Samsung Is Shipping Orders From Their $100 Off Fire Sale!

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Update, 9/22: Both of my orders arrived, vote in the pool and post what you’ve received in the comments!

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Originally posted on 9/20:

On Saturday evening I posted a coupon code that was good for $100 off anything.

Their site slowed to a crawl with traffic, but lots of people were still able to make orders.

I ordered a wireless fast charger and a 2016 Gear VR.

There was a debate about whether the orders would be honored. Many said there was no chance, but I wrote that the last thing Samsung might want right now is more bad PR.

A few people reported that they got emails saying their orders had been cancelled.

But as of today several DDF’ers have already received their orders!

You can track your order shipment here by entering your order number in the reference box, destination country, and zip code. You don’t need to enter the correct ship date.

Some people have received order cancellation emails but report that Fedex shows that their item is already in transit.

My wireless fast charger is in transit and expected to arrive tomorrow. My Gear VR’s label has been created, but it hasn’t shipped yet.

Is your item in transit or delivered? Has it been cancelled? Hit the comments!

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Fire sale might not be the best term to use.


1 shipped with estimated delivery Thursday
And the other no label…


Darn I tried ordering and wasn’t able to now ur making me feel stupid


2 orders. Both labels created.


1 of 3 cancelled so far. No shipping info come up when plugging in all three order numbers:/


cancellation/refund email + out for delivery!


My order shipped and its expected to be delivered Thursday. Thanks Dan!


No shipping info showing up for my reference number…


When I typed in my confirmation number it said this tracking number can’t be found. Does this mean my order was canceled? I never received an email saying that from samsung


No cancellation email, but no shipping confirmation on FedEx. Guess I gotta wait & see


2 of 4 cancelled. Of the other two, one shows as shipped yesterday, other not found.


Both of my items are on their way for delivery tomorrow. Woohoo!


I get “can’t find tracking number”. Haven’t received a cancellation email and paypal to Digital River was paid. Standard shipping, so guess I just have to wait.


Dan, when i hit your link to track my order it takes me to fedex website..


Placed 6 orders – 2 have label and 4 don’t. Weird thing is that one of the orders with a label is the only one I’ve received a cancellation email for.


are they sending out orders only the ones that did fast shipping? Cuz I see my order but it just says my info and a invoice of the order and a Server Error at the bottom of the page


Wait till everyone starts calling them and the rest of the orders get canceled


2 labels created, Thursday expected delivery. But since FedEx doesn’t have them yet, they could still get cancelled?!


Read the post…


DO NOT call them!


i read the post! but when i try to track with my order number i get this
“Not found
This tracking number cannot be found, please check the number or contact the sender.”
while my other order (using the same method to track) has shipped


3 total orders. 1 order cancelled, 2 orders not found on fedex website. Does anyone know what that means?


My sound bar is on a truck out for delivery. Thanks Dan!!! (Mine shipped from PA to NY with regular shipping)


FYI- link won’t work for mobile, will just go to regular tracking.


I ordered a protection plan for my phone and I received an email that it is active


What is the format we have to put into the reference box? Is this example acceptable? 8886168455,USA,11374


after about half hour of trying i was finally able to order a Tab 8 , for $99. its arriving tomorrow. thanks Dan!


ordered 3 tablets. all three were cancelled. samsung rep stated that it was an invalid code. i kindly told them if it was invalid it would not have gone through in the first place. she changed her story to say samsung’s website had been hacked.


My 2016 GEAR VR is coming friday.


@Binyomin thanks, i was doing on my mobile this whole time, it works on the pc.


Were those orders confirmed? (Did you receive the order confirmed email?)


@Dan, I received an email that my order was confirmed, it came with an order number, but I’m having trouble finding the order on the Samsung website, and I don’t have a tracking number for FedEx, any ideas?


You can check on a mobile phone. Just hit on the bottom the full site option and then enter the info.




Says tracking number not valid, or something like that


no tracking number found..yet.. got to sit tight


Shipped from PA. Arriving Wednesday!


Can you post something stressing just how crucial it is NOT to call when deals like these ones occur? I feel like people keep making that same mistake every time and end up ruining it for the rest of us…


Did you actually read his post? He explains it. Jeez…


1/4 cancelled (never got confirmation email, just submission email.
1/4 shipped, expected delivery tomorrow
2/4 have confirmation email but still no label created yet


Does “Label created, Shipment information sent to FedEx” mean that it’s shipping or can they still pull it?


I ordered a mini-stereo. FedEx site said it was delivered. Thank you!


My order was cancelled. I called and they said the code was hacked so all orders made with that code were cancelled. Here is the email I received last night.

This email is being sent to you regarding Order #xxxxxx you placed via on September 17, 2016.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order. Please contact our Customer Service team for further assistance at 1-855-726-8721. Our team is ready to assist you 7 days a week from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET.



Chill out. You don’t think Samsung knows that $250,000 (at least) worth of inventory was sold for fractions of that? Have a little compassion and don’t freak out on the little guys.

I am worried that people who are new to this website may be scared to learn or contribute when they see people jump down other’s throats all the time. Let’s try to settle down a bit.


@noname: Why would you call? Did you really think that would help?


Failure for me.
@Menachem: If it’s a deal then calling shouldn’t hurt…if it’s a mistake that’s being taken advantage of, well then…yeah, don’t let them know personally. 🙂
@tks: could be the same story. interesting – maybe some note owner got upset and infiltrated them with a code then leaked it. Always curious how these are found or disseminated.


@Dan be careful with your charger. A couple of friends complained about headaches.


My free $300 tablet has arrived (order was “cancelled” & refunded and then delivered!)


Thanks Dan!!! Ordered a stereo with overnight shipping was delivered this morning!!


@binyomin I called AFTER they said it was cancelled, not to check on it and alert them to it. Pretty big difference. But I’m sure you wouldn’t have called to see if you could get them to honorthe deal, especially after many people said their order was honored.


2/2 orders received confirmation emails (different credit cards and addresses)
No tracking information available


This tracking number cannot be found, please check the number or contact the sender.


@shanny: +1


My 2 gear VR orders are shipped.
My 2 tablets were cancelled.


Just got shipping confirmation and fedex tracking for first of two orders. Package currently at nearest fedex distribution to be delivered tomorrow.


Ordered the Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock for $99 paid only $3.95 s/h. Just received a shipping confirmation email.


just got shipping confirmation delivery tomorrow, tv


did anyone else order a 250gb ssd (with paypal) confirmed but no tracking info and no shipping confirmation?


Anyone receive paypal order?


Ordered a wireless charger, but I’d rather have a level U Pro Bluetooth, anyone interested in exchanging items?


What if FedEx doesn’t show my item at all, and I didn’t get a cancellation email?


@mendel same here.


If you didn’t see any shipping info on, first try on a pc instead of mobile, then try adding your address to the the reference # box.

Me three

My 2 wireless headphones. One paid with PayPal are on there way!


@Me three: @Me three: Ordered wireless headphones as well but neither shipped. paid both with a card. did the one you paid for by credit card ship as well?


Has anyone received an order after a confirmation email but no tracking info?


Ordered a laser printer….. It’s out for delivery. Should be here today.


@SJW: Yes


Ordered two pairs of headphones…. order arrived today and all that was inside was one 16gb sd card!


Got a confirmation email for two of my orders but no tracking info on fedex website. Chargers are still pending on credit card account.


Has anyone here called (even though you shouldnt have) and asked about your order?


Did get a shipping confirmation. Its coming UPS mail innovations. That’s why no info on Fedex


@Billy: youve received the shipment without a shipment email?


@shanny: no reference found on ups either


Just got a shipping notification…sent by UPS Mail Piece.


Just got a email from Samsung that my order had shipped!! Via FedEx. And eta is Friday.
Thanks Dan!!!!


My speaker system arrived yesterday! I called (I know I know) and they said order will be canceled. I asked if I have to send it back 🙂 and she said she can’t answer that question! She said it was a social media promo which really didn’t exist. I cancelled my Bluetooth order that was charged $103.95 at last second.


My order is on the FedEx truck being delivered today! Thank Dan!


was charged but no tracking or cancellation. Now what should i do ?


@Arthur: +1


Don’t have a cancellation email, but don’t see charge or pending charge on credit card.


pending charges disappeared but no posted charge. no shipment email or cancellation email. no tracking info on UPS or Fedex.
itching to call but I dont want to.


In the same boat. Ordered 22″ monitor. Still shows “Boxed Shipment’ on Samsung site, but no email or any tracking info on any delivery service.

Has anyone who ordered a monitor received it?


Came via FedEx about 15 minutes ago.

Ordered the “Wireless Charging Vehicle Mount”


Update: order was delivered yesterday.


I called Samsung (I know, I’m an idiot) because I got a confirmation email but no shipping info on the soundbar I ordered. Samsung told me that they are honoring the deal for my purchase, but they don’t have any in stock until September 30. So if you ordered the soundbar and haven’t heard anything, there is still hope.


Made 6 orders –
Received 4 cancellations
2 no cancellation no shipping confirmation.


When i track my order on Samsung website it says : “boxed shipment” what does it mean ?


Dan, shipping charge went through but nothing was shipped neither received a cancellation notice. What should i do ?


Where’s the option for “I live on the West Coast and observe Shabbos”?


You need to add an option ” tried to order but couldn’t get to checkout “


could be certain items are being delayed more than others


There should be another option in the poll:

I didn’t order anything becaue I was on the west coast and the deal was dead by the time shabbos ended.

That’s the category I’d fall into.


@Yehoshua: Right there with you….


I only got one order in before the code was pulled for the Bluetooth headphones. They are showing on backorder an I have not received any updates since the order was placed. I doubt they will ship when back in stock but who know maybe they will.


@Isaac: Same here. Dan, what’s “boxed shipment” mean?


I ordered 2 pairs of head phones. And recived both!


The way the question is worded, you need the last option to be on the top; I tried to make an order but couldn’t get want to go through, so that people will see the option and click on it .

Thanks dan

Just saying, I tried and tried and tried and it wasn’t working so I gave up. But then I tried another few hundred times and my order went through about seven minutes before the deal ended.

I only got an email confirming that the order will be processed the next day, and only got an email about it being shipped yesterday, but… Yagati umatzasi taamin


they just told me they’re going to cancel my order


I can’t take the poll: I made one order and received only part of it


Anyone want to sell me a gear vrc?
Email me sswang01 at Gmail

I missed it by a few minutes!


@boooo: You just got an email? or did you call them?


@boooo: Did you get it through email the cancellation or did you call?


Made an Order… Shipped to Me… Received it… Posted on ebay… Already sold… after all fees I made $70… Thanks Dan!!!


My vr 2016 was just delivered! Hope it’s not some 16gb SD card like a previous reviewer said. Can’t wait to get home. Thx dan!!


Those people that voted they got confirmation email but no shipping, are you going to call them or keep waiting???


1 order for a monitor. Confirmation email & shipping charge (paypal). Nothing else. Checked for the same monitor, and “ships in 4 to 6 weeks”. Guess I’m in limbo until then.


Must be in the pool while voting?:)


you can add a poll option “I had nothing that i needed to buy and therefore didnt waste my time looking for something that i dont need just to feel like i got the deal”. I fit into that


I paid through Paypal with guest checkout and have not received anything since the confirmation email. The money has already left my account so if I don’t hear anything by early next week I’ll definitely be calling to get a refund (ordered a tablet for around $25 total)


I received an email about my order, but it shows the full price, not the discounted price. The item is on back order.


Received the wireless charging vehicle mount ($99)
Thank you dan da man!!


Wow… Gear VR and Wireless charging stand arrived .. thanks dano


Has anyone received the bluetooth headphones? I feel like nobody has but would like to know.


Dan… you are the “MAN” i managed to get one order in for the wireless charger and it was shipped.
And i thank you for that


@Anonymous: Which headphones did you order and receive?
Has anyone gotten the level U pro headphones? Website is showing they are backordered until October, hoping that means they will honor these sales.


@yitz: You might be on the wrong site.


@BagBag: mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow!


@Headphones: yes I got 1 level U and 1 level U pro


@Excited: Did you get a shipping confirmation or did you look it up through fedex? When did the tracking label activate?




Got my first order
Second one disappeared


has anyone received their order AND had the CC charges disappear ?


I received my order today. @Dan, you’re the man!


Got my fast wireless charger today for 3.95 same price as for a generic wire & plug.
thank you dan


I had 2 items in one order, it just came today, but only my speakers, my headphones didn’t show up!? IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO ABOUT THIS!? PLEASE HELP. THANK-YOU!


@ yosef
Sit n hold for a few more days then if things don’t work out you can take it from there for free and i want it yesterday doesn’t always work


@dansfan I appreciate that, and is absolutely true. What I’m wondering is, if it truly possible that the email from Samsung said that my order was shipped, and it said that BOTH my items were in the shipment, I.e. It listed both items in the email, and the order would come with only one item!?!?
What I’m asking is, that if they said that BOTH are coming, it would of sent both, but now that only one came, it was a mistake on there part, so maybe I should reach out to them!?!?
Thank you!


Still no cancellation email, and no shipping confirmation. When is it safe to call and ask where my order is?


I called Samsung to find out about my order. They said it was cancelled because of a “fraudulent code” used. They still have not refunded me the money.


I got confirmation that the Gear VR shipped and it arrived last week Friday. But the other order for the Wireless Headphones I never got shipping confirmation for and no label was created yet.


My order has said “boxed shipment” for the past week. I called today and was told it was cancelled due to a misused code.

I have yet to receive an email or refund; my card was charged already.

Fingers crossed


Anyone receive a SSD?


Just got a cancellation email now.


At this time all orders with this promotional code being used are being automatically cancelled. This is a fraudulent promo code that was not supplied from All valid promotional codes will be sent directly to the customer as a one time use unique code in their email from The code that is being passed around on social media and other coupon sites was not issued from and our fulfillment team is automatically cancelling all orders. Any shipping or out of pocket amount paid for the items will be refunded when the cancellation finalizes. We do apologize, but as hundreds of orders have been placed using this code, it is the action that must be taken at this time. The promo codes will not be replaced as one was never directly issued to the customers from, and the price will not be able to be matched. We do apologize for any inconveniences that may have impacted your experience with Samsung. We strive for excellent customer service. We at Samsung appreciate your business, and we sincerely hope that this situation doesn’t deter you from continuing to purchase products of the Samsung brand. If you have any other questions or concerns please email me back. Have a great day.



After getting trough the legal department.


Just got a cancellation notice on my 22″ monitor.

Mimi K.

Just got a cancellation notice on my 22″ monitor.
(one of them)


Just got a cancellation notice on one of my two orders for 22′ monitor.
No paypal refund yet however.


ssd canceled!


My ssd 250 GB just cancelled


Just got canceled. A bit late. I emailed support last week asking where it was. Well I guess not coming.


Got an email today (erev Rosh Hashana) that it’s cancelled


Finally got those headphones today. Got the shipping confirmation after it was already delivered. Only 2 emails I got were order confirmation and this today. Gave up hope they were coming but seeing them was a nice surprise. Thanks!


I received 3 items I got by the sale, stuff I have no interest in, anyone know how I can exchange for the original 100$ value or something?