Lan Reward Ticket Promo: Up To 50% Off Mileage Tickets From The US To South America!

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Before getting to the promo, I’ll just cover some background info on LAN.

As I’m sure you know already, 20,000 Starpoints transfers into a whopping 50,000 LANPASS kms. (I’ve done this transfer many times and can confirm that you will indeed receive 50K LAN kms. regardless of whatever any CS rep may tell you)

LAN has a pretty nice reward table. (you need to set the country to USA/English on the LAN page, and then return and click this link again to get to the table) There is a separate reward table for LAN flights and for One World flights.

Best part? LAN is one of the few international carriers that doesn’t charge any fuel surcharges on mileage tickets.

The LAN reward table is based on destination.  For example a ticket from the US to Brazil is 48,000 kilometers.  You are also allowed to add on AA or Alaska flights to get you to a LAN gateway city (JFK, LAX, MIA), and a stopover is allowed.

The One World chart is kilometer based and is valid for travel on any One World airline. You can check the distance in kilometers on the great circle mapper.

For example a round-trip flight from JFK to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways is 18,296 Kilometers. That trip would fall into a zone 4 One World award which costs 95,000 kms in economy, 140,000 kms in business, or 190,000 kms. in first.  With the 20,000 Starpoints to 50,000 kms. transfer and no fuel surcharges those all make for excellent values.

At any rate here is the link for the current South America promo. In LAN coach the discount is up to half off the normal mileage rates.  In LAN Premium Business (which has some great reviews) you need to book 2 tickets to get up to 50% off.

Here are some sample sale rates:

Miami – Caracas: 24,000 kms.
New York – Lima: 35,000 kms.
Los Angeles – Santiago: 49,000 kms.
New York – Buenos Aires: 49,000 kms.

Premium Business:
Miami – Caracas: 110,000 kms. for 2 RT tickets.
New York – Lima: 150,000 kms. for 2 RT tickets.
Los Angeles – Santiago: 200,000 kms. for 2 RT tickets.
New York – Buenos Aires: 200,000 kms. for 2 RT tickets.

I checked a random date (from 07/08-07/15) for 2 tickets from NYC to Buenos Aires in Premium Business and found availability for 100,000 kms. per ticket with taxes of $66.

With the exchange rate for Argentine Pesos at historically favorable rates (currently about 3.8 per dollar) you’ll get some great bang for buck down in Buenos Aires.

For the up to 50% off promo:
-Tickets must be booked by 07/08.
-Travel must be complete by 12/23.
-Departure date blackouts are from 07/16-08/12.
-Travel is only valid on LAN, not on partners.
-As with all LAN award tickets, date changes are free. However if you are changing dates you must travel within the valid dates of the promo.
-As with all LAN award tickets, you can hold the reservation for 3 days on

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hey dan,
do you have any coupons for stubhub?


Dan,how can you see on their website if Lan bonus Flights are available from nyc/tlv through their one world partners on specific days?
Also, basically you will need 40,000 starpoints for a economy ticket to Israel, but isn’t that available with many other airlines at least with stopovers? Last week u ran the super special of 20k points for a limited time with klm or air france, but i think you implied that you can get a ticket for 40,000 with many airlines,so is lan more special? Please clarify. THANKS!


Can you repeat how many LAN km’s it takes to fly to TA?

loyal reader

how do u get the jfk to tlv trip with the stop at lhr?


How do you hold the reservation?
Also, how long will Starpoints transfers take?


whats the cost of this award ticket in taxes. etc.?


Your wish is my command 🙂

The first half of this post is just background info on the LAN program. The current promo is not valid for travel on OW partners.

The Air France/KLM deal charges a fuel surcharge of about $300 and apparently is hard to find dates.
With LAN you can fly on any One World airline (AA, BA, Iberia, Malev, etc.) to Israel which typically has better TLV availability than Skyteam and you won’t pay any fuel surcharge.
Also business class, first class, and their corresponding LHR lounges complete with gourmet kosher food and massages on BA are top top notch!

Did you miss it the first time 😉
The One World rate for JFK-LHR-TLV-LHR-JFK will be
“95,000 kms in economy, 140,000 kms in business, or 190,000 kms. in first.”

@loyal reader:
You need to call them up to book travel on partner airlines.

You can hold a reservation on step 4 of the award booking process by choosing “I just want to make a reservation.”

Starpoint transfers to LAN have taken about 10-15 days for me.

If anyone needs up to 105K LAN immediately you can send me an email and we can work something out…

The NYC-Buenos Aires ticket in premium business class is $66.


For me (I only have an account, but no LAN miles), that option does not appear. Pehaps you need miles in your account to be able to put it on hold?


Can you get to step 4 without having sufficient kms in your account?
You can always try calling up the LAN award desk to hold the ticket.


can’t get to step 4.
However, can reserve under paid fares. Would that hold open seats for an award ticket when the paid reservation is dropped?


Nah, just call them up, I’ve found them to be quite helpful in the past.


dan youre a good man


i agree dans amazing

zait a mench

what the best deal to travel from