HOT! GoPro HERO7 Silver With 4K HD Video, 10MP Photos, And A 32GB MicroSD Just $109.99 Shipped With Camera Trade-In!

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Update, 10:50pm: The $100 trade-in discount is no longer stacking with the $90 off coupon code.

GoPro HERO7 Silver With 4K HD Video 10MP Photos And A 32GB MicroSD Just $109.99 Shipped With Camera Trade-In!

1. Click here and scroll down the page to add a GoPro Hero 7 Silver to your cart:

2. In your cart select “Have a promo code?” and add 30% off code: SILVER30

3. Go back to this page and select “Trade Up”:


4. On the trade up page, scroll down and select checkout.

5. You should have 2 GoPro’s in your cart now for a total of $499.98, remove on of the GoPro’s (You can hit the minus sign under quantity) and the total for the one GoPro will be just $109.99 shipped!

For the trade-in camera you can use any digital camera that has a retail value of $99.99, even if it’s not working anymore! You can read the full trade in terms here.

A SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSD card will automatically be added to your cart.

This has never sold for less than $299 from Amazon.

I was in Maui last year after taking United’s 747 farewell flight and had a ton of fun taking pictures of the underwater life while I snorkeled all over South Maui:

You can view several videos and pictures I took with his HERO4 Silver camera in my Koror, Palau trip notes. That version required external waterproof housing that is no longer required with the newer GoPros. I’d highly recommend bringing one along on any trip that involves any underwater or action activity, being able to accurately capture those memories is priceless. I only wish I had bought mine sooner after scoffing at it for so long!

  • 4K30 Video – Get stunning 4K video that’s as amazing as the moment itself. You can also shoot time lapse videos to turn longer events into short, shareable moments.
  • ​Rugged + waterproof – share experiences you can’t capture with your phone. Hero7 Silver is Tough, tiny, totally waterproof-and up for any adventure.
  • ​Intuitive Touch Screen – With a touch screen and simple, streamlined capture modes, it’s easy to jump right in and get great shots. Just swipe and tap. 
  • ​Voice control – Stay in the moment. Control your Hero7 Silver hands free with voice commands Like “GoPro, take a photo” and “GoPro, start recording.” 
  • ​10MP photos with WDR – Hero7 Silver takes beautiful, vibrant 10MP photos-even in challenging shots that Mix bright light and shadows. And with burst mode, you can get 15 photos in one second. 

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How do you know what the original retail value of your camera was?

Dirty D

The 109.99 is after they receive trade in?


Can you give me an example of a camera that will qualify? Is there a list? I can buy a broken one on eBay to send them.


30% not working


Also to me


any reason why theyre charging tax $28.83?


my guess is that it’s on the full retail value


wondering the same


can i just buy it without trade in….its allowing my cart to checkout with 109


you won’t get the go pro until they receive the traded in camera


Thanks, although the sales tax added was excessive, $20.31 and I live in MA. Wonder whether I should query that or risk losing the order?


Sales tax makes it $119


Where in the terms does it say it can be a non working or damaged camera? I don’t see that


Why does sales tax come up as 28 dollars?


The terms of the trade in says cannot combine with promo codes. It looks like it’s a glitch. Do you think they’ll honor it. I don’t want to send in my camera and not get anything


Got one, thanks.

Terms & Conditions

The below stated at the end of the Terms & Conditions

“The Program is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promo codes, or applied to previous purchases.”

Might they not offer you the deal if you use the 30% off discount code?

David Bass

Why is there 28.02 in sales tax?


Because the sales tax is being applied to the full value of the camera being sold PRIOR to discount and trade in


Terms + Conditions
Applies only to purchases of HERO7 Silver or Fusion cameras made on and delivered in the United States. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promo codes, or applied to previous purchases See full terms + conditions

Ed Travel

23 dollars of Taxes in California 🙁


Anyone see if it’s possible to setup trade in after purchase


How do u guys even figure to do it? When adding the trade in offer to cart there is no option to add promo code


It’s most likely taking taxes off of the original price of 2 cameras. When I remove 1 the taxes remain for whatever reason.


Any way to know the retail value of mybcanon sd1300 is


Y’know, there is a MARVELOU tooll called Google that if you would type the characters “sd1300” you would get pages and pages of sales data. Try it!


It looks like they are only doing a pre-auth of $1.00 on my credit card so sounds like someone in the morning is going to have to manually process the orders which might mean cancellations. Interestingly, the trade-in return label already came through.


“We’ll ship your new GoPro within 14 days of receiving your trade-in camera.”


can the trade in be and old camera phone


I’m wondering the same. Will this work with old iPhone 6?

Varma Datla

Where do I even send the camera ? I dont see anything even after I placed the order. I placed 2 orders. I assume U can send 2 cameras. How do I find the value of a camera ?


Wondering if I should order another 2. Do you think that will cause red flags? So far I just ordered 1, but think my kids might really like this. Nice Chanuka gifts.


Thank you very much JJ, I snagged one and am sending in an old ELPH that has been sitting around for years in my drawer


Got a shipment label but not an order confirmation email…


worked for me… got an email with a prepaid FedEx label a minute later now just have to go dig up that old camera!


Says ‘ Order can not be completed. Please contact customer service’. ??


I think its dead, cant get the silver30 code to work.




not working for me, shows the 109 price on trade in page, but once the second camera is removed it goes to 209


Does anyone know if a small digital/mini tape camcorder would qualify for this promo?


Just asked customer service and yup. They’ll still take em as long as original msrp was over $100 and any camcorder almost certainly was.


Awesome. Thanks for letting me know


Looks like I have a pending charge of 223.24 despite receiving the first email of:

Subtotal $109.99
Shipping 2-Day $0.00
Sales Tax $25.18
Order Total $135.17

Bait and Switch! Damn you GOPRO.


This is after they received your camera?


GoPro arrives tomorrow and cc has pending charge. Ill wait till posted


what happened? did you contact them?


I called them, they opened a case. They asked me to send them my original email confirmation (total of $130) and screenshot of the charge on my AMEX ($230). Here is their reply:

Good day!

I hope you’re doing fine today. In regard to your concern about the order with reference ———, an investigation was executed to see what happened to this order. It seems that you place the order under trade up and also use another promo code which is the Silver 30. What you see in your bank statement is the correct amount and that is the one that we will honor.

It was also stated in out terms and condition that – The Program is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promo codes, or applied to previous purchases. You may check it in the link below. Should you need anything else, do not hesitate to contact us back.

>>>What should I do next? Call them back up and argue? Dispute the charge with AMEX? File a Return Protection claim with AMEX?


UPDATE: Similar story as everyone here. GoPro would not honor the price and refused to refund after submitting original docs supporting my claim of an original charge of $109 + taxes. Maybe spent a couple hours during a week of emailing and calling back and forth with GoPro basically giving me a scripted reply of not able to process 2 promos, invalidating one of the promos. I really do think managers and frontline reps cannot refund anything. I did not accept a “gift” to settle the matter as others have done. Also, I do have a record of an email and pending charge on CC from GoPro for the 109 + tax amount that was changed without notice a day before the GoPro arrived. (thinking I needed these documents later, I didn’t though.)

As a last resort, I filed a chargeback with Chase. Explained the situation and in 5 minutes they issue an investigation with partial credit instantly and will report through snail mail the official decision. Filed Nov24. Got mail today. The dispute is officially resolved and I have been credited the full disputed dollar amount. I ♥ Chase!

tldr: Save your self some time and do not call GoPro. Call your CC and spend 5 minutes to file a chargeback. I hope your outcome was as pleasant as mine.


same here


They are refusing the honor the price and refusing to return my camera – advice?


Just called GoPro and was told their system had excepted two code and should had not. I told him to send me back my camera I sent them. He said that was not possible. I said … you say. I told him I will file against CC and get my …. $$. He told me to call back when I get the GoPro. At the very end, if I have to send them back the GoPro, it want work because something was wrong with it when I got it!


Payment Terms.
We reserve the right in our sole discretion to change prices for products displayed at/on our web store at any time, and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. Unless otherwise agreed to by us, payment must be received by us prior to our acceptance of an order. Payment must be made by credit card, PayPal, or any other prearranged payment method agreed to by us. Your order is subject to cancellation by us, in our sole discretion. We are not responsible for pricing, typographical or other errors in any offer and we reserve the right to either contact you for instructions before shipping or cancel any orders arising from such errors. We generally do not charge your payment method until after your order has entered the shipping process.


I also have 225 pending. Please keep us posted with updates everybody


Any update of the amount you paid? I received the fedex, not sure if I send the camera or not. My receipt was for approx. $130 (inc. sales tax)


People are being charged 200+ tax I would wait it out if I were you to see if they honor the original price that it said on the first email


Dan or JJ. Did you do this deal. What do you recommend be done


Got an email saying it was shipped. New charges…wtf

Item No Item Name Qty Description Price Amount
CHDHC-601 HERO7 SILVER 1 HERO7 SILVER 299.99 299.99
ASDMC-432 Extreme MicroSD 32GB SDSQXVF-032G-AN6MA 1 Extreme MicroSD 32GB 24.99 24.99
PTUDISC Trade Up Program Discount 1 Trade Up Program Discount -100.00 -100.00
PWEBDISC Web Discount 1 Web Discount -24.99 -24.99
Shipping Cost 0
Tax 26.62
Discount -124.99
Total: $226.61


Just had an email indicating the order had shipped – the price went from $140.01 to $227.74 with no notice.

On the phone with them, they refused to honor the deal, would not escalate the case or provide any resolution.

What is recommended in this situation?


File a dispute with your credit card and ask to provide screenshots to prove your total price.


Thanks Dan, I’ve done so now


I had the same thing. I wasn’t so forceful, but based on this I didn’t try too hard. Besides for dealing with the cc company, any other recourse? Did anyone try tweeting at them?


Lots of time on chat. They keep referring to the Terms. Umm…


Just spent a whole lotta time with them on the phone. They finally agreed to refund the difference. Paid 137.20 for gopro hero7 silver. Totally worth it, Thanks Dan and JJ


How did you get them to refund you. The customer support over in India say about a billion times that they cannot honor the stacking of the online code and the trade up. Spent over an hr with them.


um yeah so nevermind. They just emailed me saying they cant refund the difference. He did offer me some free head gear. A supervisor is spoze to call me back soon so i’ll keep you updated.


Please keep posted. Worse case scenario is selling it on eBay for the price I bought it. Such chutzpah…


Can’t you return it to GoPro and get refunded the full amount (although you’ll lose the camera you sent them)?


Just spoke to a supervisor. Basically they refused to refund the difference and if you want to issue a return for a full refund you wont get your trade-in camera back. They did offer one free item, i chose the jaws flex clamp, but it looks like a credit card dispute is the only option left.


They also offered me a free item. Can you do both, get the free item and dispute?


I don’t really care about the camera, however, can I just return the go pro and keep the sd card at the least?

GoPro Glitch

I’m in the same situation. At check out price was $117 but was billed for $217

The item arrived today

Did the chat and also called. No help.

Will try with CC


Aaaaand I was charged $220, I traded in 5 cameras. Really unfair, I’m down 5 broken cameras now lol. Not sure how to proceed here. File a dispute even though they accept returns?


If you return the Gopro, was it broken when you received it?


gopro charged me the $109.99 plus tax and I sent in my old camera
they got my old camera and are charging me $199.99 plus tax
when I asked for a refund, they said that they would refuse to send me back my old camera.
any ideas on how to deal with this?


File a chargeback with your credit card while providing evidence of the price and file a complaint with the BBB and your state’s attorney general.


Filed a (Partial charge back woth Chase and then “investigated” and said cannot Honor my claim…


Call back and ask for a manager.


I did and they claim that “Chase doesn’t do partial refunds when discounts are involved” is this true?


As I shared with the rep, they could have simply sent a follow-up email AS SOON AS THEY FOUND THE ISSUE. I sent my camera Nov 8, an email would have saved the headache.
It seems as though their software is messed. The guy in support can’t actually see what you paid and they actually have no idea who was affected and how much money people paid.


I’m in same boat with everyone. I did call and rep transfered me to supervisor (Bryan). He was professional but borderline rude. He kept asking where I got the code from I kept on saying from GoPro website and that if the mistake was on their end they need to full fill their duty within the contract. So I’m going to file charge back with Amex and file a complaint with BBB. In any case Im pretty sure Amex with take care of it


I called chase and filed a partial dispute they put me on a quick hold and then told me the difference was refunded and i should just hang on to the original receipt if they contact me for it ….now lets see what GoPro says.


I got my new GoPro yesterday with this deal. Yes, they accepted the broken Nikon camera I sent as the trade.


How much did you get charged?


Should I file a partial dispute or rather full dispute?


They only applied the SILVER30 code and not the Trade In discount, which is $90 vs $99

They should have given me the $99 since they tool possession of my old camera and wont return it

Their excuse is only one promotion can be used, but if thats true, then an order with the SILVER30 code would have been charged and shipped out within 24 hours.

They didnt do this, their actions made it appear they were following the Trade In program.

GoPro emailed me the prepaid shipping label, instructions on tradein program, and waited to ship my order until they received my old camera, which all said was two weeks after order date.

In my opinion they should have given me the greater discount the trade in promotion afforded.

My camera arrives tomorrow- If I catch the FedEx delivery- I will refuse delivery and if not i will ship it back.


DAN!! JJ!!

Please help! I got this deal and was charged initially the 109.99 plus tax. I then proceeded to send in my old GoPro camera. When I got an alert that my new GoPro 7 shipped, I noticed that they charged my credit card $219.86!

I called customer service and they told me that since the “Terms and conditions” state that the trade in program cannot be combined with any other offers, they won’t be honoring the promo code REGARDLESS of the initial price on the original order.

They refuse to refund me the difference and now are trying to get in touch with they’re warehouse to see if they can send me back my old camera and refund me the full amount once I send them back the GoPro7 when I recieve it.

What dishonesty!

Price at the time of checkout must be honored! If they had a glitch that allowed the promo to be accepted, how can they change the price at the time of shipment?

Anyone who got this deal should check they’re credit card statements ASAP and check to see if you were charged the correct amount at the time the new GoPro shipped to you.


File a dispute with your credit card.


Filed a dispute with Citi CC. F GoPro!


Is it possible to create a public joint dispute?


I had the exact same problem. I tried to explain to Bryan that the amount I agreed to is based on what I agreed on the website. He was totally useless. I guess I have to dispute the charge. Very shady. Its unfortunate because someone at the company should really address it.


Will accepting to get free accessories revoke the right to dispute since I accepted something as compensation?

Steve Kahan

Did you get an answer to this question? It’s a very valid one I was concerned about.


Has anybody had success filing a dispute with their credit card? Mine hasn’t shipped yet as I waited to mail it in. Thinking of calling citi for a dispute if it is worthwhile once they ship it, not sure if it will be though.




HI Dan I think this warrants a PSA.
When I saw the charge on my CC statement, I thought it looks too high so I searched for this post, and saw that yes I was overcharged and yes everyone else had this issue.
However, I almost missed it,( since I didn’t remember what the deal was supposed to be) and I am sure lots of other people will also miss this.


Filed a dispute, was credited right away

Jason Chan

Filed dispute with Amex. My fear is they are reserving 6-8 weeks to resolve which puts me outside of the return period…


I chatted with customer service online and it seems that I will be receiving the refund and will only be charged $109. This is what I was told…
“I hope we are still connected. Anyway, I was able to work with our team and now, I am already opening a ticket for the refund be processed and be credited back to your bank account. Soon, you will receive an RF number or refund number which will indicate that the refund has been processed on our end and once it happened, you can simply contact your bank for that.”


keep us posted


Received a refund invoice a few hours later and credit now showed up in my cc account.


Wow. They told me nothing doing. Maybe I should try again


So apparently if you explain yourself in clear English and say these words, “what you guys are doing is fraud, and the better business bureau already opened a case against you” and insist on money + old camera back or a lawsuit they send a refund.
Took a 15 minute phonecall and voila money is refunded back into my credit card.
Thanks for the deal Dan


I won the disputed difference with Barclays


won a dispute with Citi. F U GoPro


I had the same experience as everyone else, got the lower price confirmation email and got charged the higher price. I called GoPro and got nowhere, called chase and got sent back the difference as a credit on my card. Then I returned the camera and filed a complaint with the BBB and with my state’s att. gen. like Dan advised. Today GoPro called me and apologized for the problems and told me that they’re sending me a free camera. Thanks Dan!


Dov, interesting resolution! Good for you! I went the chargeback route just for the price difference between what they were supposed to charge vs. what they did charge.. I think it has been resolved. I may have to wait a bit longer(2 billing cycles).