B&H Will Start Collecting Sales Tax For NJ Deliveries Starting Tomorrow

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Not long ago Amazon didn’t collect sales tax for deliveries outside of Washington state. Now they collect it in most states, though if you buy from 3rd party sellers on Amazon you can avoid paying it.

Currently B&H only collects sales tax for orders delivered to NY. However they are opening a warehouse in NJ and will be collecting sales tax on orders delivered to NJ starting tomorrow.

If you live in NJ and are on the fence about purchasing a big ticket item, now is your last chance to order without paying sales tax.

Technically, most states ask that you self-report items that you didn’t pay sales tax on.

Don’t forget that if you have a Visa business card, like a Chase Ink card, you can enroll in Visa Savings Edge for an additional 5% automatic cash rebate at B&H.

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Thanks so much Dan! I love B&H and live in NJ and actually have a few grand in my cart! U da man and B&H is the best!


Will they drop NY tax since they moved their warehouse to NJ?


dan if i preorder something that is only shipping in 30 days will i pay tax

Morris Hersko


As long as no changes are made to the order, orders placed before 2/1 will not be charged sales tax, regardless of when they ship.

Morris Hersko
Customer Advocacy
B&H Photo


How can you avoid paying it? Doesn’t everyone claim unpaid sales tax when you file your taxes each year? I understand how you can delay paying it, but avoid it all together?!?


@GTR,you are a very honest person. I highly doubt most people go through the hassle or expense of doing so. Not even sure if the IRS would figure out if you got audited. Do they really look at every Internet purchase you make? Doubt it. But it is commendable that you do.

B&H employee

@thenewguy: if you place a order before the 1st you will not be charged sales tax even it ships at a later date.


Get a Connecticut drop box.


@GTR Just for the record, New York only requires you pay a use tax on internet purchases of over $1000 for a single item. If you made any smaller purchases you pay a flat amount based on your income regardless of how much you buy. So even for those who are honest you still end up ahead of the game by avoiding sales tax online for items under $1000. (I don’t know if its the same in NJ but don’t assume that ppl who try to avoid paying sales tax online are lying on their tax returns)


Probably not since the have a store in NY


Shame, I live in NY but work in NJ and have always had my B&H orders sent there. Hope the NJ tax at least stays less than NY.



NJ Sales Tax is 6.875%, so it is 2% lower than NYC.

Henry Posner

We cannot drop NY sales tax. Our retail store and offices are in NY. — Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video