Ends Today: Make A Purchase With Chase Pay At Starbucks And Earn 300 Stars!

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Update: This offer ends today! In-store reloads have been working for the 300 stars!

Originally posted on 3/13:

Step 1: If you don’t have the Chase Pay app, download it here for iOS or here for Android.

Step 2: Login and you should see an offer on the home screen to earn 300 stars at Starbucks. Click on offer details. If you don’t see the offer, keep logging out and back into the app until you see the offer.

Step 3: Click “activate this offer” and follow the prompts to sign into your Starbucks account.

Step 4: Your Chase Pay account should now be linked to your Starbucks account. To verify, just click on “wallet” in the Chase Pay app and click on “Loyalty cards”. You should now see Starbucks there.

Step 5: Make any purchase at Starbucks and pay with the Chase Pay app and you’ll get 300 bonus stars within 5 days of your purchase. Just click pay and have the barista scan the QR code in the Chase Pay app for the payment.

It says that any purchase will qualify, so I’d imagine that loading funds onto your Starbucks Rewards card should work. But only time will tell if that does trigger the 300 stars. Buy any other item if you just want to play it safe.



  • You need 300 stars to earn Gold status.
  • After earning old status, you need 125 stars to get any size food or drink for free at Starbucks.
  • Offer expires 3/19.
  • Limit 1 bonus per person.

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Logged in and out a bunch of times don’t see anything.


Me too


Me too


I realized that it’s the “Chase Pay” app not the “Chase” app (2 different things)


Do you need chase CC to use chase pay?


Do you pay with a chase cc or your linked Starbucks card?


Thanks. Got the offer after logging in and out once.


T&c make any purchase at “participating Starbucks Store” probably wouldn’t work on reloads , on gc maybe yes…


Thanks. Just added $10 to my starbucks account using chase pay (in Israel, can’t get to a physical store). Let’s see if i get the 300 stars.


what will the stars help you in Israel then?


Travel often to the USA, and the free refills, etc. – are useful.


300 stars will only get you a drink if you are already a gold member. If not it will make you gold.


Does Chase Pay work with Southwest’s RR Crrdit Card?


I don’t see the offer when I sign in to Chase Pay and I have signed out and back in 🙁 I have already gotten 300 bonus stars through using Chase Pay to reload my Starbucks card with a different offer, I wonder if that is why I don’t see the offer now? Any other ideas? Is it only for new Chase Pay/Starbucks linked accounts?


How long does the points take to post? I used it an hour ago and still do not see anything.

Dan R

Bear in mind the golden rule. It’s all about the points, so don’t waste Starbucks loyalty points potential by using chase pay. Buy the cheapest thing you can while using the chase pay app on order to get the 300 point. I just bought a $1.95 fruit bar for my toddler. Let’s hope his treat gets me 2 freebies


Yep. I bought a giftcard. And I will use that giftcard in the future to buy stuff that will earn stars.


1st attempt and the store couldn’t take the Chase app. Does anyone know how long you have to make the purchase?


Went to a second Starbucks and it worked! Waiting for the stars.


Thanks for the update. I tried yesterday and it didn’t work. I’ll try another store today.


Tried a second store. Didn’t work there either.


At the Starbucks register they tried scanning the chase pay app but it didn’t work. Anyone have any idea how to use this?


Try turning up your brightness and hold the phone in the upright position relative to the scanner

Couldn’t scan

Anyone successfully pay with chase pay at a Starbucks store? How did they scan? Was not able to scan by me.

Coffee addict

I used chase pay at my local Starbucks…now just waiting for the 300 stars to post


The barista also told me they don’t take chase.
But I got him to scan it and to his surprise it worked.

Starbucks fan

For in-store purchase, like a banana $1.25, Potato Chip, Regular & BBQ (OU Kosher) $1.75

Ask casher to hit Chase Pay as payment method on their screen, and open chase pay app barcode, show barcode to scanner (may need twice, and may take 2 seconds to pop up on chase app successful)

Wait a few days for the bonus 300 points to show up in your Starbucks account.


When my Chase Pay app scan didn’t go through this morning I called Chase CSR. The rep explained that as I have a combined business and checking account, Chase Pay app will not work! I would need to separate them. Hope this helps some..

Farley Lai

Anyone succeeded to get refilled with Chase Pay?

Dan R

I just got my 300 stars posted for my $2 purchase. Points hit today, the purchase was last Wednesday.


Anyone got there stars yet? I purchased a reload on my card didn’t receive anything yet.


I got my 300 stars showing in “activity”, but those stars aren’t reflected in the “Starbucks Rewards”. It still says I need ~100 stars for my first reward. Basically, I got Gold status but no free food.


I got this as well under one of my accounts. Not sure why. It’s an account I’ve had free drinks on.
Anyone have any info on this?


I had to call in. Took a minute and the rep fixed this on the account.


After successfully Linking my account, I did an in store purchase for a coffee on 3/14, and it went through fine.
But I still don’t see the stars, and not even in activity


I refilled my card via the app using chase pay on 3/14. 300 stars showed up in my account today


I use Chase credit card/chase pay and am a frequent Starbucks customer, and I am very disappointed in these 2 organizations because I think this is a scam by Chase and Starbucks. They are purposely misleading in this promo. I contacted Starbucks and they said this offer is only good in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. But no where does it state that any where in the promo or that you need to be a gold star member. And when I clicked on the link for participating starbucks stores, the stores around me came up. Apparently there are many others who had similar experiences according to online comments. They need to be shamed on twitter.