Hacking A Free Starbucks Espresso For Just 50 Stars!

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I wrote last month about the most recent Starbucks Rewards devaluation, with espresso drinks doing up to 150 stars. However on the plus side, they lowered the cost of a hot coffee to 50 stars.

DDF member shaulyaakov figured out a fun hack though a few weeks ago. I’ve held back on sharing it, but this is now making the rounds on other sites so it’s not likely to last too long.

You can order a Caffe Misto hot coffee for just 50 stars. However you can add espresso shots, soy milk, and flavors without being charged anything extra!

This means Venti Caffe Misto with 5 espresso shots, 4 pumps of vanilla syrup, and soy milk will be just 50 stars instead of the 150 stars that an Espresso beverage would cost or the $9.05 paid cost.

It’s worth noting that the Star-K considers hot coffee from Starbucks to be acceptable only when you are traveling, while the regular espresso drinks are considered acceptable even when you are not traveling. YLORMV (Your Local Orthodox Rabbi may vary).

DDF member Redbull3, (also known at the talented @DonZemmer on Twitter) posted in jest on DDF that, I’ll have a misto with 4 shots over ice in a venti cup, and you know what, hold the coffee 😀 “

Share your experience in the comments if you try that one or if you fine any other good uses of Starbucks Stars.

You can purchase Starbucks gift cards purchased at an office supply store with a Chase Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar!

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Shaul Yaakov

Thanks for protecting the secret for as long as possible. Hope others can get in before it dies. This should also work for a regular hot coffee with as many shots as you want, but Mistos have steamed milk as well.


How good does it taste with more than one shot espresso


ah true yidishe kup


It’s sad that you have to post something like this for us to save $9 on a cup of coffee. 7/11 has coffee for 99 cents if u bring ur own mug which I bought from Costco 2 for $12


If you are regularly ordering 5 shots of espresso you have a bigger problem that overpaying $8 for coffee…


good for you

Coffee addict

Thanks for the hack! As someone who has 900 stars saved up, I really appreciate that ;)!!
I’ve been getting venti coffee (50 stars) and a venti cup with ice and dividing the coffee into both cups…but this is way better!!

Not mmgfarrb

Another secret coffee hack For free drinks is the legendary “starbucks method” where you ask for two cups of coffee take one and throw the other in the barista face and then run out


Excuse me?

Also mmgfarb

Ye, excuse us?


Excuse they.


Good luck with your 5 espresso shots. You’ll be climbing the walls.


Never knew about that kosher traveling exemption. I guess that explains why my colleague was willing to eat at a vegan place without a kashrut certification while in the middle of Texas.

Zrico Alhaesh

DO NOT take this halachic lenience of allowing to drink brewed coffee from Starbucks while traveling out of context.

I believe it’s just that when you are in your own town, there should not be a reason you would drink a coffee from a non-kosher place that may have halachic questions involved in the cleaning of the equipment, etc.

Espressos are part of a one process machine made just for Espressos, it self cleans itself – which then makes this choice of drink pose much less halachic issues than brewed coffee.

Eating out of your town doesn’t mean you can eat at a vegetarian restaurant. That just sounds ridiculous. All vegetables must be checked for insects, something that only can be done by a mashgiach.
I’m not sure if the Vegetarian restaurant in Mid-Texas has such a concept.


My local rabbi said that Some Local Rabbis would allow many things and one must accept their advice and follow every time, in order to take advantage of the times they are being lenient
But hey, your local rabbi may say otherwise.


I have been doing this for a while, and could not figure out why so many people whined about drinks costing more.


Real quick is will a caffe misto taste good with multiple shots


Stop taking stimulants!


Do onto others… since Walgreens was handing out $4 coupons valid for any purchase the other day if you bought anything, even a pack of gum. I pleaded with a friend not to post about it or go, both of which she did. Not cool to exploit mistakes, you wouldn’t like it if you were working your butt off trying to run a business to feed your family. But it’s all about everyone being only for themselves now, I get it.


It’s not a mistake. It still works 3 months later


I just want to mention that I happened to order a misto with soy this morning at an actual store and you have to pay 80 cents for the soy milk.
Also a misto with soy is 3.75 and a cafe latte with soy is over 7 bucks so use this hack to your advantage.


Just had a 4-shot Misto with 3 pumps toffee nut and half and half. Holy crap — I’m going to be up all night. My new favorite drink as long as 50 point redemptions last.

Yosef Robbins

amazing !


I know this website is not a halacha paskening service, but does anyone know if you can have steamed soymilk if you keep cholov yisroel? isn’t the steam wand inserted into cholov stam milk?
seems like the mistro has steamed milk…


Still working

Too much caffeine

Now if only there was a Decaf option


They recently updated the app and your limited to a total of 12 add-ins of any type (Shots, etc) per Venti drink.


Just wanted to update that this worked for me today
Gotta maximize those soon-expiring stars! Thanks!!