Cash App Boosts: Save 10% On Grocery Stores, Doordash, Walmart, And More

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If you don’t have Cash App, you can use this referral link to get $5 for free after sending your first payment to anyone.

Cash App allows you to instantly send from your checking account to anyone else with the app for free.

The app also has a debit card feature, called Cash Card. You can use it as a virtual debit card with the numbers in the app, or you can request a free physical debit card with your etched signature on the front. There is no hard pull on your credit.

The debit card has been offering some sweet bonuses call boosts that you can add to your card.

Current offers include:

  • 10% off Grocery Stores, up to $7.50 back.
  • 10% off Walgreens, up to $7.50 back.
  • 10% off Etsy, up to $7.50 back.
  • 10% off 1-800-Flowers, up to $7.50 back.
  • 10% off Doordash, up to $5 back.
  • 10% off Playstation Network, up to $5 back.
  • 10% off Xbox, up to $5 back.

There are also locked boosts, that require making 5 or 10 purchases before you can use them, such as:

  • 10% off Walmart, up to $7.50 back.
  • 10% off Nike, up to $7.50 back.

Do you pay with Cash App when there are boosts available?

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There’s an mta offer for $1 off each ride as well.


It seems that all the offers are limited to one purchase besides for DoorDash (at least for me), which can be used every hour. Also, on mine the Doordash offer is 20%


Dan, I signed up with your link but it never asked me to enter the referral code and I don’t see any credit.


I have not been able to request a card for over a year now, I get an error on the last page, I contacted them and they just said it’s a known issue with no fix yet…


From my experience, the mta offer worked twice a day (after that the card didn’t charge at all) Maybe mows the time to fill up your metrocard @ .50 for 1.50 twice a day (it says “every three hours”, so wait 3 hours), and by the time you get back to work (assuming you commute on the train or bus), you will have extremely cheap fares!


They advertise for deals of $1 off at coffee shops and Lyft, do you know if that’s a constant deal or just one of those boosts that pop up from time to time