The Complete Calvin And Hobbes Hardcover Box Set For $60.38 Shipped From Amazon


Update: DEAD!


The Complete Calvin And Hobbes Hardcover Box Set For $60.38 Shipped From Amazon

The best comic strip ever written, what more do I need to say? Oh yes, reclusive Bill Watterson is a Clevelander as well 😉 I still dream that he’ll announce that he’s un-retiring, alas that seems about as likely as Calvin getting along with his babysitter.

This beautiful 3 volume hardcover edition in a slipcase normally sells for over $100 on Amazon and hasn’t been this cheap since Black Friday 2012.

Despite it saying “temporarily out of stock” you can still order the set at this price and it will ship when it’s back in stock.

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Its out of stock on amazon


You don’t say 😯


Best comic strip EVER!


@Dan why do you feed the trolls?


“I cannot answer that question as it may compromise our agents in the field” (Calvin’s answer to a question on his test paper)

What’s your favorite line?


SO excited to get this!
Thanks Dan!!

Favorite quote? There are too many! Here’s one:
“I couldn’t complete the homework because my dad forgot to pay the gravity bill.”


@JayR: out of stock in Walmart too


Was the bold print not bold enough for you?


“The best comic strip ever written, what more do I need to say”
Dan – Somehow I have gained even more respect for you than I had a minute ago. I see now you have an understanding of the simple and beautiful things in life. Even the post made me smile.


“The greatest proof that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”


Way too many favorites.
But I’m petty sure the beanie propeller storyline came from my childhood.

And the PIT comic about where you go in the afterlife is a classic CLE-PIT rivalry jab.

Bill lives about 3 miles from my house. I’d stalk him out if that kind of thing wasn’t frowned upon 😉

What could be better than kicking back and enjoying some C&H?



@Dan: I wonder how many packs a day Ms. Wormwood is up to?!


alert me when a far side set goes on sale….


(not the exact text but something like this)- one of my favorites:
calvin: “Dad, how come old pictures are black and white?” Dad: The world used to be black and white.” Calvin: “So how come old paintings are color?” Dad: They changed color with the world when the world changed to color in 1940.” Clavin: “So how come the pictures didn’t change to color too?” Dad: “Because they are pictures of a black and white world!” Calvin:”My dad is a genius :)”


Fans should take a look at “Exploring Calvin & Hobbes,” the catalog which accompanied an exhibit of his work. It has both a selection of his cartoons and a very interesting interview with Watterson.

@any1 interested

walmart sale is actually cheaper, if u can find it in stock in a store


I find that the paperback ones are easier to read, I bought them separately used in great condition from Amazon for about $20 total. Search for a list of the titles in the collection. I think it’s 5 titles in all.


Since the entire Calvin and Hobbes series was syndicated, you can download the entire collection (it comes dated with the date that it appeared in newspapers) for free online. I don’t remember the link, but I got it a while back.

Mitch Cumstein

I have an original Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes for sale in paperback. This was a limited release geared towards 4th and 5th graders. Each of the five units has a different C&E strip.


[Calvin’s dad passes a row of throwing up snowmen on his way into the house.]

“Eggplant Casserole tonight honey?”

“Why yes, how did you know?”

In other news, I’ve never before been this tempted to spend 60 bucks on something I totally don’t need.


It’s listed at $103!


Still available for $59.99 in paperback

d frank

available for $63.64 at the following link, but its not 100% clear if hardcover…..(i believe it is)

it is also available for $80 on the following link (for sure hard cover)


@d frank:
First link clearly says “Paperback” which is cheaper on Amazon.

d frank

thanks Dan!
i see it now….
weird, as one of the comments say its hard cover???

Lori B

@Mitch Cumstein: You have Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes for sale?