Back In Stock: 225 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes For $9.99 From Amazon!

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Back In Stock: 225 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes For $9.99 From Amazon!

225 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Packs: $11.97

This has been sold out due to Coronavirus shortages.

Limit 3 per account. You can also buy more using an Amazon Prime Free Household account.

Even though it says temporarily out of stock you can still order it now to lock in this price.

  • DISINFECTING WIPES: Clean and disinfect with a powerful antibacterial wipe killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and remove common allergens around your home
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER: Germs and messes occur on more than kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces – conveniently tackle any tough surface including finished wood, sealed granite and stainless steel
  • DISPOSABLE WIPES: This bulk wipe pack contains three 75 count canisters of disposable, sanitizing wipes in 2 scents featuring Fresh Scent and Crisp Lemon (do not flush wipes)
  • BLEACH FREE CLEANING WIPES: Disinfect and deodorize with the fresh smell of Clorox disinfecting wipes for a bleach-free cleaning alternative. Safely wipe down toys, remotes, or clean up car spills
Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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when you do subscribe and save, do you only get the discounted price for the first delivery or all future deliveries as well?


First delivery only. You can cancel after it ships.


You can only pre-order a max of 3 of them


Use a household account to order more.


sorry, i tried again and I was able to order a lot more


How do you preorder?


Is it possible not to get alerts for this wipes more than once a day?


Lots of people need these and they go out of stock within a few minutes. If I didn’t get the alert I would have missed it..

Keep alerting about wipes

For those of us who are trying to catch this before it gets killed every time, the alerts are helpful every time it comes alive again. Have yet to get through the entire checkout before it gets removed, but maybe next time…


You have a better chance getting it if you’re using all default settings; then it’s 3 touches & it’s ordered.


I signed up for dansdeals notification and finally I was able to get this


Only 9.99 for me


Dead again


Dead 🙁


Looks to be available but there’s an error when trying to load to cart.


Goal is to “buy now” because they sell out quickly.


Was feeling the pain along with “keep alerting,” however I’m now ditto’ing Jim. Got mine for $9.99, also!


Dead again


Looks like the prices are lowering due to rise in supply.


Not adding to cart

Texas Totty

And alive once again.
I thought they completely ran out of stock for the year?


Thanks. Caught it this time!


Got same deal on Walmart today ordered two times got to be quick wherever you get them from


How can I turn get notifications from amazon when it comes back in stock?


Have had these on subscribe and save for months. One unit a month. Amazon just cancelled my aug 6 order as unable to fulfill. Even thought this has popped up multiple times this month for regular orders. I was hopefull they would priorities their subscribe and save orders.


No longer available.




How do I get this deal when they say out of stock. Please help me. Ty




Thank you for the alerts! Now you need to find us the Lysol Spray 🙂

Need help

I have a household account but I’m not sure how to order it. It says it’s currently unavailable


Working now


dead! already!!


Heard the beep notification, went on immediately, wouldn’t add to my cart.


Instead of playing this game of alert-order-out of stock I’m just going to buy a ticket to Israel. I’ll quarantine 14 days then go to literally any store as a myriad of sanitizer wipes are readily available. By the time I get from Amazon I’ll be back with 50lbs worth if wipes!


Dead as ever…


Thx, got it!
There was a lag time of 4 minutes from the DD post & the notification…2 minutes later, it was dead.


Best strategy is just to try randomly throughout the day. I’ve bought it that way, many times it’s not reported on DD but pops up as available for a minute or two

Ravi Patel

Live again!