Current AMEX Offers Roundup


American Express is always running fantastic promotions.  Along with their incredible purchase protections it makes having their cards quite valuable.

Of course the big one is Small Business Saturday.  While this year’s promotion only offers $10 of free spending per card it will continue to work on authorized user cards which are free with cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express, or the Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express.
Frankly I’m happier with the promotion being $10 and continuing to allow authorized user cards to participate than it staying at $25 but disallowing authorized user cards.

At any rate here are the current offers I see when I login to my AMEX account, click on my Starwood card, and then click on “Offers for you.”

Be sure to save the offer to the card you want to use before spending on the card.



Offers in my account (Different cards in your account may have different offers and offers vary by person):

-Spend $79, get $20 back at through 12/31
You can buy a $79 physical gift card or a $79 eGift card and get the $20 credit!
Both cards can then be used in-store or online and never expire.

-Spend $100 or more, get $20 back at Rue La La through 12/31.
If you’re not a Rue La La member I’d definitely appreciate if you join with my referral link.

-Spend $250, get $25 back at Best Buy through 12/31.
Could be useful if they have any decent sales this holiday season.
Every time you spend $25 or more, get $5 back at BP through 12/31.
-Spend $150 at Zappos, get $30 back through 12/31.
-Spend $150 at Amtrak, get $30 back through 12/31.
-Spend $100 at Sony, get $25 back through 12/31.
-Spend $100 at Blue Nile, get $30 back through 12/31.
-Spend $150 at West Elm, get $30 back through 12/31.
-Spend $200 at Neiman Marcus, get $50 back through 12/31.
-Spend $65 at Personal Creations, get $20 back through 01/03.
-Spend $100 at Tiger Direct, get $30 back through 01/06.
-Spend $50 at JCPenney, get $10 back through 12/31.
-Spend $20 at AMC, get $5 back through 12/31.
-Spend $30, get $5 back at ExxonMobile through 12/31.
-20% off Audiobook Membership through 12/31.
-Spend $15 or more at FedEx Office, get $5 back through 12/31.
-Spend $50 or more at Newegg Flash, get $10 back through 12/31.
-Spend $25 or more at Forever 21, get $5 back through 12/31.
-Spend $150 or more at 1-800 Contacts, get $30 back through 12/22.
-Spend $50 or more, get $10 back at Teavana through 12/31.
-Spend $65 or more at Personal Creations, get $20 back through 01/03/14
-Spend $100 or more at Guess, get $30 back through 12/24.
-Spend $125 or more at, get $25 back through 01/31/14
-Spend $5 or more at Murphy USA, get $5 back through 12/31.

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how come I don’t see the spend $79 get $20 back at Walmart offer in any of my AMEX accounts?


The walmart offer does not show up for me. Any way to get it another way? Also (and sorry to ask you this here) is there a way for me to transfer my amex points back from british airways? i transfered points during the 35% bonus promotion but can’t find availability for the flights i want. I’d appreciate a response to this as I’ve googled this and can”t find a clear answer.


Everyone has different offers, you can always try calling and see if anything can be done.

Officially transfers are one-way only.
You can try calling AMEX MR (800-AXP-EARN) and beg for mercy I suppose and see if they’re reverse it.


Can i son my 1 year old up as an Authorized User for a credit card?
Thank Dan.


Again, how to find out if my card is eligible for these promos? Especially the Walmart. Is there a link?


All this offers is a 1stop time use? And can I buy gift cards by all this stores?


I will be away for Small Business Saturday….as I was lucky to get in on the Phila-Israel deal (thanks Dan)…is there any way for me to take advantage of this promotion still use my cards?


Just called AMEX and they told me the Walmart offer is targeted to certain cardholders and that there’s no way they could add it to my account. HUCA might work but I’m not even sure if it’s worth the time and effort.


Dan, can I do the same offer twice? Meaning get $30 off of two different purchases?


No need to wait for a sale from Best Buy, just get the $200 Visa + $50 Amazon GCs or $250 Amazon GCs if you don’t want to pay the $5.95 Visa fee.


AMEX currently has an offer to buy gift cards without the fee. Is it possible to use their cards like the Chase gift cards and load them onto bluebird?


Ha, Sharper Image..blast from the past


Is there any reason not to just “save offer” all of thenm?


are there any places that you could recommend to but Gift cards with the discount from amex ? maybe best buy ?


Can someone please answer with reasonable certainty whether or not any of these offers are for more than one time use, especially the Staples and the BP offer ? Dan, where are you for this answer ?

mr smith

i dont think its true that you will get everytime you spend 25 at bp you will get a credit. b/c it says on my account theat this offer was redeemed.
let us know if it actually does work more than once.


Many people have already gotten credit at BP multiple times.
All other offers are one-time only.

Levana Walter White

@WeddingSpend: How do you get the $200 Visa + $50 Amazon GCs or $250 Amazon GCs ? Please explain detail. Thx!



I have 3 amex cards linked to my amex account online. I noticed that when you save offer on one card that same offer wont show up anymore as an offer in any of the other cards. Did you notice that?

When I spoke to platinum rep, Unfortunately they told me that once you selct offer on one card it cant be changed to another. Any advice?


Can personally confirm BP worked several times on the same card. Even when one of the places didn’t come up online as BP just like service station or something like that…….


Tried to get an answer on the forums but no luck…..Anybody know how long it usually takes for au’s to process I’ve added a few to each card (I have 4 personal cards….) on Sunday night. Last time I did this IIRC they showed up on my online profile within a day or 2….. I still don’t see anything changed on my online profile as of this morning. Is this a reason for concern? An early sign of an upcoming Fr ?

David R

@Yaks: Don’t worry. It takes a couple of days.
@WeddingSpend: Did you actually find Visa or Amazon gift cards at Best Buy? I looked all over and could not find any.
@avi: No.

Levana Walter White

@David R: Go to the Kindle section and ask any salesperson for Kindle GC’s. They are the SAME as Amazon GC’s. Get the $50 denomination ones.


does the offer apply to aauthorized users as well?


Does BP sell any gift cards? Has anyone gotten the statement credit for convenience store purchases at BP?


@WeddingSpend: my best buy doesnt carry visa or amazon GC


can you buy a non-walmart gift card to get the rebate?


if i see the offer on one card and redeem it. can i then use one of the au cards on that account and get the credit? or do i need to use that specific card?

David R

@Levana Walter White: I actually did see Kindle cards in multiple locations around the store, but I did not realize they could be used on Amazon. Did anyone find any Visa, MasterCard or AmEx cards in Best Buy?
@sam: The authorized users have to log in and save their offers separately.


@Levana Walter White @David R @ hdawg

I did a post myself about how I used 10 Amex from myself and my wife to buy 10 $200 Visa cards and 20 $25 Amazon GCs. This was back in August, and I recently repeated the same exact thing when the Amex Sync Best Buy offer reappeared. They didn’t even check ID so I was fine using my wife’s credit cards. I won’t paste the link to my post here as I don’t want to spam Dan’s site.

Best Buy use to display the Visa GC in the gift card section but now I find that they put it near the front counter. The Amazon GCs are scattered throughout the store and never in the main GC section. Sometimes, they are by the Kindles, sometimes they are by other electronics. Of course, your store may vary.


IIRC, the last time I tried to buy GCs at Best Buy they didn’t allow it to be on a credit card. I think it was during one of these promotions and the manager had told all the cashiers not to allow it.


@WeddingSpend: I don’t get it- can these gift cards you buy at best buy be used at any store? Or just amazon!


wedding, so complicated, then to get rid of the 25×2. easier to buy actual merchandise you need, or just forget the offer. not at all costs.


@M: Not really, unload the $200 Visa via Bluebird or Amazon Payments. As for the Amazon GCs, they have $50 ones too. You can just load them onto your Amazon account and forget about it. Eventually you’ll shop at Amazon I imagine. Beats running to Staples to buy Amazon GCs with your Ink card whenever you need to buy stuff on Amazon.



If you save an offer to the account and then make the purchase with the auth user card(different last 4 numbers then the primary, will it give the award?


Does anybody know if I can buy a non-walmart gift card at