New Amazon Prime Benefit: Free Video Streaming On JetBlue Flights


JetBlue currently offers basic internet browsing for free and they sell a premium level that allows streaming for $9/hour.

Amazon Prime members will soon be able to stream Amazon Prime Videos without paying for the $9/hour normally needed to stream videos.

You’ll be able to access the same Amazon video and music content as you would normally.

Now if only JetBlue will change their mind about implementing a checked bag fee…

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jet blue still has not pulled the trigger on the checked bag fee.

when does this amz prime start and on all routes?


They dont have a checked bag fee, It was all hype


The checked bag fee is expected to be announced by June.


When will the free streaming be available?

Also u think once they announce they will add a free checked bag with jet blue Amex ?


But if u purchase ticket already you should be ok?


I’m not sure.

No, as the AMEX Jetblue is being discontinued.



Darn, I’m flying jetblue tomorrow. I doubt it will be available already.


amex jet blue discontinued, why?
is another bank going to have there card?



on a seperate topic i applied for another AA business card and since i dont have a federal id number or tax id and have to use my ss# it didnt get approved since i had two cards with the same pin or they both have the same ss#. a person got it approved by overide and i actually got the card but then i found out it was then canceled.


jet blue is really in my opinion going to hurt themselves in the long run.
the one great thing they had going for them was that they were the different cool airline.
now just like everyone else, and maybe even worse when its all said and done.


Here’s why I always travel Jetblue (with kids), and routinely pay more than I have to when others are on sale:
– video at each seat (great distraction)
– very generous with snacks and drinks (great distraction 2, and less need to pack on board)
– more legroom than many (more room for them to move around and less chance of bopping the person in front of them on the head)
– first checked bag free (need more luggage when going with kids)

They are essentially destroying almost any reason I would have to fly with them. Such a shame.