HOT! Spend $599 At With AMEX And Get $150 Back!

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Update: Registration is now full.  As long as you have already received positive confirmation in the @connect section you have until 12/31 to spend $599+ at Dell.

Sync your American Express card with your twitter account and get bonus savings!

Just tweet the hashtag below and within a minute you will got confirmation (by clicking on @connect) that you have successfully enrolled in the promotion. A link to promo terms will be included in the confirmation tweet.

Tweet #AmexDellOffer, get back $150 on $599+ purchases at Dell.
Registration is limited, a single $599+ purchase must be made online by 12/31.

From past experience, this should work at Dell Home or at Dell Small Business.

Forgot which card is synced to your account? You can unsync and resync cards here.

Find a great deal from Dell? Post a comment!

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This stinks, I just ordered a $1500 computer 2 days ago with a $50 coupon.


I want to do this since I am going to but at Dell probably-

in english for someone who basicvally never used twitter – what do I need to do 🙂

I guess I have to sign up for an account


Is this $150 on top of any coupons/deals dell has – it is a direct credit to the AMEX CARD WHICH YOU SYNC?


Try to cancel it?

1. Signup for twitter
2. Use the link to sync your preferred amex card.
3. Tweet #AmexDellOffer
4. Click on @connect a minute later to confirm that you are registered.
5. Follow DansDeals 😀
6. Buy anything $599+ at and AMEX will credit you back with $150.

Correct, it’s a direct credit to your AMEX account a few days after purchase and will stack on top of any promo you may found.


I signed up & synced – now where do I put #AmexDellOffer???

basically how do i tweet – your help is greatly appreciated.


Sync Notification ‏@AmexSync
@……..2 thx for enrolling in #AmexDellOffer. Spend w/ synced Card & receive credit. See terms:

View conversation Hide conversation Reply RetweetedRetweet
FavoritedFavorite @mentions, favorites, follows and more on you and your Tweets will appear here.

looks like I got it 🙂 thanks.

Is it one item $599+ or an order can it be a computer for $549+tax & if the tax goes over $599 then you get the credit?


As long as the order total with tax if over $599 you’ll get it.


anyone received a email from amex sync confirming tweet admition?


Any good deals available from Dell right now?


Also, what happens if you return the product for a refund? Will the $150 stay?


They take back the $150 if you return.


I did not get an email but follow what Dan says – it is in @connect

at the top of the page.


@david Yes, I got an email confirmation.


I think Dan should give a twitter class for us newbies 🙂

I love this site but this twitter is too much for an old 38 year old!


@ben @dan

I did not get an email but it is in@connect at the top.

Why would ben get an email & not me?

Did it come right away to you?


You do not get an email for promotions, only for initially syncing your AMEX.


I misread david’s question originally – yes I also got the confirm email.



if i have a dell order that i made black Friday, but it is only pending right now, will this work for when they do the final charge when they ship? if yes, that would be amazing, if not how can i go about cancelling and reordering for the same price?


Daammmm I just wednesday ordered a computer from dell!!!!!


Can this be used to buy gift cards from dell


No and you probably can’t.

Try to cancel it.



@Dan just checked my status, it’s in production process already, one’s it’s in production there is a 15% cancellation fee….. you think it’s worth begging amex??


You can try sending a secure message to AMEX.
Otherwise there is no restock fee on Dell returns and you can always refuse delivery.


@Dan @ih I think we also need a Tweet truly from @amexsync. The first reply is just a thank you, upon reading the terms you need the second reply it appears

Aay B.

Dan, which Amex card should i sync and buy on – to get the best extended warrenty coverage? i have the
Starwood Biz and Personal
Business Membership Rewards Card (by Open)
PRG Personal
Paltinum Personal


@Aay B.:
They’re all the same but the Plat card will also cover it if you lose it within 90 days.


Sync Notification ‏@AmexSync
@……..2 thx for enrolling in #AmexDellOffer. Spend w/ synced Card & receive credit

This is what I got looks good to me.

Aay B.

What about the additional 5% i can get by Through “Amex Open” (or maybe i am confusing it with HP?)

Also, does it matter which email i put at the sync process? does it have to match the Twitter account associated email?
and does it also have to match the Dell account email address?



@Aay B.:
That’s HP.

Email doesn’t matter.


You don’t need amex card for this deal. Just call visa and mc and they match the offer. Btw dell charge sales tax


@dan @ih my apologize, yes it does look. Jumped the gun 🙂


I synced my card and tweeted I never got an email that my card is synced.
@ZeviZ got your tweet! Sync Card at to enroll in #AmexDellOffer. See terms
Is something wrong?

Aay B.

i got this at the @connect section:

Sync Notification ‏@AmexSync
@…….. you’ve already enrolled in the #AmexDellOffer. If this is an error, please contact @AskAmex

Why do they say that i have ALREADY enrolled?


There is a $50 (also $599 spend) coupon flying around expires 12/30.

So practically for $549 +tax brings one to around $600 then Amex credit & it is a $450 computer seems like a go 🙂

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3210M processor (3M Cache, up to 3.1 GHz)
Windows 8, 64-bit, English
15.6″ High Definition (720p) LED Display with Truelife
6GB3 Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
750GB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive
Intel® HD Graphics 4000
INTERNAL OPTICAL DRIVE 8X Tray Load CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)
SYSTEM COLOR Switch by Design Studio – Moon Silver
48 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery
WIRELESS CARDS Intel® Centrino® Wireless 2230, 2×2 bgn + Bluetooth
SOUND Dell Stereo Speakers with Waves MaxxAudio 3 audio processor
NETWORK CARD Integrated 10/100 Network Card
KEYBOARD Dell Chiclet Keyboard with Multi-touch Touchpad, US English

Aay B.


Jeff, who doesn’t charge tax?



@ih, can you look me up a good deal for a 14″
preferbly the XPS 14z or Inspiron 14z


Is it possible to just buy dell gift card for $600 ?


I have not seen any screaming buys like yhe earlier XPS15 a few months back –

but for net $450 for the Inspiron 15R I posted earlier which is the basic offer Dell gives + the $50 coupon & an upgrade from 500 to 750GB+AMEX CREDIT.

I figure why not – I am either upgrading spending as little as possible (not $300 to get something below par) or spending a ton to get teh best.

I think this is the way to go $450 gets a good computer & can look again in a year or 2.


Deal expired. Max users enrolled. 🙁


If you call up and say you wanna return – eventually they’ll ask you how much you want if your willing to keep and not return and you can easily get your $150 in that case…..worked for me 😉


Dell gc will not work. It is processed by a 3rd party called cashstar.



Which Visa/MC matched this for you? Who did you call?


I take that back. Gc’s may indeed work.

Visa and MC are issued by many banks. They aren’t a single entity.
If you’ve had a specific bank match the offer, please post the name of the bank. Otherwise the info is useless.


slots filled up for this one


What if I get a partial refund bringing total spent to less than $599 will they take back $150?


can this discount only be used once? I just went to register another card and it’s saying registration is full. I already bought one computer with my amex and will get the discount. If I buy another one, will I get the discount again as long as I spend over $599?


just tried twitter but Amex responded that “maximum # of cardholders have enrolled in this offer”. Doesn’t look like this price is doable.


i called boa cash rewards visa , chase united visa. citi aadvtanga evisa, citi thankyou mastercard and all matched.



This is already dead. Received a message: sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexDellOffer. Visit for more offers


If I bought at the dell outlet website, am i supposed to get the credit?