HURRY! 4 First Alert Battery Operated Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors And Home Fire Extinguisher For $57.47 From Amazon After $113 Price Drop!

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Update: If you don’t receive a set of 4 detectors, be sure to chat or call Amazon for a refund!

HURRY! 4 First Alert Battery Operated Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors And Home Fire Extinguisher For $57.47 From Amazon After $113 Price Drop!

This was selling for $170.25 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

  • Keep your family safe with this bundle from First Alert, including four SCO5CN battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and a Home1 rechargeable fire extinguisher
  • Bundle is ideal for a small house; alarm installs quickly and easily without an electrician, and extinguisher mounts to the wall
  • Battery-operated alarm unit provides continuous monitoring, even if there’s a power failure, and is easy to install
  • Alarm features electrochemical CO sensing technology and photoelectric sensor for smoke detection; a loud 85-decibel alarm sounds when smoke or CO levels are elevated
  • Rechargeable ABC fire extinguisher is designed for household fires like wood, paper, fabric, flammable liquid, and electrical equipment
  • Extinguisher features a commercial grade valve and seal, and a durable metal head; a mounting bracket and strap are included

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Be aware this is not the “10 year” battery type currently required in NJ and other states


I ordered it twice and when I check my order it only shows 1 detector so make sure you have screen shot of item purchased


After placing the order it says its only a 1 pack?


Adding to this, if you go to the order invoice it does show a 4 pack. Who knows…


Spoiler alert. After checking out it is only showing a single smoke alarm. The 4 pack must be a listing error.


Even better, that usually means you can get it for free 😀
Just save a screenshot.


Be aware, the bundle is not real, you’re getting only one smoke detector and one fire extinguisher. Check the order afterwards.


If you don’t get the 4 pack as promised, just contact Amazon after you get the order and they’ll make you whole.
HUCA if the first rep does not.


What means HUCA?


Hang up call again


Thanks. Ordered 100pcs

boro boy

what are you doing with so many ???????


Hoarding them


Be aware the extinguisher is rated 1 A 10 BC, Code in NJ requires 2A 10 BC


Received. It’s a one pack.

Yehuda Bergman

When did you receive it?


Received only 1 pack. Chatting with amazon and each representative saying they’ll start a return


They told me can keep the one and sending a set of 4 too


REceived 1 and the representative i was speaking to offer me 75% back and to keep the items. Is it worth chatting with someone else


I just received the smoke detector as well, they offered me to keep the item for free but when the extinguisher comes I must return. Not bad, who can say no to free things. Thanks Dan!

Yehuda Bergman

I had 5 separate orders they came with one only Amazon refunded for all and let me keep them


They gave me a choice of a full refund or having me returning the 1 to and then they will send me the 4-pack.
to quote: “I have checked into your order ID and I will be able to help you with a Full Refund or a Brand New Replacement on returning the item, which one would work?”

Jacob Jungreis

Problem is the replacement will also contain only 1
I figured, whoever created this listing linked the smoke detector part to a wrong item, instead of linking it to a 4 pack


Add me to those who received only one smoke/CO detector. Just got off the phone with Amazon. They are refunding the entire purchase price and letting me keep the fire extinguisher and the one detector which I did receive.


OK, they lied. They refunded only the price that was allocated to the smoke?CO detectors, $39.41 including tax. Still, $24.07 for a fire extinguisher and one detector is not a bad deal. Don’t feel like arguing with them again.


Anyone have a screen shot?


It still shows a 4 pack.


They sent me 1 detector. I chatted them, they sent another one. then they refunded the detector portion of the order (38$). So i paid 23$ for the extinguisher and 2 detectors.