Order Your Galaxy S10 Today To Receive Free Galaxy Buds Plus If You Reserved A Phone Get $50 Accessories Credit And More!

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Update 2: The 72 hours time frame to order the S10 with your reservation will end sometime tomorrow, so be sure to place your order today to lock in your benefits! 

Update: If you registered for this deal, be sure login to your account and pre-order your device today to get the benefits listed below, and you will receive a free pair of Galaxy Buds Headphones if your pre-order the S10 or S10+ before 3/7!

Reserve A Galaxy S10 Smartphone And Receive Up To $550 Off Via Trade In, Early Access, And $50 Accessories Credit

You can reserve the next flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone via the link above. Reserving a phone does not obligate you to purchase it. You will have the ability to purchase the phone within 3 days of the phone’s release date.

By reserving now you will receive:

  • Up to $550 off with an eligible Trade-In Device
  • A $50 credit for accessories
  • Early access to order the phone once it goes on sale
  • Guaranteed delivery by March 8th while supplies last

Reservations end on 2/20.

“Reserving your device during the Reservation Period will not automatically place an order. To place the order and receive Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy device, after you place your reservation, you must return to Samsung.com or the App and fully complete the order transaction within the 72 hour period after the device goes on sale. If you do not return to Samsung.com or the App to complete your order, your reservation will be cancelled automatically and you will no longer have reserved priority for placing an order to receive the next Galaxy device, and your ability to place an order going forward will be subject to availability of devices and any shipping times available at the time of your order.”

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What’s the price for the phone and what is the trade in value for an s8 and a s7edge?


Right above the Reserve button on the bottom of the page, there is a little hyper link: “Find your trade in value”

All the phones that are $550:
Apple: iPhone 8 and above
Samsung: S9 and above
LG: V40

None of the phones can have cracked screens etc, nor can the be on any “BLACK LISTS”


How do you find out if you are eligible for a trade in?


click on the link in the post


Reserve an unlocked version or Verizon version?

David Reich

That’s what I want to know. I have Verizon, but if the unlocked version is the same price, and completely compatible with Verizon, then that’s what I’d opt for.


the difference is that if you do not reserve a carriers version then you are going to be missing features like voicemail to text and Wi-Fi calling


Proof ? I have unlocked phone and have all the above features. It’s just a ploy by carriers which is thankfully becoming common

K Lee

I have an unlocked Samsung S8+, using it with Verizon. The Verizon voicemail-to-text app is not compatible with it. I’ve gone around and around with support. Can’t get it to work.
My workaround is to forward my calls (when busy or unanswered) to my google number where I get the same service and the google voicemail app works fine.


Guess it depends on device..I got iPhone


Huh? Why’s that? I have unlocked pixel and still have those features.


Which phones are trade in eligible? Galaxy S8?


s8 is 300


Click the link. S8 is $300 trade in


what if my screen is cracked. can i do this

Josh L.

Get your screen fixed


Anyone know the price of the S10?


No official prices yet, but rumor has it that they’ll be a “budget” one called s10e or s10 lite that will be about $800. Standard s10 around $950-$1000, and s10 plus at $1100-$1150, and even higher price points for higher storage versions of the phone.


what is trade in for s5?


how does this program work if you pay a monthly fee to verizon for your current phone?

Point lover

You’ll most likely be required to buy out your phone from Verizon


Aren’t Note series (currently Note 9 and later Note 10) phones considered Samsung flagship smartphones?


no credit for my LG7 Thinq!!


Is it good condition? Maybe I’ll buy it


Are the headphones the new Galaxy Buds?


Does anyone know how to get the $50 credit for accessories?
Does it come after the phone is delivered, because I saw the offer it before I clicked “Add to cart”, but there were definitely no discounts applied to my order.


Same happened to me


It’s a stupid promotion. You had to click reserve on the 20th.


I reserved well before the 20th, the first day that reservations opened, and that promo was listed.

I also purchased today thru my reservation email account (when I signed in, it already had the phone I reserved selected).


Good luck whoever thinks their getting a $50 credit. I was told sorry you didn’t add any accessories to your order so you agreed to forfeit the credit. I chatted ejgh 2 reps already. It said nowhere that you need to use credit while ordering phone or what it can be used for. Classic Samsung scam


I spoke to them last night.
I did buy accessories, and it didn’t take out the $50 like it should have.
They are sending me a code within 4-7 business days.


What # did you call? They said they will respond via email to me but they basically said too bad that we were not clear that you should add them to your order.


I preordered and STILL havent recieved a code from them even though theve told me several tomes “they’re working on it.” I tried to order an accessory at checkout but the discount didn’t come off si I removed it and just ordered the phone. I didn’t recieve a code so Ive contacted customer support 3 times now.