Get 10% Off AA Flights!

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Update: Round 4 is now open with new codes!
The code you get in the email will erroneously state that it must have already been used by 07/19. This is incorrect.  For example my code is valid through 10/26.
To find the real terms of any code just copy the link below that contains the code that I got (first come first served if you want to use it yourself) and then just enter your own code into the web address after “discountCode=”

Originally posted on 03/14:

Offer Linky

Vote and you’ll get a 10% off coupon sent to your email address.

Currently the coupon is good for travel through 05/31, but the contest is continuing on in 4 voting phases through September. If you enter again in a later round you will get a later-expiring coupon:
Round 1: March 1, 2010 – April 18, 2010
Round 2: April 19, 2010 – June 6, 2010
Round 3: June 7, 2010 – July 25, 2010
Round 4: July 26, 2010 – September 12, 2010

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hey hey

its only for intl flights not domestic (at least i think so)


does this work on tickets already purchased?


Is there anyway to apply this to a previously purchased ticket?

Dan Fan

Can you apply this to a previously booked ticket?


@hey hey:
Incorrect, it works for any flights from the US48.

Coupons never work on previously booked travel.


Dan – Can you get a coupon in each voting phase or is it one per customer total?


Do you know if it’s only one coupon per person or can you get another coupon if you vote again in a later voting phase?


I actually found the answer on the website. On the “How to participate” page it says: “You can vote only once on each category. Every time you vote online you will receive a 10% discount promotion code valid for travel on American Airlines from the 48 contiguous United States to any destination worldwide.” So I guess you could vote more than once but only once per period.


in each phase you can also vote only once per email address if you delete cookies


Just to let you know that the next votes are open in the college level. I already voted and got my 10% coupon good through July 13 flights


I need to purchase tickets for travel leaving 7/29 and returing 8/13.

It seems like the expiration on travel is 3 months from signu up time.
If i wait to enter it a week and a half, will it give me an extension on travel dates?

Do i need to to cover my return date too?


Yes, you need to cover the return date.


I have a ticket currently being held, but they’re telling me that there’s no way to add the promo code. If I cancel and rebook, the flight will jump up several hundred dollars because the price has gone up since I reserved it. Is there anything I can say to the AA rep to convince them to somehow add on the promo code?


voted today, but the coupon received was expired is this a typo (in other words, you had to have purchased and flown by July 19th)??


Did you read the update?


i voted got the email but the code not working i need to book urgently
the code that i have is
Promocodes agotados.

any buddy have better one


Hey dan, would you have any extra codes from the voting?