Ends Tonight! Price Mistake? Stack Prime Day Discounts With 1 AMEX Point And Get Kindle E-readers From Just $9.99 After $70-$85 Off!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: These deals will expire tonight!


Price Mistake? Targeted: Stack Prime Day Discounts With 1 AMEX Point And Get Kindle E-readers From Just $9.99 After $70-$85 Off!

Click on the link above to see if you’re targeted and then scroll down to click to activate an additional discount on a Kindle E-reader when redeeming 1 AMEX point. You must use the click to activate button next to each E-reader to receive the correct discount on that E-reader.

If you’re not targeted you can try linking your American Express Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account by clicking here.

Currently it seems like there is a price mistake on the Kindle 6″ E-reader With Wi-Fi And Special Offers. It’s normally $79.99 and is on sale for $49.99. The AMEX promo is only supposed to take $30 off e-readers, however if you clip the $40 off Paperwhite offer via this link and then add the black color Kindle to your cart, it will give the $40 Paperwhite AMEX promo despite it not being a Paperwhite tablet. That will drop the price to just $9.99 after $70 off!

Other stackable Prime Day+AMEX Savings on Kindle E-readers:

You can get the discount on each color of each E-reader with just 1 AMEX point!

If one color isn’t working for you then try to purchase another color.

This will only work with AMEX cards that earn Membership Rewards points, including:

Cards like Delta, Hilton, Starwood, and cashback cards are not included.

Add an E-reader listed above and at checkout select the Membership Rewards card that you linked. You may need to click “Change” by the credit card at checkout if it’s showing a different default credit card.

On the final checkout page click on “Apply rewards points” and enter $0.01 to use 1 point to save 1 cent (Don’t use more than 1 point as buying on Amazon only gives a paltry value of 0.7 cents per AMEX point!):

Are you targeted? Which E-reader will you buy with this promo?

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Got it!


got an additional “courtesy credit” and my total was $0.00!


Can you only do this once?! It worked for me I should’ve tried more in one order.


seems to be working more than once.


I don’t have AMEX MR points, but would like a 6″ reader for $10 and am willing to pay $10 on top of that for your troubles. Please reply to my comment if you’d be willing to help me get one of these. I’d like to give it to my son for his birthday in August.


I did not need membership reward points to get it for $10, just activate the 2 coupons on the page linked above and it should be $10 on the checkout page.


Thanks for the head’s up, but I just tried and got “Thank you for your interest in this offer. Unfortunately you are not eligible.”


I can get it for you.


Thanks! You can DM me here (https://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?action=profile;u=24140)

Do you have a DDF profile?


Thanks. Mine came out to $20 even after following steps above but my coworker got it for $10…ymmv I guess.


Dan makes this point. I kept clipping the $30 coupon because that’s the version of kindle I wanted. I kept getting $20 total. You have to click the non-correlated $40 coupon and the. It goes down to $10


I also kept activating the first promo, which only activated the $30 off. Instead scroll down to the paperwhite promo and activate that, then it will work.


The promo didn’t appear


Both promos are on the same page linked above:
Click to activate the “$30 off Kindle E-readers” promo
And then scroll down to activate the “$40 off Kindle Paperwhite E-readers” promo.


Only worked for me twice.


It did not work for me, but using AMEX gave me an additional $30 off.


worked for me. thanks!


I purchased 2 of the Price mistake kindle e-reader and my total came out to $0. I’m almost sure i only used 1 amex point, clipped the $30/$40 off, etc. Is it possible that maybe i used more than i amex point point to get the price to 0? If yes, should i cancel the purchase and redo?

Order details

Why don’t you go into your order details and see.


It just says: Rewards Points: -$43.52 but it doesn’t say how many i used.


This means that you used Points to cover the entire purchase. It is telling you that the Rewards Points you used gave you a credit of $43.52, which is why your order total is $0 after that is applied. This is a terrible deal, since as Dan mentioned, you only get a value of 0.7 cents per point, which means you used 6,217 MR for this purchase.

Cancel it, and redo it. This time, in the box where you put in the amount you would like to pay with points, erase the $43.52 which is there by default and type in $0.01. The rest of the charge will go to your AMEX card, or your Amazon Gift Card Balance if you have any. (If you don’t, you can always add a GC to this purchase, though remember that whatever is left unused will go into the account’s balance and will need to be redeemed from that account.)


I did the same thing. My Kindle e-reader was free with this mistake, and now am unable to order the paperwhite. Still happy with it.


Thanks Dan! Got this for my grandmother who didn’t want to spend the reg. price!
worked for 10.64


Thank you Dan!!!


Do i need to use gift option if i plan on reselling these or the tablets?


Wow, that’s scary. I just got it for $0.00 because of my Whole Foods $10 promotion.


Haha. Thats too funny


BE”H shalom Thx for the deals bless you
Did everything correct still not getting the $40 off only $30 did clip the $40
what should i do thx


Thanks! Worked for me.


Just checked my account and the price is reflecting without the $40 off.


“We’re sorry. This item has limited purchase quantity. We have changed your purchase quantity to the maximum allowable.”


I just completed buying 2


I keep getting you are not eligible with the paperwhite coupon 🙁


can someone please buy me 3 of them? I will pay you 5$ per tablet for your troubles in adtion to the cost. I really want them however I dont have the amex credit cards. If you could dm me at https://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?action=profile;u=31045 You would be the best!


Can anyone help me?
I don’t have AMEX MR points, but would like a 6″ reader for $10 and am willing to pay $10 on top of that for your troubles. Please reply to my comment if you’d be willing to help me get one of these. Id like to use it as I am an avid reader and this is a great price!


I got one for you


not eligible. 🙁


I got 2 but now receiving message that i cant buy more will be great gifts – thank you so much Dan!!


I got one June 11 and now it says
“Your points will be applied at checkout but we were not able to activate the promo code. If you have already activated this code, your discount will be applied at checkout.”
Oh well, thanks anyways.


Ordered 1 this morning for $10 using your instructions. Then checked my email receipt as well as amex account and realized the pending charge is $54. I tried again and this time took a screenshot of the page right before clicking submit, which showed $10 again. Once again the confirmation & pending charge in my account is $54. Does Amazon adjust this charge or is this a mistake??

y id



I couldn’t get the $40off promo. Just the $30off promo. I wonder why.


Check your order!!!
I ordered it twice. It showed each time a total of 10.58 at checkout, but when I checked the order later it showed that they didn’t apply the paperwhite promo and charged me 52.99. By the time I saw it at the first time, it was already to late to cancel the order. I called to complain and they said they’ll get back to me.

a l

the same happened to me


I am new to this and don’t know how to clip the coupons and don’t see them, sorry


Yes the same happened to me. Said $10, then this morning I was charged 53.


I called amazon and they said they will credit me the $40


Hi – I’m trying to use the paperwhite $40 coupon (I have an AmEx) two buy two Paperwhite Kindles. The discount was showing upon checkout last night but is no longer showing up. I am putting in $0.01 (1 point) and am getting the 20% off, but not the $40 off. Anyone know what may be causing this?


the Amex point savings does not work on this deal. so if you are using it on another item perhaps it cancels out the paperwhite promo. try removing any other item from your cart.


Got it for 9.99 plus tax.
However, shipping is delayed till Aug. 8

Thanks a bunch !!!


Coupon isn’t showing when I click on the link to activate coupon. Is this targeted for primary Prime members?


Please help me understand. The cheapest AMEX card has an annual fee of $95. So anyone with an AMEX card that could get this deal would be out $95 just to save $30 on this device. That doesn’t sound like savings to me.


That’s correct if this would be the only reason to possess an Amex card. There are many other great things that are valuable to many people which makes carrying certain Amex cards worth it.


AMEX everday has no annual fee.


can you order two at the same time or do I need to buy each one separately? Apparently when want to order 2 iit said there is a limit of 1 (in black). In white I can order two but only gave me a total of $20 for 1 not $10.


Got the Kindle 6″ Paperwhite HD E-reader With Wi-Fi And Special Offers for $42 after tax. This has the light so well worth it.


Not eligible for this offer 🙁


Anyone able to troubleshoot the link to activate offer? I’m getting the dreaded:
“Thank you for your interest in this offer. Unfortunately you are not eligible.”
Let me know if anyone can lend the assist for the paper white!

Shyam Rajendrakumar

Can anyone please get me 1 paperback or e reader and I can pay you extra 10$ for your trouble and help, Thanks, if willing to help, please reply my comment here.


Thanks Dan, it worked for me a few minutes ago.