Last Chance! Keurig Class Action Lawsuit, Claim $5-$36 On “Recyclable Single Use K-Cups” Purchased Between 2016-2022

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Update: Today is the last day to join this class action.

Originally posted: 8/10/22.

Keurig Class Action Lawsuit, Claim $5-$36 On “Recyclable K-Cups” Purchased Between 2016-2022

Keurig is being sued in a class action lawsuit for labeling their K-Cup single serving coffee pods as recyclable while they were generally not. If you purchased one of these between June 8, 2016, through August 8, 2022 you are eligible for this class action.

You do not need to submit proof of purchase if you are submitting a claim for Challenged Products. However, you will receive a minimum of $6 and may be eligable to receive up to $36 if you have proof of purchase, such as receipts, email order or shipping confirmations.

Cash Payments:

  • No Proof of Purchase – $5 per Household
    • If you elect to receive the Cash Payment and do not have any proof of purchase, such as a receipt, you may be eligible to receive $5 per Household.
  • With Proof of Purchase – $36 Maximum Payment
    • If you elect to receive the Cash Payment and have proof of purchase, you are eligible to receive $3.50 per 100 pods purchased. The maximum Cash Payment is $36 per Household and the minimum total payment is $6 if you have proof of purchase for your purchases.

You must file your claim, so that it is postmarked or submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on January 9, 2023.

Submit your claim here.

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is this for any brand K-Cups?


Keep getting error message after submitting


I wish I could decline to claim my payment as some form of protest to this green garbage none-sense. Alas, if I don’t take it nobody’ll know. So I guess I’ll take what they offer.


Does Kirkland pacific Bold count as they are made by Keurig ?


7. “Challenged Products” shall mean any and all single serve coffee pods designed for use in Keurig® single serve coffee makers or brewing systems that are (a) labeled as recyclable; (b) sold in the United States; and (c) produced, sold, or distributed by Defendant or its Affiliates or produced by Defendant or its Affiliates for third parties, a non-exhaustive list of which is provided in Exhibit I.
See page 86 for Exhibit I:


What brands of K-Cup are included? Only Keuring? I thought SF Bay was part of Keurig…

David R

See CGR’s comment. The list there is non-exhaustive, so even though SF Bay doesn’t appear, it could be included anyway.


Actually sf bay is not regular k cups it’s k pods which are probably indeed self Compostable, to which I doubt is under the lawsuit


@Dan might be a good idea to add to the post the brands listed in page 86 of the Stipulation so that it’s clear that it applies to many brands. They also give some tips on how to download purchase history for some retailers so that you don’t have to sift through thousands of orders (

reb yid

Site states they will reimburse $3.50 per 100 pods, meaning need to download receipts for 1029 pods to claim the maximum.


So, if you buy the 100 pack from Costco (who now conveniently has your in-warehouse receipts posted online..) it could be MAX 10 receipts…. Not terrible

David R

Thanks for pointing that Costco now has warehouse receipts online. I never noticed. It would be great if they went back indefinitely and not just a couple of years.


Only the lawyers are making money.

sue everybody for everything

feels dirty to participate in these.


Sue the lawyers for the paper trail waste


eligible, not eligable 🙁


Whenever I try to submit I get “An unexpected error has occurred
Please make sure you have filled out the form correctly and try resubmitting your request.”

I tried twice and I’m not wasting my time again uploading the invoices etc.


Not allowing me to choose a form of payment


I just received a check for $0.49 for the Apple I-Cloud class action settlement. Very excited that this is up to 10X as much (sarcasm intended).