[Amazon Announces Prime Big Deal Sale In October!] The Best Prime Day Deals Of All Time! Free Kindles, Free Amazon Gift Cards, High End Cameras For $94, And Much More!

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Update 9/18/23:  Amazon announced they will be making a second Prime Day sale this year and will be calling it “Prime Big Deal Days” it will take place on October 10-11. 

This is their 2nd year holding a 2nd Prime Day sales event at the start of the Q4 holiday shopping season. 

Clearly Amazon is trying to get some momentum going in the typically slow month of October, before the holiday rush. Do you think this will be a day of great deals or a bust?

You can request an invitation now for select deals that will go live on October 10th such as:

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Originally posted on 7/25/19:

Amazon started Prime Day as a way to create a Black Friday style shopping day in the summer. This year Amazon’s Prime Day sales exceeded Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. That’s an impressive feat, but it was not always that way.


While the first Prime Day had some good deals on every day items and electronics none of the 2015 deals made our list for the best Prime Day Deals.

View the roundup of 2015 Prime Day Deals here.


Despite Prime Day 2015 having record breaking sales numbers, Amazon clearly heard the complaints about a lack of deals the year before and they introduced much better deals, including the start of the stacking coupons.

The best deals included: Ecco shoes for $46.89, stacking savings on Ziplocs, 4 pack of Lysol cleaner for $2.40, Samsonite Suitcase sets started going on sale which has continued every year since, and incredible deals on diapers with stacking coupons as well for Pampers and Seventh Generation.

Amazon also had sitewide coupons such as 30% off all Apparel, 35% off groceries, and others, which have unfortunately been killed off by Amazon altogether since then.

View the roundup of 2016 Prime Day Deals here.


The deals continued to get better as Amazon saw how popular Prime Day was getting and kicked things into high gear. Amazon started to spread the deals to categories across the board with great deals on clothing, shoes, toys, baby items, kitchen items, Electronics, and much more.

Some of the best deals were on Electric Toothbrushes, 258 Cottonelle Toilet Paper Rolls for $33.05, 12  Five Hour Energy Drinks for $2.48, Nighthawk AC1750 Router For $54.99, 20,000mAh Aukey Battery Pack for $11.09, and a Amazon Handyman Services for 80% off after stackable coupons.

Amazon also started to extend the length of Prime Day from just a 24 hour period, to starting Prime Day at 9pm EST, making it a 30 hour event.

View the roundup of 2017 Prime Day Deals here.


2018 will forever be remembered as possibly one of the best deal weeks of all time. You can read this post for a full roundup.

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Leading up to Prime Day Amazon gave away thousands of boxes of free diapers and baby soaps from Honest and Babyganics.

Amazon also decided to extend Prime Day to include 36 hours of deals, while it started off with server outages and website problems, it quickly improved.

Prime Day deals were really incredible thanks to AMEX offering 20% off, up to a $100 discount, on top of Prime Day discounts. The 20% off was the pre-Prime Day price, making it far more valuable than it would if the 20% was taken off the Prime Day price. Many people were targeted multiple times for this discount on all of their household accounts.

That means we got insane deals on a KitchenAid Professional 6-Qt. Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer for $119, Lenox 16 Piece Classic White Dinnerware Set for $31.99, Lenox Abilene 112 Piece Flatware Set for $12, Anova Culinary Sous Vide 2nd Gen for $44.19, Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for $73, Samsonite Spinner Luggage Sets for $33.99, and 1,400 Ziplocs + Cheerios for just $2.39 shipped!

There was also a deal for a free $20 Amazon Gift Card and Cadillac Grill Iron.

On top of the incredible stacking AMEX deals there were a good amount of Price Mistakes as well including a free SanDisk 64GB iXpand Base For iPhone and Kindles for just $9.99.

View the roundup of 2018 Prime Day Deals here.


For 2019 Amazon continued focus on offering a huge range of deals across all categories. And they extended Prime Day to a full 2 day format.

They also expanded the 20% off sitewide coupon to Discover cards as well as AMEX, although they limited it to a $50 discount this year and tightened the targeting a bit. This year there was a record setting 7 different discounts that could be obtained by using a point with AMEX, Chase, or Discover. Best of all the discounts were once again taken off of the pre-Prime Day price.

Once again there were some incredible price mistakes (or publicity mistakes?) this year, most notably the Sony Mirrorless a6000 Digital Camera With 16-50mm And 55-210mm Lenses for just $94 after $628 off, while that deal was posted and hundreds of DansDeals readers got in on it, a few lucky readers also snagged other cameras that were on sale for $94, including $15,000+ camera lenses. Unfortunately that deal only last from around 3am until 3:40am ET, which limited the use to night owls scouring Amazon for deals as Prime Day went live.

Thousands of DansDeals readers were able to take advantage of Ring Video Doorbell Pro And Echo Dot 3rd Gen for just $14-$64 after stacking discounts.

Or as we do in the DansDeals Facebook Group:


There were also free Kindles and amazing Fire Stick/Echo Dot deals here, here, here, and here!

Amazon also targeted many accounts for 40% one subscribe and save item, which meant free Kind Bars, Snacks, and more!

Some Amazon accounts were targeted for free diapers as well!

View the roundup of 2019 Prime Day Deals here.

While this year did see some great deals, there wasn’t quite the plethora of deals that we saw in 2018 and some promotions were certainly more targeted this year. That being said it was still a great couple days of deals!

So, which Prime Day deals have you taken advantage of? And what was your favorite from the past 5 Prime Days?

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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The Sony for $94 isn’t such a great deal if they don’t honor it. The order status still says, “Not yet shipped Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.” despite it being in stock


It’ll probably be honored. I already got parts of the package, such as the SD card and the carry case.


Wondering how long they can keep it as “delivery date pending” and not bother with it

Not that Dan

I spoke to Amazon today. They said they will not be honoring any of these that didn’t ship immediately. You’ll get $25 for calling though.


Just an FYI these cameras were delivered around 2 months later


I did not get even one thing and i was not targeted on anything on my account and my wifes account, so for me it was a big let down from last year


Personally for me 2018 was the best, hands down. I got way more and better deals last year than this year. And I heard the same from many friends and family members.


I got a bunch of Fire 7s and cases for around $26, but the much better deal was the Elevatd Prime Week specials 🙂


Favorite was 2019 as I had a chase INK card on hand…
I got Fire Tablet with case for $6.52

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Got 2 $25 Fire tablet with cases. Cheap enough to have around my 2 year old for movies on planes.


poor kid


Lenox Abilene 112 Piece Flatware Set for $12,
I got 2 of these!


Sorry Dan but 2019 was the worst one so far!
Nothing great besides one or 2 deals!


Got the iExpand 64gb last year for $1, it’s still in the box lol


What lens was $15000?


I got a halo bassinest premier series for 185!



this for free, are u kidding! $65 to $0… thanks DD


Dog food???


Lol, gave mine away already.


Samsonite luggage set was an awesome deal!


2019 was meh. I did manage to nab 3 Sony a6000’s, but overall, 2018 had far better deals. Targeting for the various promotions was FAR more limited this year than it was in 2018.


Would you be willing to sell one of those cameras. I was able to get the Lennox silverware, amazing deal. However I missed the camera.

Bill Dills

Got a kindle and case for $22 and an Oreo vacuum for $60 off


I am an Oreo vacuum




Yeah, 2019 was a let-down for sure! Got very few deals. Wasn’t targeted for many of the discounts, even though I’m a Prime member for years!! Oh, well…


Without spending all day scouring the site I got the kindle with case for about $4 and free kind bars and much use out of the 20% off with Amex points. 2018 I got the Samsonite spinner set for $33 which I still shep nachas from the great deal.
Was fun…


Correction- fire tablet not kindle


Any news for upcoming small biz sat with Amex ?


has been shut down for at least the last 2 years


Got the Bosch drill with extra bid to get the $50 promotion got none of the promotions including using a point from amex the customer service was terrible no adjustments so they sending me a label to return


It’s funny, I took a look back and realized that more and more, my prime days have been devoted to amazon devices – Fire TV Sticks, Echos of all kinds, Kindle Tablets. The twobest deals I’ve gotten so far:
2018: bought my son an Honor 7x for about 50% off with all kinds of stacked savings
2019: Traded in my 4.5 year old original Amazon Echo (I was part of the original beta test) for an Echo Show 5 for $5 net.


2018 was better.
Hardly any deals on home staples this year. And the camera deal was only for half hour for those who were up.
Besides for the cc promos which are always nice.


There was a random bud/discount on my first order giving an extra $40 off the primeday price, ended up with the $249 Bose Sleepbuds for ~$100 with the 50 off price +40 +Amex +WF discount.


Kindle and case for free. Cant complain


So is prime day 2020 only for prime members?


As always.


The 2023 Amazon day was by far the best. I got a time machine discounted 97% off for only $99. I stacked that with my Amex offers and only paid $15.


Lenox Abilene 112 Piece Flatware Set for $12,

I got 2 of those!




SERIOUSLY?? “Free Amazon Gift Cards” @Dan, what does that mean?


Read the post?

Stam a guy

Good think I didn’t use my 40% off using AMEX MR deal yet.


in the past you where able to use it multipole times around PD. (of course past performance is not necessarily a indicator for future results , but this might be a good reason to use it sooner rather then later)


Meh.It’s been getting worse and worse


Can do 30 day free trial to get in on prime deals?



Avi Israel

I’m looking to buy an AirPods Pro (I have Amex 50% off), Should i wait for Prime Day? Any thoughts this will go on sale for lower than $197, Or rather grab it now as long its still $197 ($137 after amex offer!) Cuz it might go up?


whats the best credit card to use/open for prime day?


75k points is there highest offer they had?




Thanks so much Dan!


is there it still hard to get approved for chase business cards? my scores are 770 & didn’t open any cards for the last good few months, any thoughts what my odds are?


Not too hard anymore.


Is primeday in the UK the same idea as in the US? I mean like the dates and are there similar discounts


which kind of products go on sale ?


Wondering if they gave so little advance notice, so that competitors have less time to prepare an adequate competition on the same day. They used to trumpet it for a much longer time before the actual day.

Fix Wix

You’re doing a great job Man, Keep it up.


i just finished my prime free trial that they gave to my email [with out dans deals] and i am trying to get it again with your link but its not going !! any reason ? do i have to wait a certain amount of days from when we finished our trial ? or once we had a free trial offer from amazon themselves then we can not get it again??


I finally used my last pack of those Honest diapers. I bought them for my third and ended up using the last of them on my fifth. That was an epic diaper deal.


That reminds me of maybe 15-16 years ago. The major diaper companies all decided to change their packaging, so the retailers started discounting the older designs. First it was 50% off, then it was 75% off, and finally it was 90% off. At 50% off we bought a few in the sizes we needed. At 75% off we bought a lot in varying sizes. At 90% off, my wife and I drove to 15-25 stores nearby and bought ALL OF THEM in ALL SIZES. In the end, we had a gigantic pile of packages in the garage, maybe 6 feet long by 3 feet wide and about 4 feet high. We used them for 5 kids, and then when the youngest one was toilet trained, we donated the remaining packages.


So you’re from the guys that lose money on sales…….


would you recommend switching from a business account to a consumer account or not much a difference for prime day?


Sure, lots of promos are only for consumer accounts.


you dont have a business account? no advantages to have a business account?


Good memories! I nabbed 3 of the Sony a6000s!
Thanks Dan. For the deals, and for the memories!


Anyone have an idea what the Amazon status is in Israel


The $10 stamp card is alive again


It’s asking me to start a 30 day trial in order to activate the stamp card on a account that us signed up to prime.


On my calendar October 10 and 11 are the first 2 days of Sukkos and Chol Hamoed starts on the 12th unless you live in Israel.


You mean the 12th is the first day of chol homoed


And 11th is only a problem for observant Jews living outside of Israel

reb yid

Chol hamoed is a potential issue regardless of where you live.


Not “potential”…… a real issue. AYLOR.


Another incentive to move to Israel.


Dan, can’t you intercede and ask Amazon to change the dates?


Or do you know someone who could speak to them about it?
They will lose money if they don’t change it


You should mention that Amazon is a 5% cashback category for Discover in Q4


Every day is 5x day (~7.5%) with Chase Ink.


First year Discover account holders get their points doubled – so for them it is 10%.


letters 9/27/22 right? valid for 2023 as well?


You really should start new articles considering this is from 2019…
This happens a lot with many articles and items for sale on Amazon and you start reading comments that are not applicable in years…
This way, the comments are more timely and don’t require you to scroll all the way down.
I understand this is your website. And you’re welcome to do as you please. But since you’re in the business of helping people, that’s my 2 cents.:)


Get 15% off new Kindle devices( already discounted in prime day sale) and a $15 eBook credit when you enter promo code KINDLE2023 at checkout


Get 15% off new Kindle devices( on top of already discounted in prime day sale) and a $15 eBook credit when you enter promo code KINDLE2023 at checkout