Buy A Costco Membership Online And Get 2 Months Free!

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No, they don’t have a lifetime membership on all electronics anymore, and you can shop here without a membership if you get a member to buy you a bunch of low-denomination Costco Cash Cards, but a membership still comes in handy for buying that cheap Costco gas…

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Non United

FYI- You do not need membership to buy their gas in New Jersey


And they don’t have gas at all Costco locations.

Costco’s electronics warranty of 90 days is still nothing to sneeze at.


so you cant return any elctronics to costco after 90 days? Nothing?


Do you say that they will let you shop there if you have Costco gift card? And you can spend more then on the gift card?



they will only let you pay with cash or debit for the extra on top of the gift card, (not your amex)

but they may sometimes let you get away with it…


@Non United:
Good to know…but is their gas still cheaper in NJ than their competition?

90 days is nothing to sneeze at, but Sams still has no limit.

I’ve never had a problem using my AMEX to pay the balance of my bill after exhausting a cash card.

loyal reader

How is the continental airlines alliance change going to affect anything?

g f

I used Costco gas in Monsey, NY without a card. payed the same price, and used an Amx for the FOP


I’ve never heard this! If someone has a costco gift card then he can go without a membership and not be charged the extra 15% that they charge “guest members”???


Costco Cash Card Linky

From the cash card link:
“You must be a Costco member to purchase or reload Costco Cash Cards. Members and non-members may use the cash cards to shop in the warehouse or online. Costco Cash balances may be used toward membership or merchandise.”


they use to allow one shopping trip per gift card and give u cashback for the remaining balance of the gift card (another way to gain miles…) they later changed not allowing gift cards, looks like they changed it again, how is it now if u buy less the amount of the gift card?


costco policy is non members may buy gas anywhere in the country so long as they use an amex.


If I use less than the GC it has to all be on the GC, if I use more than the GC then I have been allowed to use my AMEX.

Not true in Cleveland at the least…maybe just in NY/NJ?


Dan what happens with the bal. on the GC if i buy less the amount on the GC?


It remains on the GC.


that means it could be used more than once? is there a limit how much could be put on a GC?


You can put up to $1,000 on a GC and it definitely can be used until the funds are exhausted without expiration.

A member can order them online with free shipping.


so if you us a GC do you have to pay a non-member price




So do you have all the return policy benefits when you buy items on the cash card?