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Use the following code for 30% off (Exp: 11/27): EMLFRIENDS12

I added a $25.45 pair of Crocs to my cart (search for Crocs and sort by price) and the price was $17.81 after the 30% off. Plus a free subscription to Glamour Magazine worth $19.95 with rebate instructions popped into my cart…well, you know where to go from there folks 😀

Shoebuy always offers free shipping and free return shipping and a 100% Price Guarantee!

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Is the copy of my order email enough of a receipt?


thanks just spent $20 on crocs and will get a $20 rebate awesome deal!


purchased Crocs brand flip flops for $19.56-$19.95= -$0.39

Chaim Mayer

Great deal. Shkoyach! hopefully I will better luck withthis rebate than the staples deal. I am just going for one this time 😉

Chaim Mayer

Wow do they delibretely make the color on the rebate form so faint? I could barely read it. I printed it again in Blacka nd white and it’s a little better. hope it works.


is there a way to find the rebate form from the deal they had last week? for some reason it didn’t print and now i don’t have it. thanks!


Can you use a rebate form on previous purchases from last week?


Rebate form for $19.95 might be a good link to keep for future purchases. Just keep in mind Limit one per household. Requests for this offer must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase


Forgive me in advance for the dumbness of this question…
I’m confused. In order to be eligible for the rebate, do you have to check the box saying you don’t want the magazine? Or do you leave the box blank, get the magazine and then ask for the rebate?


If I use my paypal, can I just ship multiple orders to friends/family, ?


i ordered crocks did not get any rebate offered to me why is that


Amex LLL $20 statement credit at best buy


Is this offer separate from the $9.99 rebate I got for last week’s order or will I not be eligible because I already got a rebate?


Does anyone know if it the rebate is valid on a purchase that was only $10?


hello- how did you get a bestbuy statement credit?


Amex LLL $20 statement credit at best buy.What’s that offer?


thanks dan.


thanks dan! – it says on the directions to click here for the 9.99 rebate form but when i click on it, it shows the rebate form for 19.95. what should i do now? thanks again!


@chanie: take $19.95 and send $10 to zdoka


@al613 don’t think you’re so smart! you can only have one rebate per household and i ordered a pair when there was the 9.99 rebate and now with the 19.95 rebate. so you see my issue now? i can’t send in 2 rebate forms for 19.95!


@chanie: Do you have relatives near by?


has any one received this rebate rebates are notorious for not coming!!!


Thanks Dan


thank you! thank you! i just got a free pair of croc slippers.


oops. i didnt check the magazine box. does that mean i wont get the rebate or does that mean that i will just have to go thru the hassle of cancelling it


To use multiple rebates do I need to order the shoes to multiple addresses or send the rebates to different addresses?


I checked do not want the magazine but I dont see anything reflected in my cart regarding the magazine.
Is it enough to just print the rebate form and send it without anything noted on my order?


Dan, can u pls respond to the last few comments. I have the same questions. Thx.


I’m sorry, can someone please send me the link or pdf for last week’s $19.95 rebate? I can’t find it. My e-mail is (sorry I forgot it before).


Can you please post a link for this rebate?

Jack Smith

Did anyone get rebate from Nov purchase ?

Is there any phone number to call ?