Costco Sales Ending Today…

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I was in Costco on Friday and there were tons of pretty sweet instant rebates, so I figured I’d share them in case anyone is up for a shopping trip today.  Unfortunately besides for the luggage these sales all end to early for the American Express NYC Mix-n-Match Promo.

These deals are in-store only.

-Cuisinart stainless hand blender with whisk and chopper attachments and measuring cup, normally $29.89, now $19.89 through 01/29.
Had to pick up a couple of these.

-FUL 30″ Duffel, normally $39.99, now $29.99 through 02/04.
This is an awesome suitcase, it holds a ton of stuff in your choice of one or two compartments, it’s durable, it fits into much smaller places (and more of them fit into a trunk) than traditional luggage, and of course its backed up by Costco’s lifetime return policy.

-Wahl 18 piece haircut set, normally $24.99, now $19.99 through 01/29.
-Oster blender with milkshake blade, normally $29.99, now $24.99 through 01/29.
-Magic Bullet 25 piece blending system, normally $44.99, now $34.99 through 01/29.
-Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer, normally $84.99, now $64.99 through 01/29.
-Cuisinart 4 slice bagel/bread toaster, normally $39.99, now $29.99 through 01/31.
-Coupons through 01/29 (you can pick up a coupon book from the greeter when you walk into Costco): $3 off Craisins, $3.75 off Kleenex, $2.50 off Tide, $1.50 off Vanity Fair napkins, $2.35 off Dixie plates, $1.75 off Bounce dryer sheets, $2 off Bounty paper towels, $2 off Charmin ultra soft toilet paper, $2 off Ziplocs, $4 off Vitamin water, etc, etc.

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Yes, they had some great coupons this time… Next time not as good 🙁


I put the Ful duffel in my “cart” but don’t see the instant rebate, it comes it at $47.99. Is there a rebate on the web site I have to hit? Thanks.


Re: the Ful duffel bag, we just took it on a 6-month trip, and it’s holding up okay given the fact that the bag went with us to the sahara, amazon jungle and many other tough terrains!


I am trying to find the Cuisinart Hand Blender that is 19.99 till today anyone find it in NY OR NJ


The item number is 562775. Call your local store to see how many thru have in stock. Also note that their computer system when you call to check inventory doesn’t know the correct price for items with instant rebates.


Thanks Dan.

The cuisines hand blender is great.


Thanks Dan but the info was helpful but not successful in any stock close to NY


Do you remmember the original price of the kleenex and how many come in teh pack?
I want to see if teh $2.75 is worth it


Oh well, they had a lot of them in CLE.
Definitely call before you go guys!

10 boxes of 260 count Kleenex: $17.69-$3.75=$13.94.
That’s $1.39 per 260 count box or 0.53 cpt (cents per tissue 😀 )


Another thing about those duffels:
I’ve found them to be perfectly sized for 50 lbs of luggage.