20% Off Regularly Priced Shoes From Konasports.com Including Uggs!


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Use code: newshoes20

Shipping is free, return shipping is free, and they offer an awesome 365 day return policy!

Coupons for regularly priced Uggs are quite rare, so grab this one while it lasts. Note that Women’s, Kids, and Toddler Uggs are all mixed together on the page, so be sure to order the right ones!
Sizes are sure to sell out quickly.

There is no tax except for orders shipped to NJ. A $195 pair of Uggs will be $156 shipped versus $215 in a city with a 10% sales tax rate.

Konasports is listed on Ugg’s website as an authorized authentic online retailer. Never buy Uggs online from a store not listed on that site as they are likely to be cheap knockoffs.

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Surely you are advocating a bargain, that is great.
I hope you are not recommending people calculate savings on sales tax. The reality is that when you avoid sales tax you are supposed to pay an equivalent tax, known as use tax. This eliminates the savings and sometimes ruins peoples calculations.


NJ does not collect sales tax on clothes so if they do charge, it is a mistake


Some states have a “Safe Harbor” tax which you pay one lump sum to cover all online purchases. This earns the state money while not requiring excessive work to ensure all online merchants comply.