Load Your Dunkin Donuts Card With $10 Via MasterPass Checkout And Get A $10 Bonus

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If you load your Dunkin’ Donuts card online or via the app for Android or iOS with $10 using MasterPass Checkout you’ll get a $10 bonus.

You can use any credit card with MasterPass Checkout.

Limit once per account. Offer expires 12/30.

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Just did the master password spend ten get 5 promo can I do this one too?


Yes, I used the masterpass 5 for 10 a few weeks ago, and used the $10 for $10 today. It was instant – loaded $10 and balance went up by $20 right away.


Only Visa Checkout option showing in my account on app. How do u add Masterpass?


Use the website


Thanks, only worked w/ Chrome, not Firefox

Jonathan Ezor

Thank you as always!


It worked..thank you!


was only able to sign up to masterpass with a credit card on computer not on the app


Succeeded in re-loading $10 using Masterpass already added to my Dunkin Donuts app on iPhone, and bonus $10 posted simultaneously. (Probably added Masterpass as a payment method for past promotion.)


Any Promo codes for signing up


Used the app successfully to get promo. Motorola Android phone,and never used masterpass before.
Thanks for sharing as usual.


worked great in just 2 minutes


Limit once per account: Is that once per DD account? Or also once per MasterPass account. In other words – if I load my card with $10 from my MasterPass and then try to load my wife’s DD account with the same MasterPass account, will I get the $10 promo on both?


is there a special way to do it. Used a masterpass card and added 10 dollars and it just added 10 dollars?


they made me use a CapitalOne card only. Did that happen to anyone else? Is Master-pass only compatible with CapitalOne?

Got the bonus right away.

David R

You have a choice of wallets to use within MasterPass. CapitalOne is one of them. You should be able to switch to another.

Judy Jones

I have the same problem, It keeps sending me to Capital one Masterpass and my Cap 1 cards are Visa’s and it keeps saying I have no eligible card and no way to change it on the Dunkin site away from the Cap one Masterpass!!

Judy Jones

I finally went into the app on my ipad instead of my macbook and was able to change the Masterpass account on DD there. Strange, but it did work and it did add the extra $10 right away.