Bluetooth 2.0/EDR USB Adapter For Just $18 Shipped!

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This bluetooth 2.0 has a much faster data transfer speed than previous usb bluetooth adapters…
Bluetooth 2.0/EDR USB Adapter Linky
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hmm. I’ve bought many USB dongles from online retailers before, and I can’t remember paying more than $15 for any of them… that was a few years ago.
I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal, but I’m used to seeing better quality stuff posted here, dan!
Don’t go slipping on us!


Of all people Mordy, I would think that you would know the difference between the bluetooth 1.0/1.2 and 2.0


Mine is 2.0
In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many 1.0/1.2 or non-EDA chips nowadays since the difference is mostly a software update.

What many don’t realize is that most usb dongles actually have the same CSR chip inside, whether they are 1.0/1.2 or 2.0- its usually the software (stack) which determines the features and function of the chip.

In some cases, instead of buying new hardware, all you need to do is get ahold of the drivers for a later version, and everything is suddenly enabled. BT is funny like that…

Anyway, keep the deals commin!


I was trying to get this phone or the treo 680 via amazon and they wouldn’t let me even though I’m a cingular costomer going month to month with no contract they said I have to give up my number to get the phone can anybody help out with this ?


Sorry, Anonymous, them’s the berries, as they say.
Amazon always has great deals, and people have tried every trick in the book to get them with an existing contract (check out any cell phone message board), but they’re very strict about it.
They only sell new contracts.

What some people have said works with uncertain results is sign up for a new account and new number with amazon, then after you get your phone (and rebates… make sure you get your rebates first so they don’t deny them), call Cingular and have them combined into a family plan.
Here comes the tricky part:
If you’re lucky, you’ll get a nice CS rep on the phone who will let you switch which number is associated with which account on your family plan, then cancel the plan that is out of contract.
Your mileage may vary as they generally don’t like swapping numbers with accounts. So, there’s no guarantee this will work and then you’re stuck paying for a second line.


Hi I have no contract but am using Cingular can I get these deals ?