MLB.TV Will Be Free In 2017 For T-Mobile Subscribers

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Update: This is available today for T-Mobile subscribers via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or Apple

Originally posted on 3/6:

T-Mobile will once again offer their subscribers a free MLB.TV subscription for the 2017 baseball season. That’s a $112.99 value.

They will also offer the At Bat Premium app for free, a $19.99 value.

T-Mobile subscribers will be able to enroll in these via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or Apple on April 4th.

Once you’re registered for MLB.TV you can use the account on multiple devices simultaneously.

T-Mobile offers 2 lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $100/month including all taxes.


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Will it work for t-mobile prepaid also?


Great deal for those who don’t live in the home market of their favorite team.


Or for those that know how to spoof their location.


Sounds interesting. Very very interesting

tribe losers

dont get too xcited loser season coming up no matter how many points u waste throwing “first pitch”


Last year, you could sign up through the website, which allowed those with TMobile data service without Android/IOS access (Chrome users?) to sign up as well. Looks like this year, that might not be possible. darn.


@magnusansky: sign up isn’t until April so maybe it will work?


@Sam: is there anyway to spoof location using the MLB channel on roku?


To watch all MLB games go to


Can Ruben sign up using his T-Mobil account, and Shimon use the username/password in Israel? Thanks


@Anonymous: for taht you can just pay for and it will let you watch anywhere even in your home market


Does anyone have an Unlocator account username and password that i can use?


Dan, if I’ve already paid for the subscription (it’s automatically deducted from my bank in February before spring training starts), is there a way I can somehow get some sort of credit, either from T-Mobile or MLB?


Time to bump this thread… Now alive!


Would I be able to use this on a Sprint device? Or only TMobile


What’s the difference between the 112 dollar item and the 20 dollar item?


From Unlocater: Please note that the MLB app for IOS and Android is not supported due to the use of location services, which can’t be bypassed. This includes Fire Stick/TV, Nexus Player, Kindle and any other Android based device. So basically if you want to watch on your Android phone and spoof location you’ll probably need to root the phone.


I have this in my T-Mobile app.. but how do you sign up


It says that if you use on another carrier-enabled device (e.g. Verizon) they will revoke your subscription.. anyone know if this is true?


@Shaya: @Yehuda:

According to their Fine Print – “Use on other carrier-enabled devices will result in revocation of subscription.”

I assume this mean you can use on TMobile Phone/Tablet, Streaming device or laptop/PC.
I know I signed up on my phone and then logged in on a computer with no issue


@Confused: @Confused: I would like to also know — I have the Tuesday app and the MLB At Bat app but there seems to be no way to signup? Very confused…

WIndows Phone

I have TMobile Windows phone, any one know if the MLB package is available for Windows.


When you signup and are get free 1 year subscription can you use via Wi-Fi? Or only with t mobile data plan?


@Confused: There is a link at the bottom of the screen which says “Go to MLB.TV”. You have to click on that link and not go through your phone browser.


Can confirm this works on 200mb free per month! (The phone # of your tablet is in the email sent to you each month. Also if the T-Mobile Tuesdays app doesn’t download from the app store download the apk file by googling T-Mobile Tuesdays apk & install from downloads folder)


Yes if you have a tablet(qualifying) & sim card from T-Mobile you get 200 mb data every month getting it for close to 2/years now.


As of today, revoked my subscription and stated a violation of terms (ie: using the service in a non t mobile network / phone).

Called MLB tv and they said that’s the policy and “eat s***” in a polite way.