Custom Made Suits For Just $274 Shipped After Stackable $500 Off And $25 Off Codes From Indochino!

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Update: This sale ends tonight!

Custom Made Suits For Just $274 Shipped After Stackable $500 Off And $30 Off Codes From Indochino!

  • Use code (Exp: 10/29): SUITSALE
  • Click on Subscribe on the top of the Indochino site and you’ll immediately get a $25 coupon which will stack and bring the price of a suit down to $274 shipped!

Sample $274 suits after $500+$25 off codes:

You can choose to be fitted in one of their showrooms or you can send in your own measurements as is explained how to do.

If the suit does not fit once you receive it you can have it altered in a showroom, or you can be reimbursed for up to $75 from a local tailor of your choice to fix it, or Indochino will pay for return shipping and will fix it and ship it back to you once it’s fixed.

Post what suit you will buy!

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34 Comments On "Custom Made Suits For Just $274 Shipped After Stackable $500 Off And $25 Off Codes From Indochino!"

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have to checkout with paypal to get deal?


no. it works without paypal checkout


Are these good quality suites?


Just a heads up- what they DON’T tell you is if you’re very big and/or very tall they do NOT make suits for you. I had to learn the hard way.


How Tall?

robin c

My husband is 6′ 5″ and weighs 200. Suit fits better than any other suit we’ve bought (and altered)


Seems like PayPal isn’t working on some sale suits

joseph alfih

im very happy with my suit im buying anothe one.
ps paypal coupon isnt working even with paypal checkout


i just chatted with the sales associate and she applied the $30 paypal coupon as a refund

Elizabeth, Customer Experience Guide
I can certainly take care of that now for you and submit the refund for you. You’ll see that $30 reflected on your PayPal account in the next 5-7 business days.


I just ordered with the Paypal code and it worked fine even though I did not check out with paypal


What’s the deal with shatnez in these suits?


Just had the suit that I purchased last month tested tonight — BH no issues.





Tuli G.

How do I apply the $30.00 off coupon. Doesn’t seem to work. Please advise. Thank you.


Not sure why people seem to keep having trouble with this. The coupons still work (I just tried again) but are limited to use on the suits in the above link.


Just tried for Hayward Flannel Charcoal and Paypal coupon didn’t work. Any suggestions?


Just tried with the suits in the link to no avail. Can’t get the extra 30 off, seems limited to one coupon per suit.


Can I buy now and measure later?

Your experience

Does anybody know if 3-5 weeks is an overestimate of time that it takes for the suit to be ready? I would need my uit ready in less than 3 weeks. What are your experiences? Thanks!


A suit I ordered recently arrived in 20 days, despite seemingly disappearing in Cincinnati according to the tracking.


Was just told by customer service chat that Paypal coupon is inactive


I ordered my suit Friday afternoon and already received email that the order shipped via dhl. It’s possible I’ll get it this week depending on the service they paid for. It is being shipped from China.


I had the same thing where I got an email that it shipped within a day of ordering. Of course it did not really ship though. It is only showing “shipping information received” a couple days later. For some reason, hey are likely just printing the shipping label at the time of the order but the actual order will still likely take the regular few weeks


Do they have shatnez?