Set Your Costco Membership To Auto-Renew And Get A $20 Costco Cash Card

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This offer should work for anyone who has a Costco membership that isn’t set to auto-renew.

I called 800-774-2678, pressed option 1, entered my membership number, pressed option 1 again, and asked the agent to learn more about the offer to get a $20 cash card for setting my membership to auto-renew.

The agent told me the details and took my credit card information in order to set my Costco membership to auto renew in future years.

She promised that I would receive a $20 Costco cash card in the mail within the next 4-6 weeks.

It’s an easy $20 for a 5 minute phone call if you’re planning on renewing anyway!


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Thx Dan I had to renew my card by the end of the month!


Can I remove the auto renew if I decide so?


This is targeted. I was told I would need to have the letter.


“All our representatives are busy with other Dan’s Dealers. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received.”


I have a Costco credit card which auto renews automatically. Any Hack for us guys ?

Liam K. Nuj

Maybe disable auto-renew, wait a few days, then call?


Will it work if you are signing up for the first time and set it to auto renew?


Said I wasn’t eligible, had to have gotten the flyer in the mail. I said go ahead and sign me up anyway. We’ll see if I get the cash card (presume Dan will post when his arrives!). If I don’t, then I may undo autorenew before my December renewal date. Thanks as always, Dan.

Stuart Falk

Can the cashcard be used when order from Costco online or does one have to go to a store?


After a few run arounds, no 5 minutes for me! I was told I needed the letter. No dice for me.

Judy Shulman

I was also told that you needed the letter


It’s targeted- they told me I had to have gotten the letter in the mail. I’ll HUCA but I doubt it…


HUCA- now they say you can only do it online. Sorry Dan no go…


Where online? And does it say online that you get the cash card?


No dice.


I didn’t get the letter, but the rep let me do it anyway…but they said it would get sent out 4-6 weeks from when the promotion ends, 6/30.

David R

I rep in the warehouse was offering a free case of water bottles a few months ago for enrolling in auto renew, so I took them up on it. If I un-enroll now, can I get this offer?


Will it work with amex or only visa?


visa only

Targeted Only

Same experience. Just called and was told you have to have received an offer for it to apply. Also, only online or in warehouse with letter. Not over the telephone.


Just spoke with rep. Asked if I got the flyer in mail because “only a select few” customers are eligible. So guess I’m not among the “select few.” Tried to get on list but was told only corporate headquarters can do that, not the call center.


I chatted with Costco through their website, and I was able to get the $20. Here is my chat.

Me: Hi, I heard that there is a promotion that if I enroll my Costco membership in Auto-Renew, then I can get a $20 Costco cash card. Can you please enroll me in Auto-renew so that I can get the $20 cash card.
Costco: Thank you for choosing Costco! Did you receive a letter of this offer?
Me: I didn’t receive a letter, but I appreciate if you could enroll me in the promotion.
Costco: We can certainly request for automatic renewal to be added to your account and a cash card to be sent out. Would you like this feature added to your Citi Visa?
Me: Yes, please, as long as I get the $20 cash card for enrolling in Auto-Renew.
Costco: That is correct you will receive the $20 cash card in 7-10 business days.
Me: Great. Yes, please enroll me.


30 seconds and done.

thanks Dan


I just called Costco and they said that only select members were chosen to get the $20 card and I had to have a letter to verify…


I got the letter and tried to set up the auto renew online. There was no success nor failure message. I chatted a rep and she said it was all set up. I didn’t ask about $20 cash cards. My account online still doesn’t show any evidence that I am successfully enrolled in auto renew. Maybe I’ll go wait in line at the membership desk of a physical store?


I am the same experience but it shows online that I’m enrolled for auto-pay can I cancel it now or I have to wait until I get the card


I had*