Check If You Were Charged The Correct Amount For The 5 Reams Of Hammermill Paper For $7.99 From Staples Deal!

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Update 2: Readers are reporting that Staples charged them $17.99 per order instead of the $7.99 price they paid when they purchased this.

Be sure to check what you were charged!

If you were charged $17.99 be sure to call customer service at 1-800-333-3330 for a price adjustment.

Update: DEAD!

5 Reams (2,500 Sheets) Of Hammermill 8.5″x11″ Copy Plus Paper For $7.99 From Staples

Select free in-store pickup or receive free shipping on $35+ orders.

Limit 3 per order.

Use your Chase Ink Cash Business Card or Ink Plus card and get 5 points per dollar spent at Staples.

  • Reliable multipurpose copy paper is perfect for everyday use
  • Paper dimensions: 8.5″W x 11″L (US letter)
  • Paper weight: 20 lbs.
  • Brightness rating of 92 for sharp, clear print results
  • White paper with a smooth finish
  • Great for everyday use
  • Five reams per carton, 2500 sheets total
  • Paper is acid-free to prevent from crumbling or yellowing
  • FSC certified – this product comes from responsibly managed forests
  • Made in USA

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Thanks for noting that these are real 500-sheet “reams.” Some stores sell “reams” with far fewer sheets, and there seems to be no legal definition of the term.


Won’t let me check out at that price. Keeps reverting to $26.99.


because you added more than 3? (savings is up to $57)


I got free shipping by selecting the subscribe auto enroll option.


just bought with free in-store pickup


Careful! There was a glitch in my cart where they charged me negative money for the paper so I got three and a filler item for $1. However, the receipt says the full amount and there’s a pending CC charge reflecting that!

Johnny D

I’m at $17.99 each out here in SoCal

Baal Simcha

Ditto here in Jersey


now $17.99


Price showing at $17.99 not 7.99


My receipt says negative one dollar! wonder if i’ll get it…


I think its dead, just changed to $17.99


it is dead


It’s $17.99


It’s worse than dead. They cancelled my order saying it was out of stock. When i called they admitted that it wasn’t it of stock, but they won’t honor typographical errors.


They are canceling orders, just got cancellation email.


Just died.


They canceled all but one of my orders for pickup claiming that their rule says limit 3 per customer. Any advice on how to get them to honor the deal?


Yea. Don’t buy more than 3.


This is what I got: “Upon checking, the order was cancelled due to typographical error. The correct promotional price is $17.99.”


Looks like it is alive again. I just ordered. No shipping fee if you do restock



sari azrak

just ordered two cases. worked for me. will pickup save on shipping


Worked by me now with order restock


Boom – got 3, thanks dan!

Allen Feiglin

Need to take the Subscription to get free shipping as someone already said. Set to 6 months and will check to see if the price hikes up for subsequent delivery.


Back at 17.99


no good. its 17.99




They updated it to $17.99


Dead again


add this codes

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Coupon code: 85015

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Coupon code: 73791


Dead back to 17.99

sari azrak

and now it got cancelled : (


Died while in casket ;(


Got 2 with free pickup. Thanks.

reb yid

Ordered for 7.99 and went through. Today got email stating order is being processed at 17.99 and already charged to CC. Called, they put through an adjustment. But it’s disturbing that they agreed to sell it for one price, and then put through at a higher price without authorization. Akin to theft, really.


Same here! So annoyed.


Customer service is adjusting the price for me back to $7.99.


i got an email cancelling my order saying i abandoned the order. i called the store and they honored the same price on my email confirmation. picked it up yesterday and saw 8 other stacks of 3 cases just like mine… Dan you’re a popular man


I ordered it for in store pickup they cancelled my order so I called and they reordered it to be shipped and gave me a reduction to bring the price back down

Leah Fink

Staples cancelled my order


Also got charged 17.99 . Rep said, yes we are getting a lot of calls like this


Rep is refusing to adjust!


Huca? Or cancel?


HUCA. Don’t cancel


They are asking me for proof that this was really the price. Anyone have a screenshot


Yes how do u want me to send it to you
I have the original email from them when I placed it. They are still refusing to adjust for me


If there is no personally identifiable information, you can upload it here:

Thanks, will try also and let you know if I can any response.


I called 3 times and they refuse to adjust the price. Mine already shipped


I chatted with customer service and got the price adjusted to $7.99.


Spending a long time on the phone. They are refusing to adjust. Only realized by mistake after it shipped

Allen Feiglin

It is months later, however I challenged the price change via Customer Service because they delivered at a higher price without first notifying me as per required policy. They would õt budge so I initiated a return. The odds sat out side for three weeks and several email reminders.
Then I contacted my credit card company and issued a dispute, with all the relevant documentation that Staples had defaulted on the deal.
The CC company refunded me IMMEDIATELY and I never heard from Staples again. They never picked up the goods.