Current AMEX Offers: Save At WalMart, Best Buy, Rue La La, Dell, Lowe’s, BP, Forever 21, And More

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American Express is always running fantastic promotions.  Along with their incredible purchase protections it makes having their cards quite valuable.

Of course the big one is Small Business Saturday.  While this year’s promotion only offers $10 of free spending per card it will continue to work on authorized user cards which are free with cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express, or the Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express.
Frankly I’m happier with the promotion being $10 and continuing to allow authorized user cards to participate than it staying at $25 but disallowing authorized user cards.

At any rate here are the current offers I see when I login to my AMEX account, click on my Starwood card, and then click on “Offers for you.”

Be sure to save the offer to the card you want to use before spending on the card.







-Spend $79, get $20 back at through 12/31
You can buy a $79 physical gift card or a $79 eGift card and get the $20 credit!
Both cards can then be used in-store or online and never expire.

-Spend $100 or more, get $20 back at Rue La La through 12/31.
If you’re not a Rue La La member I’d definitely appreciate if you join with my referral link.

-Spend $250, get $25 back at Best Buy through 12/31.
Could be useful if they have any decent sales this holiday season.

-Spend $50 or more, get $10 back at Lowe’s through 11/15.
You can always save another 10% off at Lowe’s (or any competing store) with the coupon in the change of address packet you can get from any post office.

-Spend $599 or more at Dell, get $50 back through 11/15
Valid at Dell Home or Dell Small Business

Other offers in my account (Different cards in your account may have different offers):
Every time you spend $25 or more, get $5 back at BP through 12/31.
-Spend $30, get $5 back at ExxonMobile through 12/31.
-20% off Audiobook Membership through 12/31.
-Spend $15 or more at FedEx Office, get $5 back through 12/31.
-Spend $25 or more at Forever 21, get $5 back through 12/31.
-Spend $150 or more at 1-800 Contacts, get $30 back through 12/22.
-Spend $50 or more, get $10 back at Teavana through 12/31.
-Spend $100 or more at Rent the Runway, get $50 back through 11/15. More info here.
-Spend $65 or more at Personal Creations, get $20 back through 01/03/14
-Spend $100 or more at Guess, get $30 back through 12/24.
-Spend $125 or more at, get $25 back through 01/31/14
-Spend $5 or more at Murphy USA, get $5 back through 12/31.

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whats the “policy” in WM in regards to buying GC’s with SC?


is the walmart deal syncable via twitter? I saw it in only one of my card’s account and want to sync it to all 4 cards. Any luck with that?


@dogo: in general from my experience they don’t care


Hi, do you need to sign up for these deals such as at Walmart to get the discount or can you just use your amex card and will then get reimbursed?


For the Amex – Walmart promotion, do you need to tweet anything to get that? Or you simply charge your card the $79 and you will get back a $20 statement credit?


Not that I see.

You need to save the offer to the card you want to use.


Is there a way to add it to more than 1 card 3bm wasn’t working for me and in the past once I put it on one card it disappears from the offers


Try calling AMEX to see if they can add it to another card?


The claimed they can’t but I guess DROPR so HUCA it will be? Anyone have success with this? The claim their computer system doesent let them add it even once they found the offer


Others have reported success.


amex comments on walmart offer:
Valid online only. In store transactions are excluded. Enrollment limited. Offer is non-transferable. Not valid on gift card reloads and prepaid cards. Pay with Cash transactions are excluded. If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent to you until after 12/31/13, it may not count towards determining whether your purchase


what do u mean save the offer to your card? ruelala? do I have to spend the full $100 at one time?


My delta amex card doesn’t show the walmart offer 🙁
Is it worth calling them to get it added?


Does the limit on prepaid cards include walmart gift cards?


If you login to your account and follow the directions you’ll see the option to save it.

Yes, need to spend in one shot.

Don’t have a Starwood card??

It works on gift cards, already tested.


Amex claims the walmart offer is only on the Starwood card


Note: WalMart GC’s can also be used at Sam’s Club and (according to T&C’s)


I’ve looked at all my card (include 3 spgs [both mine and my husbands]) and i do not see the walmart offer. I see everything else though.


Is lows sell gift card that can be load on bluebird??


dan do i have to register my cards for this benefit? and is it per card or per amex account?


If you use Bluebird as a debit, will you be able to enjoy any of these deals?


dav, yes, you do have to register card first to get offer.
copied and pasted, cards not included.
can be removed if by mistake was credited.

went to walmart site, so easy to spend on things you need.

instead of going to buy kitchen stuff/papergoods/cleaning supplies in store and carry it home, wm will bring to your door, price are great, and offer is an extra gift. thanks walmart, thanks dan!

Mimi K.

Can additional users register as well?
P.S. It seems after I registered for Lowes on one card the offer disappeared on the other cards.


Where did the Walmart offer go? I don’t see it.


My bad. I didn’t read the whole post. I guess I don’t have that offer.


its not always what type of a card, marketing target different individuals based on their shopping and general history. (returns maybe? etc.) marketing would post to some accounts, some offers. calls do not help, its beyond CS ability.


I didn’t get the Wal-Mart offer. I would have really liked to use it


I got offers for,whitehouse black market, I didn’t get the staples offer although my wife and mother got it. I called twice and each gave a different answer. The first one said it is targeted and I can’t get it. The second one said it will show it(or please get off the phone with me because I am not going to do anything for you). The funniest offer I got was for duxiana beds. If I spend at least $5000 I get $1000 back. Yea because I was planning on spending over $5000 on a bed.


@hdawg:are you sure about that? Even the $500 visa gift cards?


Walmart offer isn’t appearing on any of my Amex cards, maybe its a geographic thing? I’m in upstate NY


I don’t have the starwood card and I got the offer


Does the Wal-mart offer work on Amex Platinum? I didnt get it.


@chuk: works on merchant gift cards such as starbucks, etc. not sure about visa cards.


I received the Walmart offer on my Blue card.


I didnt see the offer on my SPG card but on the Hilton


DOES amex blue cash everyday carry the purchase protection benefit?


seems no spg cards are eligible for this?
can anyone confirm?


does this work for jet blue amex cards? what do I do once I log into my account on line? how do I see the offers/


walmart offer shows up on my delta amex platinum, but not on amex PRG.


Guys, what is your experience with AU? offers are duplicated, or not?


@Esther:Go to page where you see statement balance, recent payments(I believe it is home page) go towards bottom. Look for offers for you.(Latest transactions/Your membership/offers for You) click on offers for on offers available for on save offer for the offers you want. Done.


I can now comfirm BP works multiple times and walmart works for gift card.


Anyone know if this deal works more than once? Or only first purchase?


Thank you Kevin! got it


is ruelala coupons still active? I don’t see it on my jetblue amex card . plese help!

att kevin

would walmart work more than one time? how long after purcahse did u get amex $?

walmart is great for my grocery shopping, dry goods, paper goods, no problem finding what to buy…


Not showing up on any of my 4 Starwoods cards, though it does show up on my Blue Cash cards. Online chat help said they couldn’t add my cards, it’s an offer targeted to specific cards.


@Kevin: would walmart work multiple times?


ouch, I didn’t know I have to go to my amex account first to redeem… I thought I can just spend by walmart 79 and will get it automatically. i bought the gift card yesterday and I just saved the offer… will i still get the 20 back? because i see if i want to redeem i have to buy something again..? omg. does anyone know if i will get th e20 even if i save the offer now and bought with amex card yesterday?


just registar online first and then just use your gift card you bought to buy a new gift card on line

walmart shopper

Does anyone know if I can use the walmart gift card to pay my amex bill in walmart?


got walmart only on my blue cash card. spent 79.97.