Alive Again! Pack Of 12 Rubbermaid Bus/Utility Box For $10 From Amazon After $125 Price Drop

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Update: The 12 pack is now sold out.

Pack Of 12 Rubbermaid Bus/Utility Box For $10 From Amazon After $125 Price Drop

This was selling for $135.48 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

This has excellent 4.5 star ratings from 400+ reviews.
  • Built to last, made of BPA-free commercial-grade plastic with reinforced handles, bottom and ribs for durable strength
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning and maneuverability
  • Ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels, dishwashing, busing, etc
  • Safe for commercial dishwashers

HT: mileagejunkie.

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As of 4:22ET, the white and the gray 4.625 gal bus/utility trays are $10 each; the multi-pack is not.


It may have been a mistake. If you ordered and only got one. Amazon will refund you. I find deals like this all the time. sometimes I get lucky with the multi pack, others its just a single item.

Johnny D

Why are you holding out on us? Post them!


Mine just shipped.


Yup, my full set of 12 just arrived too. Now I gotta figure out what to do with them..


I ended up using them for under the bed shoe storage. Worked really well.


Full set of 12 just arrived…


I may have ordered the last one…because now it’s DED dead


dead but some available used through Amazon Warehouse for 9.20, 9.50


Looks like they changed the listing. When I click on the link, it goes to the single pack.


Yup, they just removed the 12 pack option.


Looks like one


The amazon description no longer says 12 pack


Does not say pack of 12.

Looks like just 1


Where does it say this is a 12 pack?


Read the post update. It was pricing the 12 pack at the same price as the 1.

It used to have a 12 pack option, as can be seen in Google Cache here:


We forgive you


It was 12 when I posted it. Then it sold out, and I posted the update.


It’s funny, the price for the 12-pack in the cached version is $103.24


I got them last time. They’re fantastic

Yossele from Chelm

I got 15 of them last time , it was impulsive right before shabbos, you can’t even resell them because of shipping costs


This is alive again


Alive again


Only see 1 not 12


Alive again