Today Only: Save 25% On Groupon Restaurants And Activities!

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Today Only: Save 25% On Groupon Kosher Restaurants And Activity Deals!

Go to Groupon and save 25% off up to 3 local deals with code (Exp: 4/1): SAVE

Kosher deals (Always check local kosher supervision), code will not work with select restaurants:

Local activity deals:


New York:

Central New Jersey:

Los Angeles:


Niagara Falls:

Baltimore/Washington DC:

Post what deals you find!

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15 Comments On "Today Only: Save 25% On Groupon Restaurants And Activities!"

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Are you sure this Jetski rental place is that cheap? I know most groupons around that price have $80-$90 fees want you arrive, although the other listing have it buried under the terms in the groupon listing.


Yep after further investigation there’s absolutely no way you’re renting a jetski for $18. This Groupon is just a code for the reservation on their site. There’s about $70 added fees


Max $50 off

Judah bergman

So what will it cost me for my wife and i for an hour


If you don’t mind going on the same Jetski, it’ll be cheaper if you go to a place which allows 2 people. This one allows 1, and it’ll cost you just under $100 for an hour.

David Djmal

It’s a rip off they charged me and my wife $162.74, I was so disappointed when I got home I made myself a hotdog


$1.87 for 4 different do at-home escape rooms for up to 6 people


Getting this for the helicopter lesson:

“Sorry, this code can’t be used for this order. Please check the promo code terms and conditions.”


Orlando Eye is on Groupon and with this code it’s really cheap


The Miami jet skiing reminds me of Spirit’s and Frontier’s promotion of 90% off flights. The flight fare might actually cost $1 or $2, but with all the other fees—- the RT flight fees can jump $100 or so to the final cost. The jet ski small print has the same shenanigans “If born after 1989: $5 temporary boating license may be required. Security deposit not required. Fuel and insurance fees not included.” If I say that fuel and insurance costs $75, who are you to argue with me!


Getting a message that code is expired!!