200 Bounty Paper Napkins For $2.92 Shipped From Amazon

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Update: Alive again after $0.39 off clip coupon!

Update: DEAD!

200 Bounty Paper Napkins For $2.92 Shipped From Amazon

-Clip the $0.39 off coupon on the product page.

  • Pack contains 200 Bounty Napkins
  • Bounty Napkins are available in White and Everyday prints
  • 12.10″ x 12″ sheets
  • Picks up messes quicker* *vs. leading ordinary brand

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Comparable to daily pricing at BJ’s.


I don’t pay for a BJs membership and they don’t deliver to my doorstep…

This also helps lower the cost of all your Amazon subscriptions.


They deliver via Instacart. I find they tend to be more 5-10% expensive than Costco, but they have a more varied selection. For example, Costco has the cheapest everyday price on Fruit By The Foot, but only BJ’s has the jumbo pack of Gushers (which makes them the cheapest to get on a regular basis).

You used to be able to double and triple up on coupons, which made things crazy cheap/free. (e.g. $1 for a 4 pack of these napkins after 4 coupons.) They stopped that about 2 years ago. Occasional sales/coupons and certain items make it worthwhile, like these napkins (almost always a coupon for $2 off, making them $9 for 4 packs), or in September when they had 10 lb bags of King Arthur high-gluten flour for $2 per bag. (I bought 60 bags.) It also helps that there are 13 clubs within 25 miles of Monsey.


I see 800 Bounty napkins for $15.29+delivery fee+tip on Instacart.

How is that competitive with this deal at all?


Sorry, just don’t get it. With these delivery services one pays an inflated price for the product. Add to that you are buying a delivery service. Why tip if you are buying/paying for delivery? In a restaurant the government allows a less than minimum wage, hence the tipping program to help defray the earnings deficit. Especially if the owners do not comply with the wage laws. Just sayin’.


Wow, Instacart is way more on that. They are $11 in-store, and they generally have a $2 off coupon.


I just checked Instacart by me, and they are $13.99+fee+tip.


Either way, Amazon is cheaper.

Eric from Dallas

Wow, 600 lbs of high-gluten flour, very impressive.

Those people who think they have gluten ‘intolerances’ had best avoid a certain residential block in Monsey – they might get a contact high! 🙂


Thanks, ordered


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If you can post various charities in Israel that you can donate to via PayPal even better!