Magnetic Cabinet Safety Drill-Free 4 Lock Set For $6.99 From Amazon


Magnetic Cabinet Safety Drill-Free 4 Lock Set For $6.99 From Amazon

I bought these last time they were on sale. It took just a couple minutes to install with no tools required and they are working far better than the previous locks that we drilled into our cabinets.

1 set includes 4 locks and 1 magnetic “key”.

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Honestly, no ddf affiliation disclaimer??

Jool Baby

Thank you for posting, I appreciate it.

If anyone has anyone questions about the cabinet locks, feel free to ask.


If a key is lost how does one open the cabinets? And are “keys ” sold separately ?


is it good for furniture? as well for deep draws


Hi Jool Baby, I was wondering what the difference between your product and all the other competitors are. They seem to be the exact same item just with different amount of locks / magnets included and all with different prices, thanks

Jool Baby

We sell replacement magnetic keys on our site ( The package also comes with an adhesive magnet holster so you can stow your magnet in a convenient high location like on your fridge, cabinet, etc.

For real?

@Dan: Now that’s a gemara kopp. The product owner isn’t paying you, that’s true. Let’s just omit that Amazon is paying you countless referral fees. I have no problem with that, but to avoid that fact in a response that should be relevant to the original comment is intentionally misleading.


@For real?: he’s getting Amazon commission on every post, why would this post be any different?

Jool Baby

It will not damage your furniture. If you ever decide to remove the locks, it will leave a little tape residue which can be easily peeled off, and it won’t remove any paint.

These locks are not compatible with all drawers due to differences in drawer construction.

There are similar locks out there, but I cannot attest to their quality. However, like anything else you buy online, you would like to be backed by a company which will stand behind its products. We take customer service very seriously and we’re happy to accommodate customers even years after their purchase.


And when you sell a house through a realtor they get 3% oh my gosh they are making money, and when you buy something in the grocery store their markup is 30% no one told me that!


This item has limited purchase quantity. only 2 per customer.


@Dan: @Dan: I don’t think the point is that DD is a business, there’s nothing wrong with that. Since it is a business, it is bound by FTC consumer protection laws are in force to protect DD’s readers, in this case through appropriate disclosure. Failure to properly disclose relations is illegal and has been prosecuted. Feel free to bring yourself up to speed.



The ranking before and after this post 🙂


I have purchased these in the past, amazing price going to grab it before it’s gone! Thanks


Works well and is made well.Great product!


I purchased these before when they were on sale, and I was so happy with them that I bought a second pack – even after the sale was over! Highly recommended.

Jool Baby


Thanks for your purchases and great feedback 🙂