Targeted Link: Check To See If You Are Eligible For 3 Months Of Amazon Prime For Free

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Update: This deal is still available, be sure to check to see if you are eligible so you can take advantage of this offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Originally posted on 7/11.

Targeted Link: Check To See If You Are Eligible For 3 Months Of Amazon Prime For Free

Click on the link above to see if you’re targeted for 3 months of Amazon Prime for free.

If you see the message “This is an invitation only offer to new Prime members” then you are not targeted for this offer.

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Amazon Prime member benefits include:

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 2nd day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Says its for new members only


Not targeted (:


If i’m currently a Prime member, Think they’ll extend my Prime membership, if i’m targeted? Thanks!

please answer

plus 1]


wow got it on my both accounts hope the 3 months covers prime day!


You forgot to mention that the account needs to have an Amex card linked to it


I have already used up my one month trial but the 3 months worked!

Flying Machine

Thanks Dan worked perfectly and just in time for Prime Dad. Offer tied my American Express card on file and said that I can cancel anytime. So I assume if I only wanted the 90 day free trial I just need to cancel before that time correct??


Yep I’m targeted


When does this offer expire?


thx, got one!


Make sure to cancel before the 3 months are up or they’ll charge.


Cancel it right away. You keep the prime until it expires

MR Freebie

@dan how does it work if ialready have prime. Do i get 3 konths free?


One piece of information is missing, ONLY FOR “American Express” Card holders.

“To redeem this offer, link your American Express Card to your Amazon account. You will not be charged for the 3-month promotional period of your Prime membership.”


Worked for me, Thanks!


Worked thank you!

sori weinbach

thanks it worked, yay!


Any DP if it’s only for certain AMEX cards?


Will this work for Prime Student?


does the prime start as soon as it’s saved or can it be saved for a later date?


Worked for me on a closed AMEX card. It may say “new members only”, but I’m a former Prime member.


if you cancel right away can you get the free membership till the end of 3 months like amazon prime ?

Eddie B

Yes, you can cancel. When you cancel, it’ll come up with a “scary” message making it sound like your benefits will end immediately. Just click End My Benefits, and it’ll come up with another screen that lets you choose to end your Prime membership after the three months is up.


thank you so much for clarifying much appreciated


What if you are covered as a family member (under a grandfathered plan) with only the 2-day shipping benefit. Will I lose that membership, by subscribing to this?:

Carl M. Sherer

Mine says it’s for new members across the top but it also makes it possible to fill in your information and get the offer. I am already a prime member….. Will they extend me for three more months?


just got it!!! Thanks Dan


When does this offer end. I have an account that’s targeted, but my prime account renewal is in a month, and would rather wait until then for this offer.

dave s

Thanks guys! Offer was available for me. I signed up and using the instructions posted in the comments here, immediately cancelled. Cancellation effective Oct 15, 2018.

Walter W Stumpf Jr

I got that only valid for American Express cardholders.


can you get this deal if you have a free month of amazon prime ??


Thanks Dan I was Targeted

Pearl Hirsch

I’m not a prime member, but I still get the message “for new prime members only” even though I have an Amex card on file. What am I doing wrong?

Pearl Hirsch

I’m not a prime member, but it still says for new prime members only? I have Amex on my Amazon acct. What’s wrong?

William Salamon

Got 6 months free through my college account.


I’ve got a question.
Although mine does say it’s for new members across the top, it’s also possible to fill in my information for the 3 mos.
(My Prime just ended)
If I wasn’t eligible, would I still have the opportunity to sign up for it?


Never mind, I just found out that answer.
Even if I fill out the info, the sign up button is not clickable.


Works! Thank you


“If you have Amazon Prime you can select “FREE No-Rush Shipping” when making an order and you’ll get a bonus such as a $1 Amazon eBooks, digital music and videos credit, a $3 credit, a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit, a $20 Amazon Home Services credit, etc. You can view your no-rush credits here.” Which of these do you get? Do you choose?


This worked!