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13 Comments On "$20 Off $49 At DSW Stores!"

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Is this for in-store or online?


the online code was not accepted when i tried it

in the future...,

is there any way that that these coupons could be posted earlier than the day before they expire? Some of us work and have to plan our schedules accordingly. I would have loved to use this, but need more time. Thanks.


It’s only good for in-store use unless you were sent an online coupon.

@in the future…,:
I post ’em when I get ’em-You’ve got 2 days to try and use it!


I received identical offer in mail and it has an expiry of April 9. Perhaps this is why Devorah is having a hard time?


Just use the coupon in the store, it worked perfectly.


thanks… used in store and worked perfectly!!


HOw do i get this coupon? which part is the actual coupon?


Thanks A lot ! My wife and daughters dropped everything and ran off to DSW, cuz the coupons are only in-store. Now when will they clean for Pesach (LOL)


Thanks Dan,

I tried 2 printed coupons on an order of over a $100 and she took it! that was $40 off.

The associate said you can officially use only one per transaction, but a smile and good afternoon overrides that šŸ˜‰


thanks a ton! I used 3 of these in one $150 purchase. (the fine print on the coupon said it could be combined with two other offers/coupons, which would allow you to use up to 3 in one transaction.)
Saved $60!!! šŸ™‚


My DSW accepts expired coupons, so worth a try!


it really worked-thanx