[Update: President-Elect Biden Won’t Lift Restrictions, Will Add Additional International Travel Restrictions] US Will Lift Entry Restrictions On Europe, UK, And Brazil

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Update: President-Elect Biden’s future press secretary Jen Psaki writes on Twitter that the incoming administration will cancel the lifting of these restrictions and will add additional limits on international travel:

Reuters is reporting that President Trump will lift restrictions on travel from Europe, UK, and Brazil to the US starting on 1/26.

That will coincide with the new requirement to provide a negative COVID-19 rapid or PCR test in order to board a plane to the US starting on 1/26.

Americans are still not allowed into the EU, though Americans can travel to Brazil with a negative COVID-19 PCR.

Of course on Wednesday we will have a new President and we’ll see a flurry of rule changes. Do you think that President-Elect Biden will allow these restrictions to be lifted?

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Biden will most likely reverse everything, put back restrictions on travel from Europe and Brazil to the US and lift restrictions travel ban on 13 majority-Muslim countries.


If I were Trump, I’d actually lift the travel ban on those countries and Biden will then institute it again (as all Trump’s actions must be reversed)!


Good idea!

Carl Maltzman

Um, you are confusing Joe Biden with Demented Donny, who spent 4 years trying to undo everything his predecessors did. When he wasn’t watching TV, tweeting, or golfing.


Bidens team just announced that they will reverse the removal of the ban


its pashit biden would make sure the ban is instituted he”ll do anything related to keeping covid cautious in line with his senior citizen/democrat way if thinking


That’s your politically skewed interpretation. It’s more in line with scientific, medical and logical way of thinking. Same reasons why he’s rejoining the Paris Climate Accord too.


WhT a senile idiot

Carl Maltzman

Yeah, but he is leaving tomorrow and a mensch is coming in.

Get it

Allowing only US citizens coming from England into the US while restricting entry for British citizens coming from the same place (with a negative test), sure sounds very logical and “scientific”. Get it.


You can’t prevent Americans from coming to America genius. You can restrict non-citizens.

Get it

Requiring a negative test and quarantine for everyone regardless of citizenship sounds to me a little more scientific and logical, and that’s exactly what the British Government is doing at their borders.


The paris agreement is a scam and a waste of our taxpayer money.


Best comment of the day. Thank you for your wisdom.


Yep. He actually has a brain.


He is being racist to countries now, no? Isn’t that how it works?


There is zero evidence that Covid is getting worse in the world, not that the Biden Administration is likely to care about silly things like “facts.” I suppose Twitter won’t label this “misinformation” even though it plainly is. Cases are going down pretty much everywhere in the world now, particularly in Europe and the USA. Cases are going down in the UK, too, where this “scary” new variant MIGHT be 30% more infective (of course this seems inconsistent with falling cases, but the science IS pretty bad). And I thought Dems like int’l organizations like WHO (that Trump dislikes). WHO says travel restrictions are stupid. And, honestly, if Country A has had significant Covid, and Country B has had significant Covid, it’s very hard to make any argument (other than fear) to close the border.


Sorry, Biden was planning what he would do about Covid-19 months ago, so that’s his story and he’s stikin to it!


The WHO didn’t say travel restrictions are stupid. It said it’s against travel bans. There is difference.

About whether or not the Covid-19 situation is getting worse, it’s getting worse in parts.


Joe Biden In January 2020, Trump’s travel ban on China is “hysterical xenophobia.”.

Joe Biden in Jan 2021, “Banning all travel from Europe or any other part of the world will not stop it.”


Remember we will be having a perfect Democrat government. You are not supposed to ask questions. Everything will be good, just pay your taxes (or, another way to say it- get your 40% share of your salary) and let the great perfect Trump-free government fix the world, provide racial justice (riot allowances), and save the planet. Money will be printed as needed.

Carl Maltzman

Correct. Glad that check from Mexico didn’t bounce, the deficit is wiped out, and TrumpCare is the greatest medical plan in the world . . .so much winning!


I came here just for the comments. I know now when I see Dan post non deals and mention a politician it usually brings out the crazies (don’t care what side you’re on). Great comedy material, thanks


This is the best comment I’ve read in a while… Ty Sir!


This article is updated By

 Dan January 18, 2021 6:10 pm

With a tweet from
— Jen Psaki (@jrpsaki) January 19, 2021

How is that possible?


Umm, NO!


Trump signed an exectuve order rescinding the travel ban on Europe. I’ve checked the list of executive orders that Biden plans on signing on day 1, and reinstating the ban isn’t on the list. His spokesperson’s tweet didn’t explicitly say that they would reinstate the ban. @Dan what do you think will happen?