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Update: Just bought a $4 pair of pants on clearance after giving the clerk at the store the $15 off code below and paying with my Banana card!

Originally posted on 03/11:

Banana Republic Linky












Use the following code for $15 off $15 at Banana Republic when using a Gap Inc. card (Exp: 03/31 or while supplies last): TXKM86VRGYJ7

The $15 off code is valid once per Gap Inc. card that you have.

Alternatively use the following code for 35% off at Banana Republic on 03/11: BRSAVINGS

The codes are not stackable and exclusions apply.

Shipping is free on $50+ orders or free with all orders on a BR Luxe or Gap Silver card.

Return shipping is free on all orders or can be done in-store.

If you have an Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Ink Cash card you can earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points (transferable to several airlines and hotels) per dollar spent by buying Gap Inc gift cards at Office Depot or Staples.

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Can I get the $15 off $15 with an old navy card? Or just gap specifically ?


You can usually get all specials with any company card(Old Navy, Gap, or BR)
And I believe return shipping is only free if exchanging, otherwise a $6 fee is deducted from your refund.



The picture shows dan using a banana republic card so i would imagine it works on any gap brand card, including the old navy card, but I don’t have one to be able to try it. See what happens and report back


just used for 2 pairs of men socks. paid $1.80. free shipping cause silver gap member. thanks dan!

Free Ship

How did you end up getting free shipping for a $3 purchase?


@Free Ship:
“free with all orders on a BR Luxe or Gap Silver card.”

I was grandfathered into lifetime luxe many years ago.


Thanx.. Just ordered also 2 pairs of sox for 1.80 with free shipping and used my bananarepublic card and worked as well


is this only for online orders?


How can I get this to work in store ?


The $15 worked in store they just typed the code into the register but not the 35% it wild go through also u must use either a br gap or old navy card


why dont u mention its birthday code?


Hey Dan, looks like you bought earrings, not pants.


Why is everyone only getting 2 pairs of socks and not up to 15$ worth of socks?


Brsavings coupon isn’t working for me…

free shipping

got free shipping with code “mycard”


thanx got socks $1.80


is the code still working? not working for me…


40% off with LVQ1QGKHGNK4


40% off one item in today’s email stacks with $15 off 15!


I tried this in store but they wouldn’t give me the free shipping.


Me too!


Did you waste a credit pull on banana card?


their boxers(pima cotton)are very good. got them for $4.50 shipped,$19.50 reg.


Use code in store for any item under 15.00 and you don’t need any gap card got 2 pairs of socks free at 2 separate purchases and of course 2 different clerks otherwise will empty the whole sock rack one at time


Just got my 3rd free pair of socks


@Dan I went to use the $15 off $15 code today and they told me that it has already been used online 3 times and could not give it to me. Dan please take this code down.