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I didn’t think I needed to explain this, but based on the comments apparently I do…
The time-stamp of this site is set to EST, so when I post from Israel it still shows the EST time(7 hours earlier than it is for me).
Obviously I would never update this site on shabbos, G-d forbid.

Possibly my first ever post while it’s still shabbos in ctown…

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posted on shabbos?
please advise.


what!! your not shomer shabbos anymore. wat hapened to you.


you people are so freaking thick!

dan is in Israel, where Shabbos is over while it is still going on in Cleveland.


most people adjust the clock on their computer to the time zone that they are in…. especially when they know that they are posting something with a time stamp…..

so Dan… (not anonymous) please advise


g-d almighty! I though all Jews had a little brain power! but i guess not, boy am i glad to be a part of the select few!


while Dan is right

nevertheless when there is a time stamp is EST, it should be modified to a later time (which B”H can easily be done in blogger)