$425 Off $1,399+ Dell Inspiron Notebooks!


Pick up a fully loaded notebook (now in the color of your choice) for under $1,000!

Add all of the specs you want to these notebooks to get them to at least $1,399 and then use the following coupon code for $425 off (exp: After 8,000 uses): CS0R$WQL4MZG22

Inspiron 1420

Inspiron 1520 (Subtract $25 for choosing “jet black” system color.)

Inspiron 1720

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Carefull Bochur

Any codes for XPS laptops??


how do i know what upgrades are worthwhile?


Thanks just baught a 17220

is it over????

I tried getting hooked up with this awesome deal, it didnt go though, did i miss the bsu? thnx dan you rock!! go indians!


Deal still works perfectly.
Remember that the the notebook must be at least $1,399 for the coupon to work!