sprint as tmobile just acquired sprint


still better to use google fi like you wrote about in your earlier posts


i called them, their not offering this, they said their only offering payment extensions


I did this over the Twitter with no issie


They first offered this to me because they assumed I was near my data limits of 4GB per line. I told them obviously through this coronavirus no one is using data and that’s when he brought this plan to my attention. You should specifically ask for it.


What happens after 3 months? I have a simple choice plan. I was reading online some people said you wouldnt be able to go back to your prior plan as the data wouod be changed

Chuchum Ainer

Sounds good on paper but with 5 computers, 9 phones and 2 tablets (plus two printers and a fridge, and a home security system) connected to wifi and videoconferencing nonstop, we’ve kind of been overloading our modem and router. So my data is still necessary 🙂


Sprint just adds 20 GB of free hotspot and payment plans no 50% …yet


Sprint was acquired by t-mobile. Therefore, this may apply to sprint customers as well. Its worth a call to customer service. Maybe even call T-Mobile customer service

Yossi miller

What about business accounts?


Works for business plans too


Anyone tried this with Metropcs? My husband is a frontliner and would love this discount.


I received a text from T-Mobile around a month ago giving us free unlimited data through the May bill for all 4 of our phones.


This is separate


done, saves me $45/month. thanks!

Ekrem Sarper

Called this morning and was told that this deal has expired. 🙁


When is Expire date exactly. Please let me know. Thanks


This is a lie from T-Mobile. I called their customer service on 4/20/2020 to secure this discount but has to wait for next billing cycle but it never came. I followed up with T-Mobile customer service and they told me the offer had expired and i remembered this incorrectly They did not promise this discount to my account. Even T-Mobile customer service did not hold their promised.