[Stack With Targeted $20 AMEX Offer!] Save $50 Off $150 On Costco Same Day Delivery!

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Update: Commenters below note that they received email confirmation of using their Instacart $20 off $75 AMEX Offer when using this service, meaning they received an effective $70 off $150!

Save $50 Off $150 On Costco Same Day Delivery!

Use code (Exp: 4/16): EASTER22

Limit one use per account.

Costco Same Day Delivery is fulfilled by Instacart for Costco members. Prices are marked up by by about 17% over in-store pricing, but if you have an Instacart Express membership, the markup drops to about 9%. You can link your Costco Same Day and Instacart Express accounts here to get that savings.

Either way, you’ll still come out ahead if you order $150 of items with this coupon.

HT: AsherO

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30 Comments On "[Stack With Targeted $20 AMEX Offer!] Save $50 Off $150 On Costco Same Day Delivery!"

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Is there any benefit of linking vs. just ordering directly on instacart?


can coupon be used more than once per account?




Does this work in Canada as well?


Items Subtotal: $162.36

Item Discounts: -$32.50

Sales Tax: $4.22

Credit/Discount Applied: -$50.00

Total: $84.09

You saved: $82.50
Dan: IDK how I saved all that $ 🙂 but this was pretty cool!

Thanks and chag sameach!


Keeps giving errors for me…


Promo showed up during order, however the receipt and cc charge is not reflecting the -$50. Spoke to I instacart they see no promo. Any suggestions on how to receive the $50 back?


Did your subtotal drop under $150 due to order adjustments resulting from out-of-stock items?

Joe Torre

The Same-Day site is temporarily down for maintenance.
Please check back soon. Thank you for your patience.

(is this what is known as “THE DANS DEALS EFFECT?”)


Costco and Instacart should’ve be prepared for this unless it was a mistake.


Looks like we broke their website…. Before, it was logging me into random people’s accounts, yikes!


Really? Screenshot it.


The Same-Day site is temporarily down for maintenance.

Please check back soon. Thank you for your patience.

DD affect!


Back up!


Thanks for posting. Thanks for the link to link our Instacart express membership with Costco. Even though I am logged into an Instacart account with Express it only shows me to purchase the membership at a $20 discount via the link. I actually called Instacart and Costco about this few days ago and none of them knew how to link it and even said you have to buy another express membership through Costco. Since you seem to know it better than the employees can you please clarify how to link the memberships. Thank you!


I can confirm it will stack with the amex instacart offer! (received email from amex) extra $20 off


They canceled my order

sarah lagnado

It says expired.


anyone know if I cancel the order and then use my amex card would the $50 promo code be reapplied?

Escape Artist

Wondering if this works with the Alaska gift card?

sarah lagnado

Worked! Order through this link, see above where it says the code to use, there is a link there.


Can you use an instacart gift card?


Used this with Cash App 30% off for another $30 max savings. Great deal.


My order did not go thru on my phone I finally used the computer and it went through
thanks as always Dan!!! Have a great Yom tov for all Klal Yisroel and peace to the world


Or/and a 30 percent cash app boost up to $30.