New Or Existing Customers: Save 25% From Costco On Google Express!

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If you are new to Google Express and click on this Google Express referral link you’ll get another $10 off $10. At checkout just click to redeem the $10 code that will be in your account or use code: J654NK3HH

All customers can use the following code for 25% off Costco items: SHOPCOSTCO25

The max savings for that code is $40 and the code expires on 4/1 or while supplies last.

You use the code once per account and you can only use one code per order.

Google Express launched with a membership based model charging $99/year after a free trial. However Google Express abandoned the paid membership model in favor of higher free shipping thresholds from most stores.

The amount needed for free shipping varies by store. Some have free shipping on all orders while others have $15, $25, $35, or $49 minimums.

Stores include Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and more stores that vary by region. If you’re in the LA region you can even order from Western Kosher.

Google Express charges the same as in-store pricing for most stores, however Costco pricing varies by region. In fact the pricing can rotate between in-store and higher pricing for the same zip code depending on the mood of Google Express that day.

You can tell when Costco prices are higher by going onto the desktop Google Express site, clicking here, setting your delivery address, and checking if the banner says than prices may differ from in-store prices:

If prices are the same it will just show:

You can try different addresses to see which banner comes up. Nearby zip codes may have different policies.

It is cool that you can still use an AMEX at Costco with Google Express, as that allows you to take advantage of benefits like extended warranty, etc.

Do you use Google Express regularly or do you just shop when there are coupons available?

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I used it regularly with Costco when the prices were store prices. I rarely use it now.

Ruchie Me

I used them a lot until the Costco prices changed drastically. Even with a coupon it’s a lot. If the prices went back to Costco warehouse prices, I would order all the time.


App not required. I just used it on Google Express website.


You need to be a costco member. Doesn’t let me check out as a non-costco member.


“In fact the pricing can rotate between in-store and higher pricing for the same zip code depending on the mood of Google Express that day”
Couldn’t describe it better… When their mood is good, my mood turns great! getting a full load of all necessities delivered the next morning with Costco’s prices would be a too good dream for me not too long ago!


I guess they realized 20% wasn’t really getting it to less than store price so they went to 25


Can’t stack coupons


My Costco prices are WAY higher on google Express than in the store. There is no banner stating that the prices may differ from the store.


Extended warranty on toilet paper from AMEX? That doesn’t really matter to me…


Even 25% doesn’t bring the prices close to store prices. Zip code 11213
Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, 250 sq ft – 2 pack Normally $12.69 Now $19.89
All Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent – 237 oz jug Normally $10.99 Now $17.79
Try another day I guess..


Interesting that Google Express sells items from Whole Foods


Would it work to buy a $60/$120 membership on Google Express for 25% off, in order to extend my membership? Says for new members, but not sure if/how that’s enforced.


What category in credit card is “Google Express”?