Redeem 90K Starpoints For 120K Southwest Points, Southwest Companion Pass Status, And 7 Nights In A Marriott Hotel!

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Update: DEAD!

If you earn 110K Southwest points in a calendar year you’ll earn Southwest Companion Pass status. With Southwest Companion Pass you’ll get to bring a companion with you for free on all Southwest paid and award flights. Status earned in 2016 will expire 12/31/17.

-Transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards don’t count towards Companion Pass, but points earned on the Southwest card and on transfers from hotels do earn status.
-You can’t transfer Starwood points directly to Southwest, but you can transfer Starwood points to Marriott and then transfer Marriott points to Southwest.
-You can transfer 50K Chase points to Hyatt and 50K Hyatt points into 30K Southwest points and those points will count for Companion Pass status.
-The Chase Southwest card offers 50K points for spending $2,000 witin 3 months and those points will count for Companion Pass status.
You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Other Credit Cards” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers. You can click on the link that says “View all card offers by issuing bank” and scroll down to view all card offers from the bank of your choice.

If you use the regular Marriott Rewards transfer chart you would need 310K Marriott Rewards points to transfer 110K Southwest points.

However it’s a much better deal with Marriott’s miles+nights. 270K Marriott Rewards points would give you 120K Southwest points and 7 nights in a Marriott category 1-5 hotel. You’ll also earn Southwest Companion Pass status with that award!

A transfer of 90K Starpoints into 270K Marriott Rewards points will make that happen.

The 7 night hotel certificate expires in 1 year, though Marriott currently will extend them for 1 additional year if you contact them.

You can view hotels by category and tier via the “find” button on this page.

You can also use more Marriott points to get yourself into a higher hotel category or you can save points if you already earned Southwest points this year and don’t need 110K points for the Companion Pass:













-120K Southwest points will net between $1,800-$2,400 of free flights. Thanks to the companion pass you can bring someone along for free, which will mean you can use those points for $3,600-$4,800 of free flights. Plus of course you’ll get a 7 night category 1-5 hotel stay. Not a bad deal for 90K Starpoints!

-If you wanted 7 nights at the tier 3 Ritz-Carlton Herzliya you would need 420K Marriott or 140K Starpoints for that stay and 120K Southwest points with Southwest Companion Pass Status.

-If you wanted 7 nights at the category 7 Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel you would need 330K Marriott or 110K Starpoints for that stay and 120K Southwest points with Southwest Companion Pass Status.

Southwest still offers 2 free checked bags. Plus you can cancel revenue tickets with no charge and use the funds for a future flight. Point reservations can be cancelled for free with the points redeposited back to your account.

You can buy Starpoints here if you need some extra points to top off your account.

If you transfer points now then the Companion Pass status will expire on 12/31/17.
If you wait to do the transfer until 2017 then the Companion Pass status would last until 12/31/18. Then again, it’s always possible for Southwest to stop awarding Companion Pass status for hotel transfers, so you might want to take advantage of this deal while it’s still alive.

Will you go for Companion Pass status?

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Does it make sense to transfer to Marriot now and then wait until Jan 1 to transfer to SW to get CP? Mine expires at the end of this year.


Doesn’t really matter if the points are by SPG or Marriott.
The real question is how long will it take Southwest to shut this down and if you’ll miss it by waiting until January…


wait til jan to xfer so will have CP til 12/18


let’s hope not


How does it work with “Marriott’s miles+nights”? Do you need to spend the SW points on that trip or can you keep them for whenever you like? Also is there anyway to cancel or keep on postponing the hotel reservation until you actually need it?


When does the 7 night hotel stay credit expire?


The points can be used whenever.
You get a 7 night hotel certificate that expires in 1 year, though Marriott currently will extend them for 1 additional year if you contact them.


How does availability work with 7 night certificates?
Is it the same as award availability?

Joseph R

Amex-SPG-Marriott. So Amex-Marriott is a 1:1 ratio partner


Not recommended to go from UR to Marriott directly if going 270k marriott route?


Does the same apply with ritz Carlton points?


This is really interesting as my companion pass expires at the end of 2016. I dont think i can redo it now since i currently have it.
So im really going to hope that this deal is still active on 1/1/17


Do the 7 nights need to be consecutive?


Are transfers instant?


Can a person combine his and his wife’s SPG accounts to get to 90K points?
Also, once I combine and get SouthwestCompanion, and go for Herzliya deal above can I use it for 4 people trip? My wife already have Southwest Copanion and 120K pointons on her account. What would i need for that trip?


Can I buy 90K spg points now for a little over $3k and than transfer them to southwest? Can I do this all on one account?



I have 53K starwood points, what is best route to take southwest companion pass and 7 nights Marriot stay..
Should I buy star points or should I apply Marriot card ? I have around 110K UR points but don’t want to waste that here..

Worth it?

If I have 68,000 Spg points, is it a bad deal to transfer the remaining 22,000 points from membership he boards. I know it only transfers I have a 3 to 1 ratio, but is it worth it under the circumstances ?


Great find Dan!
When do the Southwest points get awarded – once booked or after the stay?


I transferred all my SPG points, 40,000, to Elevate, any way to transfer them back to SPG? Only other thing I have are 30,000 Avios, any route to to transfer those into SPG or Marriott?


You cannot transfer back to SPG, and while some options exist to transfer from one airline to another, the exchange rates are usually terrible. Don’t bother, keep and use your Avios and Elevate points.



@Joseph R:

Not a good use of UR points.




You can combine any SPG accounts at the same address.

There’s a maximum of 30K per account, but you can transfer them into one account.

Both of those are good routes.

@Worth it?:
Might be better off buying Starpoints.
Or opening a Marriott card.

The points come right away, you don’t need to book a stay for them, you get a certificate for a stay you can use later.

No and no.


Thank you for the great post, sounds like an awesome deal!
Trying to redeem online, don’t see a way. Have to call?


If I already have the SW companion pass, how do I go about getting the 7 night Marriott reward?


@Yoko: @Yoko: @Yoko:
yoko, they have similar offer with united miles instead of southwest


Can you give sample routes SW flies from NYC? i never came a across a SW flight when searching for many routes.


Is that companion pass only valid one time or unlimited?


They only sell tickets on

Unlimited until it expires.


@Dan: Oh i see. Any popular sample route they have direct from NYC?


7-day certificates may have a substantial face-value but they are much harder to use in practice. Most people rarely want to stay in the same hotel for 7-days consecutively.

a 7-day certificate is probably worth about the same value as 4-5 individual night certificates.


There are also 5 night packages, but officially they are intended for timeshare owners. However some people have had luck booking them over the phone with HUCA.

Mike L

transfered some SPG points to my account from my wifes account to get to 90k. Says it will take up to 5 business days. Anyone have luck quicker than that?


I understand I can combine my wife’s marriott points with mine during reward redemption. Does that work while redeeming for nights and flights reward too? After spg transfer I will be a little short of 270k but may be I can use some of my wife’s points to put me over the threshold.


@Mike L:
It will post when it posts. Let us know how long it takes.

You should be able to.
The other option is to transfer the points to SPG where you can always transfer them to anyone in the same household via their online form.


thanks. Any guesses on how long will this transfer last? I was hoping to do it at the end of the year. Any concern with that?


@Mike L:
nicely ask the rep. to expedite, or ask to speak with a SPVR

Mike L

Checked my wife’s acct, it transferred out. Having trouble logging in to my account but I’m assuming it went through. Didn’t even take a whole business day

Josh B

How useable are the 130k southwest points? Am i able to transfer them to another program?


If i already have a cp will it extend it?

Mike L

Points did transfer today. I am ready to transfer 270k to southwest. Has anyone actually done it? How long does it take? It says 6 weeks.. I wonder if southwest will get rid of this deal before it goes through.. Any thoughts?


What are the odds of this still working by the begrudging of 2017?
Is this a special “deal” or is this a standard option that one can do anytime?

Mike L

Transferred to southwest this morning. They said it would take 3 business days, maybe less.

Mike L

Final update. The miles showed up on my Southwest account today, I was easily able to enter a new companion. Thanks Dan!


@Mike L:


takes 3 business days to transfer Marriott to southwest , once the transfer happens does companion pass show up right awayin account ? how do you book companion pass ticket ?


Anyone have experience with transferring between 2 diff Mariott accounts with diff names?


Anyone hear anything about whether or not this deal will still be alive in 2017?




Hi Dan. Shana tovah

i have 145 k united, My wife has 130k united miles and I have 77k SPG points.
We recently booked trip to Israel through Italy ( we live in FL).
What would be the best way for me to use this miles/points. Should I redeem them for $?
From FL there is really no use for united to fly to Israel.
Would it be worth while to transfer SPG to Mariott and use in hotel in Israel? Or transfer to United and sell?


No one?


Dan? Someone?


My crystal ball is still broken.
Hopefully it will stick around.

Mo K

Dan, is the hotel transfer still working for companion pass on Southwest?




Oh no! Are you sure?!!!!!!


Hi Dan

In the past month or so I already transferred 180,000 SPG points to Marriott and booked hotel rooms for yeshiva week. From your experience do you think Marriott will allow me to change the booking to a Hotel plus Air Package?


Hi Dan, I have 24,000 Southwest points and over 500,000 Marriott points. I am interested in how I would transfer Marriott points to SW so I can get the Companion Pass and free Marriott hotel. How do I do this and how many points would I need to transfer? Thanks!


@ Melanie
Good luck with that Companion pass thing….see this link


Dan, thanks for the tip – I got my 7 night Marriott 1-5 tier stay and my Southwest Companion Pass. Very excited!! Thanks again