Price Mistake! Get 80% Off The Cost Of Amazon Handyman Services!

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Update: DEAD!

Get 80% Off The Cost Of Amazon Handyman Services

Amazon is currently offering Prime members 40% off select home services. However if you select Handyman Services it is discounting the 40% twice at checkout, making for an effective 80% discount!

I got a quote for a 2 hour Handyman job for $193.09. At checkout it took off 40% twice, making the job quote just $38.61!


The discount is limited to one use per Prime account. You can share your Prime benefits with another household member so you can take advantage of limited quantity deals on both accounts!

A handyman can do most jobs that don’t require licensing. Examples include repairing drywall, hanging shelving, hanging doors, repairing woodwork, replacing window glass, installing child safety products, wiring home theater components, etc.

The handyman will come with his own tools.

Amazon does not charge your card for the service until the appointment is complete.

“You can cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours or more before a confirmed appointment with no penalty. There is also no penalty for canceling an appointment that doesn’t have a confirmed date and time. For appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of a confirmed appointment, you may be charged a $25 fee at Amazon’s discretion.”

Find more double stacking discounts? Hit the comments!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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If I already bought a light fixture can I retroactively purchase this service?


Can you cancel if you want to later?

Busy mommy

This is so awesome! I have a bunch of little annoying things waiting for someone to do for me. Each little thing is enough to bug me but not enough that I want to pay a lot of money to bring in a handyman. At this price it’s a no-brainer! Awesome finds! Thanks


Would these guys be qualified to rip up a bathroom(tiles and replace the subfloor)?


it seems to only take off double for handyman- not specific services.


I hope it works. i need some work putting in a closet system and blinds.


Thanks dan


How about installing a vinyl fence?


Not working =/

Brian C

That was awesome catch Dan and JJ. Just scheduled drywall repair guy to come for 60 bucks was 300. Was dreading doing the holes the kids put in the walls. Yeah it was the kids. Thanks.


My concern is, is Amazon picking up the discounted fee or is a handyman going to show up pissed off that Amazon undersold him without his approval?


1. You can place multiple orders. 2. you don’t need a prime account.


Will they be able to replace a chandelier, and replace light switches?

Nathan M

Can they replace chandeliers and light switches?


8 hours of handyman service in 44118 for $111.29 – time to get the guest bathroom completed!


Going to take a bit more then 8 hours


Can I use them to paint my house?


Just scheduled a handyman for 8 hours to do some mouldings and hang a screen door for $137 for 8 hoirs of work. Was originally $689.


If I book it for 8 hours and the guy only takes 5 hours will I get the money back?


Seems like a really weird service, and this double discount thing is obviously super weird, too, but at this price, what homeowner wouldn’t do the deal? Heck, I bought two eight-hours days. Each day came to about $130. I scheduled for September, latest dates possible, to give me time to plan the project.

I assume you buy your own supplies (doors, drywall, posts, etc) in advance?

I’m going to be kind of amazed if this works smoothly, but there’s no real risk (I’ll cancel if it seems it won’t work out), and the price is amazing. Home services is the one thing I hate to buy, because it’s hard to get good work done at a good price.


I’m curious how the rescheduling will work. Like, right now, you can only book until Sept. 20 in my area. I’m guessing that later you could reschedule this service for ever later, and that it wouldn’t change the price? It will be interesting to see what types of work people are able to get done, and how much time it takes. I’ve now booked for 3 8-hour days. If I don’t need it, and/or the handyman can’t do what I want him to do (like, say, exterior trim woodwork), I can just cancel.

Double dip

Terms of service only allow for 1 40% discounted service per account (putting the “mistake” double 40% discount aside). Booking multiple discounted hires will likely increase your odds of them cancelling all of your orders for a violation of the terms of service and may potentially impact those of us who booked just one double discounted service.


I’m sorry I’m risking your improper discount, with my multiple improper discounts! I mean, really. Go ahead and schedule as much handyman service as you need.




Booked 4 days worth.
Looks like deal is dead now


I totally missed that you could do multiple days. Scheduled my day and went on to other things. Glad someone got in on it. $140 for 8 hours is amazing and if the handyman is getting his regular pay, everyone is happy. Awesome you got 4. Make the most of it!

Janna Wyckoff

I tried to schedule the home cleaning services and it didn’t give mr any discount.


Just entered an order, and absolutely NO discount!!!!
I had to call to cancel the order.

Mike B

I’m so confused. Didn’t it show you the total before you pressed place order?


Yes, it showed the total without any discount, so I thought that maybe the discount will pop up once I actually place the order, which it did not. Hence, I had to call to cancel.


I got confirmations of all 4 of my appointments. Anyone received a cancellation yet? I was kind of expecting to, but looks like they are going to honor it! Would have expected the cancellations to come in by now.


I’m curious what all will they do? Will they install an outdoor light since it’s electrical or add a sump pump pipe since it’s plumbing? Also thought about having them put together my kids playset,but that will take longer than 8 hours


Just got 2 cancellation emails. Said that they noticed the mistake and they are going to honor one of my 4 orders. I guess that’s pretty good still though. Have to figure out what we’ll have someone do for part of our kitchen remodel we’ve been working on for a while.


just got an email from amazon that they will only honor one handyman as it was mispriced

Bill Dassler

If this isn’t fake information then the poor handyman and every other service provider is performing for starving wages. No wonder a ‘good’ handyman is so hard to find! I charge $100/hr and offer no discounts because running my business costs money, the high tax rate is painful and the cost of living is very high in my area. You see, service providers keep only half of what the business generates. Also, we need the equivalent of two days a week to operate the business and the equivalent of two months off for vacation, holidays, health days and personal days, all non billable time off, just like employees get at a regular job. Fact is, a quality service provider can realistically, and to be fair, produce billable business revenue equal to 132 days per year, or 1,056 hours, IF you actually get that much work. Multiply those hours by whatever you think is fair, then, divide by two and the result is net earned income. Now, 80% off on top of that? That’s not business, it’s slavery.


When Amazon gives a percentage off, it doesn’t affect what the handyman gets paid. They basically sign up to have Amazon book their open slots for a preset compensation per job/hour, but Amazon takes the tab of any percent off discounts it offers as a general promotion. As Dan wrote, it’s the same as getting an Uber ride free as a new customer or with some other promotion- it has absolutely no connection to the amount that the Uber driver will be compensated for your ride. This is not an opinion or theory, it is a technical fact. There is nothing to worry about as long as you’re honest and not too greedy with these things. As we’ve seen, Amazon agreed to honor the 80% off only for those who made one booking.