Targeted: Use 1 AMEX Membership Rewards Point And Get $30 Off $60 From Amazon! Save 50% Off Uber, Starbucks, Nordstrom, And Many More Gift Cards!

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DansDeals will receive compensation if you are approved for a credit card via a link in this post. Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers, visit to learn more.

Update: This promotion has been extended through 12/31/19 and more accounts have been targeted!

If you clip the “Click here to activate” coupon via this link it will tell you if you are targeted to save another $30 off $60 at Amazon when you redeem 1 AMEX Membership Rewards Point.

If you aren’t targeted you can try linking your American Express Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account and then check back after a few days.

You can link the same AMEX card to multiple Amazon accounts for each account to get targeted for this promotion!

This offer is targeted to select users. If it doesn’t work for you then you can try calling Amazon (888-280-4331) or chatting with Amazon and see if you can get it manually applied to your account…YMMV!

This is a limited time offer: The promotion will end at 11:59 PT on 12/31/2019. reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.

This will only work with AMEX cards that earn Membership Rewards points, including:

  • AMEX Blue Business Plus
  • AMEX Platinum Business
    • $595 annual fee, earn 1.5 points per dollar on eligible $5K+ transactions, $200 in annual airline fee credits, $200 in annual Dell credits, 1 year WeWork Global Office Space, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, 35% points rebate on paid airfare redemptions, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access.
    • For rates and fees of the AMEX Platinum Business Card, please visit here.
  • AMEX Gold Business Card
  • AMEX Gold Consumer Card
    • $250 annual fee, 40K points welcome bonus, $100 in annual airline fee credits, earn up to 4 points per dollar.
  • AMEX Platinum Consumer Card
    • $550 annual fee, up to 60K points welcome bonus, earn 5 points per dollar on airfare, $200 in annual airline fee credits, up to $200 in annual Uber credit, up to $100 in annual Saks credit, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access.
  • AMEX Everyday Preferred Consumer Card
    • $95 annual fee, up to 20K points welcome bonus, earn between 1.5-4.5 points per dollar everywhere with 30+ monthly transactions.
  • AMEX Everyday Consumer Card
    • No annual fee, up to 15K points welcome bonus, earn between 1.2-2.4 points per dollar everywhere with 20+ monthly transactions.

Once you do that just add anything $60 or more that is shipped and sold from Amazon to your cart. This won’t work for items sold by 3rd parties.

This won’t work for Amazon gift card purchases, but it will work on gift cards for hundreds of stores found here.

Gift cards sold by Amazon that work for this promotion include:

If you can select e-delivery cards you’ll be able to request a $60 gift card in order to maximize your savings. Otherwise you can try to get as close to $60 as possible, for some brands that will mean purchasing 3 $25 gift cards.

For e-delivery cards you manually select a $60 Gift Card by entering it here:

At checkout select the Membership Rewards card that you linked.

You may need to click “Change” by the credit card at checkout if it’s showing a different default credit card.

On the final checkout page click on “Apply rewards points” and enter $0.01 to use 1 point to save 1 cent (Don’t redeem more than 1 cent as buying on Amazon only gives a paltry value of 0.7 cents per AMEX point!):

For example I added a $60 Gap Inc e-delivery card and got the $30 AMEX Promo and $0.01 from the 1 point used at checkout.

Plus I’m able to pay for the order with my Amazon gift card balance that I buy at office supply stores with my Chase Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar spent by adding a new Amazon gift card on the final checkout page:


You can also try linking your AMEX card to another Amazon account and see if it works from there as well!

You can also sell your gift cards to stores like CardCash to make a quick profit from this promotion.

If you buy a $60 Safeway Gift card for $30 with this promo, you can currently sell it to CardCash for $52.80 cash or a $54.65 Amazon Gift Card. Be sure to check the offer from CardCash before purchasing these cards, as their offer can go down if they get too many of specific card. Once you select the $52.80 offer, you just ever the digital gift card code Amazon sent you, and you made an easy $22.80 profit.

What will you buy with $30 off $60?

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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How many times can I use this offer?


TX Blue Business Plus worked with my business Dan my question two can i can use this with multiple amex cards in same account?


“If it doesn’t work for you then you can try calling Amazon (888-280-4331) or chatting with Amazon and see if you can get it manually applied to your account…YMMV!”

I was not successful in the past.
Has anyone had any recent success?


Had issues using this promo tonight. Logged off the account. Logged back in. Deleted and re added my amex card. Re Linked points account. Added an amzon product. Worked.



I am not even targeted though


“This promo code is now activated but we were not able to apply your points. To redeem, please apply points at checkout.”

I guess this means that I am targeted?


How many amazon accounts can you have without raising flags?
Any tips? Tia






The main thing is don’t use multiple accounts to circumvent product limits

I want to know

Dan i was targeted but im not seeing the $30 credit is it because i used this card’s point’s in the last 12 months??


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Does all $60 need to be spent at once?
Or is it like the BF 20% offer that was commutative on all purchases till you reach the max amount?



4 accounts, nada


Do u have an Amex that has MR on each one?


awesome! got 6 boxes of nespresso virtuoline coffee capsules for $36.


Thanks. Got the Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Space Gray (Latest Model) 30$ off.


3.786% off


Hw do I know if the item is sold and shipped by amazon. I thought I added in items that were sold and shipped by amazon but the offer wasn’t applied.


Thank you!


Better use ASAP — they randomly cancelled the Dec promo in the middle of the month even after you signed up. “amazon may end promo at any time”


They did and then reinstated it.


Thanks Dan


Amazing, thank you very much. I think it’s the third or fourth time we got this within the past year.

Flying Machine

Thanks Dan! I got a $60 Starbucks card for $30


Thanks so much Dan!! $100 Safeway gift card for $69.99


Which gc amazon sell that would qualify ?


Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at in the past twelve months.


Is it possible to apply 1 amex point and pay the rest of the money on a different company credit card?


Can this offer be used on same amazon account same Amex cc more than once? Anyone tried?


which GC weill i get the most from ?

Sarah S

is it one per amazon account or one per amex card on the same amazon account?


Awesome! Got $60 GC for Uber for only $30!


I will be maxing this out with a $30 profit by buying something for my buying group


Which group is that?? My groups are still silent after the overload from bf! (especially for Amazon)


One of my accounts also had a $5 Starbucks promotion so I ended up getting a Starbucks $60 egift card for $24.99 with using 1 Amex point.


anybody had success getting both offers on their main prime account and also their prime family account? mine only worked on main prime… thank you


1,837,740 points. can i have one?


Tried 11 diff accounts and nada 🙁
What am I doing wrong? How do I get myself targeted for these things???


Did you link an AMEX MR CC to all the accounts and wait 24 hours?


Most of the accounts already had the card linked.


Are there any gift cards to eBay? Thank you


No work for Uber staples
Need to be sold by amazon
Uber sold by Uber

Anyone used same account same card twice ?


Thanks Dan, (&Amex )

Worked for me after doing black Friday $100 offer as well.


Tried second account and it enrolled my card but the promo didn’t apply , did it for first account and it worked fine got $22.80 profit


thanks. same results


Thanks Dan,
Got a $50 gift card, plus this rack which costs 10.29 and has a 1.03 coupon (Which might not even ship since its out oos)


Any gift cards for eBay? Thank you


I also realized that the $30 comes off before coupons and promotions And subscribe and save discounts. So if you have $60 in the cart, Amazon will take off the $30 and then take off the coupons.


BTW it works with multiple amazon accounts and 1 amex card


thank you. this was a great one. whole foods $60 GC for $29.00 after applying 1 point.


Sold Albertson’s e-giftcard through cardcash, but they want me to mail it in. Is that typical for an e-card?


Was wondering same thing. Do you need to mail copy of the email or is that just generic for physical cards


Same. Emailed them to find out. Anyone have any info on this?


Apparently, just before confirming the order there’s something to click which tells you if you need to mail it in or if online submission is sufficient.
For Albertsons and some other merchants, they require the original print out from the merchant (the one with the card# and pin#) along with a print out of the confirmation email sent from card cash. We need to mail both of those things to get the ball rolling.
Wish I would have known that before I confirmed my sale with them ‍♂️

n k

how could i combine a regular order & a subscribe & save order?


If I get a amex points card now will the offer work for me

Very Happy

Thanks got a Wilson evolution basketball for 30 $


Is this thing still running?


Please provide me a link of this promo so that I can send it to Amazon, this is the only way they’ll apply it to my account! TY


Is there a link of this offer?


Thanks, Dan! Got a $60 Netflix e-card.


can someone explain what they mean when they say amex matched the promotion for me even though amazon didnt as i was not targeted ? amex gave you a statement credit? stupid because i find you use up your zechusim with amex when you do that


How do u get a 60$ Safeway gift card? Only gives option for 50 or 100. And I’d selling to cardcash is getting a check frm them safe?


Where do u get an option for an email gift card?


Cardcash wants me to send in the actual gift card, but I did the safeway email card…what now dan?


I used the promo on one acct and got 30 off, now I’m trying to use the same card on a diff acct and I’m not getting the promo, any ideas why?


I added me Amex to a few accounts but doesn’t show my points. Am I doing something wrong?


Im having the same issue. Any help?