Targeted: Use 1 Chase Ultimate Rewards Point And Get $10 Off Anything Sold By Amazon!


You can link your Chase Ultimate Rewards card to your Amazon account by clicking here.

On one of my Amazon accounts I was able to get $10 off anything sold by Amazon.   An $11.97 Monopoly game would become $1.97 after $10 off.

On one of my accounts I was only able to get $10 off gift card purchases purchases like Nordstrom, Southwest, and Starbucks.

You can also try chatting with Amazon to get the promotion added to your account.

At checkout select the Ultimate Rewards card that you linked, click on “choose a different amount,” and enter 0.01 as shown below:













On the next page enter the following promo code for $10 off $10 (Exp: 06/30): SWP15CH10


Of course you can use more that just 1 point if you want to, but the value is just criminal. You’ll do way better using them for travel or selling them on the grey market.









Did this promo work for you for gift cards, anything sold by Amazon, or nothing at all? Were you successful after chatting with Amazon?  What did you buy with $10 off?  Hit the comments!

HT: Miracle, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Deal Amd Scams

We all know the real reason why he posted this… to show his amount of points 🙂


I believe you mean $10 off $10 (not 20/20).


Dan I don’t see were they took off $20 is it either or?


@Deal Amd Scams:
Nah, then I’d show you my current United balance 😉


It’s $10 off $10.


Tried to chat and the lady told me that the promotion is coming from Chase so I would have to contact them.


Tried with chatting with Amazon no dice. I even sent a link to this page but they said they have to find the promo on their website to add it to my account.


It is not working on the purchase I tried it on (microsd card sold by samsung fulfillled by amazon with prime)


Try a gift card?


is there any way i can check if i have the offer without actually beginning checkout process?


Discount on gift cards did not work on either of my 2 accounts.


The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase


Where can I see what offer I have?


Bought a $25 whole foods gift card. Uploaded my ultimate rewards chase freedom card chose 1 point then input promo code on final page using my phone. Very easy $10! Thanks Dan! I will try my other accounts to see if it’s universal.


Show off!


It says you can link a freedom CC ( thats not UR) correct?
Can i run this deal with multiple cards ?

didnt work

i followed the steps but its telling me the promo cant be applied


I chatted and they applied it to my account. I used it for an Amazon $10 eGC. Thanks!



The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.



tried to use it to buy a shirt did not work
also tried for Gift Cards did not work 🙁


Thanks Dan!
I chatted them and they said I should order an item sold by Amazon and they will refund my account $10. 🙂


i place an order, chatted and had it applied to my order. thanks!


I emailed them and they replied that they are sorry to hear my dilemma and will post a $10- credit to my account, take it anyway you can get it!!


not working for me as well i tried to buy and amazon fire tv stick
i applied 0.01 from my reward but the promo code not working
any idea


Chatted and rep applied $10 credit to my account, he did ask which type of chase card i used (freedom, sapphire, etc..).


Dan, may I ask how long it took you to rack up those points?


01:32 PM PDT Afzal(Amazon): Hello, my name is Afzal. I’m here to help you today.
01:33 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: Hi
i tried to apply a promo code: SWP15CH10 to an order but it didn’t work
01:33 PM PDT Afzal: Adi, have you placed the order?
01:34 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: yep
01:34 PM PDT Afzal: Can you confirm the order number please?
01:34 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: fire tv stick
01:35 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: ORDER #
01:35 PM PDT Afzal: Adi, the promo code is for $10.00 or 10%?
01:35 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: $10.00
for INK chase cards
01:35 PM PDT Afzal: Okay Adi, I will go ahead and apply the $10.00 in your order.
01:36 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: thanks 🙂
01:36 PM PDT Afzal: You’re welcome
I have applied the $10.00 promo code in your order.\
01:36 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: Thank you
01:36 PM PDT Afzal: You’re welcome, Adi.
01:36 PM PDT Adi Ashkenazi: bye
01:37 PM PDT Afzal: Bye


@bb: 1 billing cycle


We’d love to see a screenshot of your united miles and MR points.


LOL…On the GREY market, that’s awesome.



Aren’t you only allowed to have 1 Amazon account? Is there a link to the offer that shows the expiration date?


I got a book for 1 point. so cool!


is this a one time offer?


@Bikeguy: Quit being a hater.

i just got the 10 dollars off


Thanks. Wasn’t targeted, chatted, and they applied a $10 promotional credit to account.


How do I chat?


Lyka: The reason why it is not applying is because the Promotion will applied on the items sold and fulfilled by Amazon.
Your order is being sold and fulfilled by a third party seller on our website.

Me: oh ok so I can cancel that order and use the code for a FBA order? and the code should work?

Lyka: The item must be sold by Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon as well./


can I get a 10 dollar Amazon gift card?


@shai: I attempted to use the code for an Amazon-sold & fulfilled” item but it still didn’t work?


@Yitz: yeah same here. I just gave up – $10 isn’t worth >30 min.


I tried this on a few different items sold & fulfilled by Amazon. But, unfortunately, I got a message that it was not good……


didnt have the promo. started a chat asking for the promo to be added to my account but in middle got busy so they disconnected. a few minutes later got an email with the promotion


No dice 🙁

Me: Hi i tried to apply the promotional code SWP15CH10 to an order and it diddnt work
Mark: Hi. Thanks for contacting Amazon
My name is Mark.
I hope you are doing great today!
I’ll help you with that. Let me check.
May I know, how did you get or how did you know about that promotional code?
Me: A friend told me about it
Mark: Oh ok.
I am sorry. This promotion was issued by Chase Bank only for targeted customers.
Not all the accounts are eligible for this promotion.
To find out if you are eligible , please log in to your Amazon account and you will see a pop up notifying about the promotion. If your account is not eligible, then the pop up will not display
Me: I see. So there is no way that I can become eligible if i wasn’t pre-selected?
Mark: Unfortunately no. The bank set up that promotion in such a way that it can not be applied manually.
The good news is that if you were not preselected this month, the promotion will be released in the next months. It is just that we can not cover all the customers at the same time
Me: Ok great thanks for your help
Mark: You are welcome. It’s been a pleasure to assist you!
…whenever you are ready , just click “End Chat” to close this window


The first try I started a chat with Amazon and they said I would need to contact Chase. On the second try I emailed Amazon to say the code wasn’t working and could they please add the promotional credit to my account – that worked! Thanks everyone for the tips 🙂

Dovid A

1)completed the order with the promo not accepted (invalid).
2)went to help>chat
3)Gave the order number and promo code, explained that the
promo should have been applied because it was valid.
4)verified myself as owner of the account
5)received adjustment to order just placed
6)logged off in under 5 minutes
7)got the second to last pair of shoes!


@Alex: I also got Mark by my first try, he wasn’t helpful. I later tried again, chatted with Angie and she said that there had been an issue with that promo code but she’ll just adjust my account if I give her my order number.


is there a way to search fba items


It worked on two accounts after a chat with them. On my third account I got Mark, he only wanted to offer $5 after going back and forth for 20 minutes.

Not Important at All

@Deal Amd Scams: @Deal Amd Scams: good to see the first post exposing true colors!



I’m so sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. I understand that you’re concerned about the “Chase Ultimate Rewards Points” promotion.

However, I’ve checked the details of your account and I’m afraid that you’re not eligible to receive this promotion.

Please note that, this is a promotion is limited to only targeted customers. Hence, only individuals receiving this exclusive offer directly from Amazon are eligible.

This Promotion at our website was offered by invitation only to a limited group of customers, and is valid only for the e-mail addresses to which it was sent. We regret that we cannot extend this offer to other customers.

I realize this experience hasn’t been as positive as you’d hoped, but I hope you’ll give us another chance in the future.

In the meantime, you may wish to visit other areas of our website for great deals every day:

— Our Outlet store offers special bargains on a wide variety of products:

— Today’s Deals gives you the latest sales, rebates, and limited-time offers:

However, our marketing team regularly introduces new promotions on our website. Hence, I’d request you to keep looking for those promotions and get benefit through them.

We value all of our customers highly, and appreciate your loyalty. I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of one of our future promotions.

We hope to see you soon.

Best regards,


First when I chatted they told me to place the order and they will refund me the $10. But this morning they charged my card the full amount


Tried to buy a gift card. Got “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”


This is a tricky one. You cannot simply link a UR card, you have to do it using DD’s link at the beginning of her post.

I got it work for me, purchasing a Whole Foods eCard. This promo will subsidize the cost of a WF scarf I’ve been wanting. Thanks, DD!


Me: Hi
Glenn: Hello, my name is Glenn. I’m here to help you today.
Me: I’m trying to place an order and add the following promo code SWP15CH10 but it doesn’t work
Glenn: I am sorry to know that you have a promotion issue at hand.
I will be glad to research this and have you assisted in the concern.
Have you received this offer and promo code to your email personally?
Me: No
Glenn: I have asked as this is for targeted customers who received the email our promo team were offering.
In this case, may I ask instead if you saw the offer somewhere on Amazon site?
Me: I know that my friend didn’t receive this offer personally and it did work for him. Can you please try to add it to my cart?
Glenn: Actually part of the terms and condition for the promo to apply is for you to receive the email offer.
However to help you further.
Since this is for a promotional offer.
I will ask the promo team to check for any exception we can offer and get back to you via email in the next business day or two.
Me: Ok please. Thank you!
Glenn: You are welcome. Kindly stay connected to have this escalated to them and get back to you for assistance.
Me: ok thanks’
Glenn: Thanks for waiting. The form was submitted successfully. Rest assured that the promo team will reach you back in the next business day or two for any updates and exceptions.
Me: Ok. Thank you!
Glenn: Thanks for contacting Amazon. Have a great rest of the day. Please click the end chat button if that is all I can do to help you for today.
Me: ok thanks


You are now connected to Danyielle from
Me: I am trying to place an order using a promotion code that I believe to be good and it does not seem to be working
Danyielle: Hello, my name is Danyielle. I’m here to help you today.
Iam very sorry your promotional code isn’t working. May I have the name on your account as well as the email address so as to look into this please?
Me: Hi the promotion code is SWP15CH10. It is supposed to be giving me a $10 discount
my name is Leonard Oppenheimer
Danyielle: Thank you. I am checking into it now.
I am seeing the code is working in the system.
I see the issue here.
The item in your cart is not sold directly by Amazon. The promotional $10 applies to items shipped and sold directly by Amazon and not other sellers.
Me: so even thought it is a “prime” item it is not eligible..that’s too bad
Danyielle: Yes, some Prime items are sold by other sellers but only shipped by Amazon. You can identify them on the item page.. The ones that we sell directly will say “sold and shipped by Amazon”
Me: OK..thank you…how long is this promotion valid?
and is it on each item, or one per order?
Danyielle: It lasts until July 1st
You get $10 overall. So it will apply to one order or if your item is less than $10, the remainder of the promotional credit will go to another item
Me: OK..thanks!


Didn’t work so I chatted with them and they gave me $10

Your Account
Message From Customer Service

I’ve issued a $10.00 promotional certificate to your account, which will automatically apply the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by The promotional certificate doesn’t apply to items offered by other sellers on the website and won’t cover the purchase of gift cards, sales tax, gift wrap, or additional shipping costs.

Your promotional balance doesn’t appear in Your Account, but will always display at checkout when you place an order through the Shopping Cart for an eligible item shipped and sold by Amazon.

If you place a 1-Click order for eligible Kindle books or other digital products sold by Amazon Digital Services, the promotional funds will apply to your order automatically before another payment method is charged.

For more information about promotional codes, including the terms and conditions of use and what happens when you return an order paid for with a promotional code, go to:

Best regards,
Yanique A
Did I solve your problem?
Yes No
Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

Thank you.


Didn’t work for me.

Cute Sheep

I got a $10 promotional credit after chatting like many others how long do I have to use this offer?

Joe B

@Deal Amd Scams: I guess you want also to get more points but can’t. Try harder


Seems like you have to use UR card with points for rest of purchase.


@ Dan
thanks dan! just got a free $10 amazon gift card after about 3 minutes on chat!


Is it per Amazon account or per cc?


Worked perfect for me! Thank you so much!


@max: Update
I used the code today, and it worked;) go figure


This promotion is targeted to certain customers. So, basically, if you did not receive any e-mail telling you, you are eligible for it. then you are not


Where do I read up abt the gray market !?