Get An Incredible Value Out Of Starpoints With LAN’s New OneWorld Award Chart!!!

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Update: You can transfer your Starwood points to anyone’s LAN account, the names do not need to match.

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Get 1,000 LANPASS kilometers for signing up for a LAN account.

This deal is basically only good for non-stop flights, and is best on short-haul flights.  It only works on round-trip flights.

LAN has made some major changes to their OneWorld award chart.  They now charge a set amount of miles for each flight segment, which makes connecting flights cost significantly more kilometers than it did with the old chart.  At the same time there some new bargains especially on short-haul nonstops that can be found with the new chart.

LAN Oneworld Award Chart Linky

With the new chart just 20,000 Starpoints will get you 4 round-trip tickets between LaGuardia and Boston, or 3 round-trip tickets between Chicago and Toronto!

LAN is one of the only foreign airlines that does not charge a fuel surcharge on award tickets.  Plus LAN doesn’t charge other fees like US airlines do for award expedite fees and the like.  There is no charge to change the date on award tickets.

You must call the LANPASS award desk to redeem a Oneworld award at 866-435-9526, option #5.

Calling LAN can be a pain. Although LAN has access to same award availability as you can find on other OneWorld carrier websites (like,,, etc) some agents will claim that they don’t see availability for the flights. Also every agent seems to calculate their own tax rate, so if something seems wrong, just hang up and try again.

If you find any other great uses with the new chart then please leave a comment!

In the chart below are the prices for sample routes in LAN kilometers and their equivalent in Starpoints assuming that you transfer 20,000 Starpoints for 50,000 LAN kilometers.

Please note that not every route listed below is a bargain.  It gets harder to find bargains as the flight distance increases.  (For example the JFK-Hong Kong route can be had for just 40,000 Starpoints during off-season by transferring directly to AA.)

LAN kilometers do expire at the end of the 3rd calendar year from when they’re earned.  They can’t be extended unless you take a paid flight on LAN.

Business class is twice the cost of coach and First class is 2.5 times the cost of coach.

You can use the great circle links below to calculate the distance in kilometers between any 2 cities.

Most of the flights below on are for travel on AA, but some routes include flights from Alaska, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas.

If the actual one-way flight distance in kms. is between:Then the round-trip flight in coach will cost the following LAN kms.Which is equivalent to the following amount of Starpoints at a 2:5 ratio.Sample Routes (actual distance in kms.) on OneWorld and partner carriers such as AA, Alaska, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and others.
LAX-Las Vegas
Hong Kong-Shanghai
Chicago-New Orleans
28,00011,200Hong Kong-Bangkok
Tel Aviv-London
JFK-Hong Kong
15001+200,00080,000Does not seem to exist???

Note: Starwood Starpoints transfer into LAN kilometers at a 1:2 ratio. If you transfer 20,000 Starpoints you will get 50,000 LAN kilometers due to the doubling of the 5,000 point bonus that’s awarded with every 20,000 Starpoint transfer into miles!
You can also use 60,000 Starpoints with Starwood’s “Nights & Flights” option and get 5 nights in a Starwood Category 3 hotel as well as 100,000 LAN kilometers.
I have personally done and can confirm that both of these transfer options work, although it does take a couple weeks for the transfer to complete.

It’s also worth noting that some flights with a stop can make sense with the chart. For example you can fly Royal Jordanian from JFK to Amman for 100,000 kilometers round-trip and Amman to Tel Aviv for 12,000 kilometers round-trip for a total of 112,000 kilometers, or roughly 44,800 Starpoints in total. No other routings from the US to Israel seem to make sense though

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I don’t really understand the chart. How about JFK to TLV?

fan of LAN

Can I use this chart for redemption on LAN itself. It would be much more beneficial for a trip from JFK-YYZ than using LAN’s own award chart.
Also, would be much cheaper than on AA directly as well.
20,000 starpoints would only get about two one-ways on AA or LAN if done directly for each. Can I use those same starpoints for a trip from JFK-YYZ roundtrip for two people if I can go through the OneWorld award chart?!
Thank you.


According to these new rules and chart how much points are needed for JFK-LHR-TLV RT tickets economy/Business?
Also is this route still the cheapest way to get to israel in Business or is there a better route to take?


So if i am correct, i can go from New York to tel aviv for only 70,000 km which is only 28,000 starwood points…If thats do-able, i think that may be the cheapest way to go aside from the air france/klm special of 20,000 which is only every so often. Does that make sense?

Also, doe anyone know if LAN KM ever expire? Im thinking about transferring alot in there case this deal dies at some point and the transfer ratio is not so high…


Correction to above^^^ That 28,000 is only one way! Not such a great deal for JFK to TLV…


i tried to book business class from jfk – tlv the total amount of mileage needed was 308,000 km for a roundtrip ticket and i couldnt get 2 seats on any flight for two weeks after succos


@DG: @David: @elie:
Guys, If this was useable for JFK-TLV I would’ve mentioned it!!! This deal is basically only good on non-stop flights. As no Oneworld carrier flies NYC-TLV nonstop it is not a good deal. A connecting flight will cost significantly more than the price of a nonstop. Additionally the chart is better for short-hops, like New York to Montreal for 3,200 Starpoints.

For those of you still not understanding, to calculate the price for JFK-TLV on British you need to calculate each segment.
JFK-LHR (5,554): 50K LAN
LHR-TLV (3,593): 27K LAN
TLV-LHR (3,593): 27K LAN
LHR-JFK (5,554): 50K LAN
The total would be a whopping 154K LAN kms, not worth it at all!

If any OneWorld flew JFK-TLV nonstop (they dont!) then it would be:
JFK-TLV (9,137): 50K LAN
TLV-JFK (9,137): 50K LAN
For a much more reasonable 100K LAN or 40K Starpoints.

@fan of LAN:
I don’t believe it can be used for travel on LAN, but why would you want to? 20,000 Starpoints will get you 50,000 LAN which will get you 6 one-way flights from LGA-YYZ when flying on AA via the Oneworld chart.


Not Bad, JFK- Bahamas would be 5,600 Starpoints each way


Dan, I believe that AA codeshares on Elal, so doesn’t that mean that you CAN get non-stop from jfk-tlv, by redeeming with AA?


@ Bruce

I flew last Pesach on LY using my AA miles, when I made the res the AA agnet had to contact their partners desk

I think since LY is a partner to AA and not a OW Member that it wont work, as LAN isnt moving the Miles over to AA but probably will do the booking itself and thusly I believe thats where the problem will be

Remember its not AA metal and according to Dan its LANs OW chart but LY isnt a member of OW even thou AA is. Thats why if I try to use my BA miles for the LY flights it wont be allowed, it must be AA Metal


hey dan i think i was that one that was posting this on the forums about a month ago. shouldnt i be mentioned at the bottom of the post? I’d love to become famous! lol


Nice find!

As Steve2 said more verbosely, no. You’re redeeming with LAN, not AA.


Awesome. I am calculating potential value of $.10+ per point for some short-hops booked with short notice. Does that sound right?


any idea what the availability is like on these flights


I find it difficult to communicate with many of the phone reps because of the language/accent barriers. Anyone have good experiences with them on the phone or ways to book on the web?


Doesn’t AA fly from Philidelphia direct to TLV?



For an AA flight it will be the same as you can find on

Just call back if you can’t understand a rep.

No, that’s USAirways (Star Alliance)


thanks dan,it looks like ill put 20k spg into this pot for the lanpass,and we will see what we can make out of it


Their chart shows “Tourist” “Executive” and “First”…any ideas what the difference is? You said if it’s available for mileage on then it’s also available through LAN…but did you mean available on A”A at the 12.5K reward one way, or the 25K reward?

I’d like to see how many first class one way tickets I can get from ORD to LGA/EWR using 20,000 SPG.

Also, is there a way to check availability online or only by calling LAN?


It’s just a poor spanish translation,
Tourist= Coach
Executive= Business (or first on a 2 class plane)
First refers to first class on a 3 class plane.

You need availability at the sAAver levels (for domestic coach that’s the 12.5K level).

It’s the exact same availability as on


So if I’m not mistaken (plz let me know if I am), if I transfer 40,000 SPG to LAN, I’ll get 100,000 LAN. And since LGA-ORD and ORD-LGA is only Coach and First, I would need 20,000 LAN points for each one way which would get me 5 one-ways in First for 40,000 SPG. But only if the seat is available in the 25K reduced award for First Class. Is that correct?

And what if it’s not available in 25K for first each way, rather 50,000? How many LAN would that run me? Or can it not be done?


Sound right, but all of this only works if there is MileSAAver availability.
It won’t work for AAnytime awards.


I’d like to take advantage of this offer but when I call and go through to option 5, after the prompt for my account and password it tells me to press 3 for “other inquiries”, then it states a recording of their hours of business and cuts me off. Anyone have success getting through and if so what options should I press?


Are you calling during their business hours?


I called at 9 am EST, 10, 12, 3, 5, and 10 pm. When are their business hours? Am I trying the wrong option?


I think I’d try another option 😉

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There are quite a few direct (as opposed to non-stop) oneworld flights that are longer than 15001 km:

Qantas flies between SYD and JFK, Rome, Frankfurt and London (the latter is also possible on BA), also between Melbourne and London

JAL are about to discontinue Tokyo to Sao Paulo and v.v.

Gary Leff

Great post.

Two things to note, one major and the other minor.

First the minor — while no oneworld non-stop flight is in fact 15,000km or greater, I presume that since Qantas 108 (JFK-LAX-SYD) is sold with a single flight number that LAN would book it as a single segment.. just over 16,000km. 🙂

Second the more important issue. Everyone should be aware that LAM kilometers expire. Points from sources other than flying LAN expire at the end of the third calendar year from when they’re earned. So points transferred in today expire Dec 31, 2011. Points transferred in 3.5 months from now expire Dec 31, 2012. You can reset the clock on all points by flying a LAN segment (e.g. JFK-YYZ). But those of you who are considering making transfers just to have points on hand for future use might consider waiting until January 1…


@Bruce: “Dan, I believe that AA codeshares on Elal, so doesn’t that mean that you CAN get non-stop from jfk-tlv, by redeeming with AA?”

No. They are not in the oneworld alliance.

WARNING — If you’re not already aware, LAN Pass miles expire. If you transfer and then can’t book what you want, have a back-up plan to use those kilometers.

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I tried more than once to get the 1,000 kl but it keeps on telling me that i have to try later.. anyone else getting these messages???!!!!


Has anyone managed to get someone from LANPASS on the phone period?


Can someone tell me if you are trying to fly from New Orleans to Toronto is this better than using 25,000 miles on AA? Or, because you have to connect in DFW or ORD it’s not?


On the Lanpass website, it says there will be a fee to book a ticket and change the dates of a ticket if it isn’t done online. Since oneworld tickets can’t be booked or changed online, will I have to pay a fee to book or change the ticket through the call center?


Also, are we able to book a one way (with or without a connection) or are roundtrip required back to origin?


I might be a little off subject here, but please help out anyways. I need to book business class from NYC to TLV 11/22-11/29. I have AMEX miles, whats my best bet?

Any help would be appreciated.



I tried to call lanpass couple times this week by calling the contact number
1 866 435 9526 option 5, I key in my lanpass member id and password, then I keyed “2” for mileage, then I was immediately prompted that their working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and hung me up. I tried calling at 9am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm 12am and got the same experience. Am I calling the wrong number?

I didn’t get the bonus 1000 pts for no reason, anyway,
I tried couple times/different menu options and would get the same message and got hung up.

There are couple things:
– When I key in my member id, it says that my personal information is out of date, I did updated it already but the phone system would still complain about my person info being out of date.
– I have zero mileage at lan (I can transfer it to lan from my Amex starwoods points account), I wonder if that has an effect


i just redemed miles from lax to jfk and i had to pay $45 for the tax


Can anyone tell me the exact procedure to redeem mileage? did you call the 1 866 435 9526 and press option 5?


I called at central time 12PM, 2PM 10PM 12AM, 7AM, 9AM, and they keep prompting me that their working hours are monday to friday 9am to 6pm, can someone tell me the exact procedures.

Could the reason be I don’t have any points in the account?


I am trying to get tickets from Chicago-Toronto, most of the AA flights are operated by american eagle, would I be able to get tickets for those flights?


I just got through and got tickets. I pressed option,5, and then option 1 (as if I had no lanpass account.


Is there any wasy to transfer points from Amex Membership Rewards to Lanpass?


Possibly, feel free to send me an email to discuss.


I should point out that one-way award tickets on LAN are NOT POSSIBLE. This post & the table on would lead you to believe that they would be, but unfortunately all award tickets must be round trip. Now I have 11,000 orphaned Lanpass KMs I have no use for…


I like DanDeals, but a lot of this information on this deal is just plain wrong. In addition to ONLY round-trip reservations available, there IS IN FACT A CHARGE trying to change the date on an award ticket. Unlike AA, where a call to change the date results in no charges (not even a phone reservation charge), Lan will try to hit you with a $75 fee because the change involves oneworld members and not Lan airlines. They may even stick you with the fee for talking to a phone agent, as well.

My advice: don’t bother cocking around with lanpass. Either use more miles on a real airline or buy the ticket outright.


Can I re-transfer points….what I mean is if I transfer AMEX miles to starwood and then transfer them to lan to book a LAN segment (i.e. EZE BRC) roundtrip, ist that possible?



Amex to starwood and then redeem a lan award.


Does anyone know if it would be possible (and worth it) from NYC to London (LHR) using the starwood-LAN transfer option?

Starwood points purchase 20% off offer - TMtravelworld

[…] airline for 25K miles or even better, 50K kilometers Lan miles. 50K Lan miles can worth a lot on non stop oneworld awards. var addthis_language = 'en';var addthis_options = 'email, print, twitter, facebook, digg, myspace, […]

Buenos Naches

Just took 37 days and 2 SPG inquiries to have Lan post from Starpoints. In the last week, I’ve called LAN 7 times – 5 disconnects, 2 hold time of 20 minutes plus, and 20 minutes to book a short roundtrip on a partner airline.


Thanks Dan,

This is probably one of the best ongoing deals that you have posted. I have had tremendous success using the YUL-JFK route multiple times!!


So a business ticket on BA from JFK-LHR will only be 100k LAN kilometers which would be 40k starpoints? Sounds good to me


JFK-LHR would be 40K SPG in coach, 80K in business and 100K in First.


So I moved over my SPG points a few years ago and it looks like they’ve already expired! Is there any chance I can renew my 150k km that expired in 2010? :-/


What about business? If there is availability on at the Business/First MileAAver level, will it be available through LAN under business tickets?


Doubtful, but you can call and ask.



You mention that the names on the accounts don’t have to match. Is that specific to LAN or is it true for all mileage transfer partners? It seems to say on that they have to match. Is there a chart somewhere of which partners people have been able to transfer to with totally different names?

Thanks, keep up the great work!


Every airline is different. There’s discussion of this on the DansDeals Forums.


So since these are onepass mileage based awards via lan, aren’t one way awards possible? thanks, sorry if I missed this in the previous discussion.


Sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about!


Will LAN let you hold award seats if you don’t currently have enough km’s to book the that flight? I want to transfer starpoints but I’m worried the flights I want will have no availability by the time the transfer goes through.


Better yet, does anyone have extra LAN km’s (I need 112k) that wants to work a deal (book it for me and I’ll transfer my starpoints back to your LAN account – with a little bonus of course)?


Sorry, I meant oneworld not onepass. Isn’t it possible to get oneworld awards one way? With stopover enroute? Thanks


Call and find out.

No, round-trip only.


I have 84,500 miles with AA and I was able to book a flight for early April at 90,000 miles going non-stop with EL-AL JFK-TLV. I need about 5,500 miles. Should I transfer starwood miles or buy 6,000 miles for about $200.
I just received my new Amex platinum but I have not purchased yet and don’t know how long it would take to post the 51,000 miles. AA is holding the reservation until 3/18/11 PM. Thanks for all your help.


Miscellaneous questions are best answered on


I’m having trouble actually booking a business class ticket. LAN sees AA business class as first class and wants to charge quite a bit more.